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  1. jhsjhs

    Play as myself? Screw that!

    Were I to run this game I would use a point buy system to get "equal strength" characters, but tell players to use themselves as a template. In my case, I am clumsy, so (if it has the traditional stats) I would have relatively low dex, but higher con, being reasonably healthy. Everyone would play a character like themselves, without having to worry about specific problems. The OP would have a lower con, possibly, but that would take care of the medical stuff, and would have higher other stats to balance. I like the thought of scrounging meds in a post-apololyptic world, though, so would like to see someone hang onto that.
  2. jhsjhs

    Ion cannons will always be relevant to this game

    Thanks. I had been playing wrong, I knew you lost your action but not your attack.
  3. jhsjhs

    Ion cannons will always be relevant to this game

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but why couldn't he shoot?
  4. jhsjhs

    Pilot skill rule comment/question, basic

    Thanks for the response. My thought is that the game makes higher pilot skill better, unless they are exactly equal to another ship in your squad, which seems odd. It would be like making ships throw attack dice equal to strength, unless you had multiple ships with the same strength, in which case you throw one more. It works as a rule, but would be weird. Why make having the same pilot skill be an advantage? Obviously everyone can take advantage of this, but it pushes the game towards swarm builds, due to what seems to me (new x-wing player, old wargamer) a strange rule.
  5. Sorry for the basic nature of this, but I am a new player. I just discovered what was probably obvious to most upon reading the rules: having pilots with the same pilot skill is a huge advantage, as you can choose your order of movement and firing (unless I am playing it wrong). If you had the choice of three ships at pilot skill x vs. 1 at x, 1 at x+1, 1 at x+2, you quite likely would be better off with three at x. This seems like a bug, and biases squad building towards multiple same pilot skill builds, which doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the game. It also seems easy to fix--have ships with same pilot skill use the little number markers that you use when you have multiples of the same ship. Highest number has to move/shoot first when the time comes to move ships with that pilot skill. Am I missing something? Am I wrong in thinking this is a material advantage? Thanks.
  6. jhsjhs

    My Gencon Squad (and looking forward)

    Also, for non-tournament games you can proxy cards, and for tournaments you can borrow them from friends playing different lists.
  7. jhsjhs

    Wave 3 Content Pics (Cards and Dials)

    Stress tokens on a b-wing really limit it.
  8. jhsjhs

    Available Soon

    Sorry for dumb question, but will this be sold through local gaming stores and online stores, or just ffg's web store? Thanks.
  9. . I'm sure FFG will have some space in "their" area. If not, there is plenty of space there to throw down. With a little luck, you could use tourney tables...but I bet that would be late at night in between tourneys Good thought: does FFG have their own room? I believe rio grande games and a few others do. If so it would be good if they had some open space, it would make finding people a lot easier.
  10. Admitting that I am decades out of touch...why the lack of some sort of "armor class"? It makes sense to me for ranged attacks, but less for melee.
  11. I am bringing my stuff to play with a friend. Where will people play pickup games? Near the tournament location?
  12. jhsjhs

    New stock timing?

    I was looking at cool stuff and most is out of stock. Any idea when the restock will make it to dealers? Thanks.
  13. If you don't mind, jameshstoker@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  14. When I heard that the game was being split into three pieces I though "great idea". The first three movies were a combination of westerns and war movies, the second were superhero movies (I admit to not watching those closely). Either you make the western heroes of the first super-powerful, or nerf the superheroes of the second, or split it up. I think they made the right choice. I want my smuggler to run when he encounters 20 bad guys. For people who want the superhero game, I am sorry you ended up at the of the line. I hope you give the western a shot. Think firefly.