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  1. thx, looking good. accentuates the details nicely.
  2. Marcin Przybyłek said: Well, I got my copy yesterday . I tried to apply wash on the minis, as Szlachcic suggested, but it did not work: the paint didn't want to adhere. So I risked just drybrushing and it worked excellently. Loyalists - white, Red minis - pink, Green - light green, Blue - light blue. The effect is really worh the effort, and the effort is pretty low and quite entertaining. To my surpriee gray minis look great after white drybrushing - like made of stone! Actually every mini after drybrushing looks great. And yeah, they are really small (much smaller than Chaos in the Old World cultists), but are made of very hard plastic. Excellent material. Considering their size, they are really packed with details. A little disapointing are plastic factories, strongholds and the palace. The structures look nicer as paintings on the board than the plastic ones. On the other hand, plastic scupltures add something nice to the look of the plain board and introduce some order on the map filled with minis. Anyway, I am the happiest person in the middle Europe now . Joy with me . would you mind to upload some images of your painted minis?
  3. www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/516593/worst-board-warping-i-have-ever-seen
  4. wouldnt mind to see such a video either.
  5. are there some example decks to dl for OCTG2 agot?
  6. thx alot, some good advice there . i just thought the CP i posted have more characters to choose from , thats why i chose em.
  7. i though for 1. 1-3 2-5 and 2-6 might be a good choice...?
  8. 1. when i buy the kings of the sea exp, which chapter packs could i buy to get enough greyjoy stuff to make a decent deck (and that maybe even add to the other base set decks)? 2. which decks do you think are the best in the core set? we had the impression that stark and baratheon are stronger than targ thx in advance
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