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  1. The lack of a map is the main reason I have not bought this product. It is disheartening to hear that there are no plans to make one.
  2. I just saw that Anima has just been (or is about to be) reprinted by FFG. That means that folks are still buying it. Most of the posts for the game are older, so I am wondering: Are you still playing the game? What do you enjoy about it?
  3. I would say just go with the extra 6 sided die. In 4 out of 6 chances you will only be adding +1 to +4 anyway. If you really want to tone down the effect, you could roll the extra six sided die and only add +4 if you roll a 4,5 or 6.
  4. There are a few solo variants on Boardgamegeek.
  5. Chess is repetitive, has only 32 pieces, but still is played over an over and has millions of variations. With a game like Anima, with 110 "pieces," there are probably billions of combinations. No two games will be the same.
  6. Has this question been answered yet? Does anyone have access to the Spanish version of the card? You could try typing it in to Google translate.
  7. I would read id as, discard all of your advantage cards, if you have any, or lose your turn. So, if you have none, you do not lose your turn (you have discarded as many as you have, which is none.
  8. Did anyone notice that the picture on Leading Role looks an awful lot like Clover without his sunglasses on?
  9. Boardgamegeek has some material on the game, including some interesting variants.
  10. Not that I am aware of. That would be interesting to try.
  11. If we have the old version, will we only need the new rules to make out set "second edition?" or will we have to buy the whole new game? Will you post the new rules online?
  12. I would like to know if any expansions to this great game are planned. After the 2nd "Hobbit" movie comes out, with the period in the game covered, it would seem that an expansion would be ripe. However, for now how about some additional heros (perhaps even a hobbit), monsters, quests, shadow cards, trechery cards, etc. I look forward to such an expansion. Bookwizard
  13. Hi Wesley, If I am ever in Belgium I will look you up for a game of MEQ. Thanks for the invitation. Bookwizard
  14. See page 22 of the combat sequence. Sauron can decide whether the hero triggers combat or peril at a location, after a hero enters the location.
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