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  1. For my upcoming game we'll be trying the following rules for our thunder hammers: There is no lightning attack allowed unless you use this weapon as a two handed weapon(can be switched on the fly). The concussive toughness test penalty maximum is -30 Requisition cost increased to 40 In the table top, the stats for thunder hammers and powerfists are nearly identical with exception of the concussive quality. In the space marine codex, there is a 5 point increase in the thunder hammer over the powerfist. DW has the req. listed as 30 for both items. Just like in DW, if both items were priced the same in the tabletop, i highly doubt you'd ever see a powerfist on the table.
  2. AtoMaki said: Published on 5/17/2013 - 07:35:01 Malachai said: No way…. Deathwatch was a character centric social drama compared to Only War. In DW, you had complex social interactions in every corner outside of combat and you had the opportunity to advance your social skills to truly enjoy these interactions because you were a combat monster from the beginning. In Only War, the first character who dares to take a Fellowship Advancement is usually the first who will burn Fate to cheat death. Yeah, you have the opportunities, but with your minimal Fellowship and zero social skills, you have to pass them. Unless you run "Easy Mode" of course, but then you aren't playing Only War . Excellent points. In the games of DW I've played,while there was tons of in character drama, mechanically, it amounted to nothing because all of the players kept building up their kill-stuff-skills. Re: Instagiber combat design: I didn't mean 4 something like 4 fexes, i meant something like a 'fex with a horde of gaunts, or a cadre of warriors, a bunch of meddlesome gargoyles, or infilitrating genestealers. But i feel like we've drifted from the point of the thread.
  3. Werewolf_nr said: Published on 5/17/2013 - 00:58:01 I am most concerned by the lack of options given to Support Sepcialists, but I think that will get handled in the next book or two. So my runner up is the bizzare combos that you can get moving to new specialties when you get to keep your old comrade advances. At first glance, the "everybody gets a personal medic" build. Take Medicae with the Field Treatment advance, then move to Commander and take the Born Leader leader upgrade X number of times. Now you have X+1 comrades, that can all be your medic proxy. I'm curious what other broken builds everyone can come up with. It specifically says under "multiple comrades" on the commander page that you can only issue one specialty order per turn. pg 63
  4. Droma said: Published on 5/16/2013 - 18:19:53 AtoMaki said: On the other hand, I also wonder about the lack of sub-forums… Maybe someone should call the admins to do something… To be frank this forum doesn't have enough activity to warrent additional sub forums. That maybe true, but it's really hard to use these forums at all without any organization. At least a sticky or two would be nice. I realize now that this was probably the beta-playtest board and FFG simply changed it's title. The lack of an FAQ/errata compilation despite them already working on the 3rd supplement book is alarming. And all of this indicates to me that FFG simply doesn't care.
  5. ZombieLenin said: Published on 5/15/2013 - 18:05:18 Also, multipl NPCs are listed with weapons they don't have the talent to use. Am I supposed to treat their use by the NPC as untrained, or assume they have traing to use said weapons. Similarly I encounter stuff that gives a creature the Multiple Arms trait, which according to the rules requires Two-Weapon-Fighter to do anything in combat, without the NPC/Creature actually being given Two-Weapon-Fighter. So am I to assume said creature can utilize the multiple arms trait or that they can't when I encounter this. Btw, none of the Dark Eldar actually can speak a language since most of them in OW aren't given any linguistics skills. Hahahhaa man. Good finds, all of them. Re: Razor sharp. This sounds reasonable to me. Their weapons already count as primitive, so any pen they get will help make these weapons effective. Re: Witches not knowing how to use splinter pistols and Orkboyz not knowing how to use Sluggas and neither of them speak their own language. The weapon proficiency and language stuff probably weren't included in enemy stat blocks because FFG didn't count on players wanting to do anything with their enemies other than kill them. Putting stuff in like EWP: Splinter rifle would just lead to players want to take those talents, and since this isn't RT, that isn't allowed. While i really like the idea of certain grunts like cultists or grots having weapons they don't know how to use, i don't think this was intentional. I think it's also safe to assume that Chaos guys speak low gothic, and that the xenos speak their own language. Some xenos might also know low gothic, but that's probably up to the GM (how else would Orks be able to say "Wut da Zog?!" if they didin't speak the language?) Re:Multi-arms I think this was originally put into place to allow the monster to have more than one type of weapon on hand. E.G the three armed mutant is armed with an auto rifle and a chainsword. What's interesting to me is that everyone of these traits should be something like Multi-arms (X) as per the trait description. I don't recall if this or the requirement for two-weapon wielder has always been the case. Looking at the Khymera entry for the DE, it has the multiarms trait with no X, meaning it wouldn't ever get the extra attack assuming x=1. I don't have my books on me right now, but a good check on how much of this is intentional and how much of this is a mistake is to do some cross referencing. 1. Find a creature with multiple arms that does melee combat, like the Genestealer 2. Look at the definitions for multi-arm traits for the system the creature is from and see if they're the same to the OW ones.
  6. AtoMaki said: Malachai said: Sure! I wouldn't mind seeing the "instagibber."Some sort of bipod mounted storm bolter or plasma gun? But I'm not seeing something that you are. Could you please elaborate for me why this is a problem? Of course! The problem is pretty easy: with the damage output potential of the Instagibber, combat encounters simply become boring. The other characters will be around the Instagibber only to act as fire magnets and to control hordes. You can't have an epic fight with some powerful opponent, because the Instagibber will kill the guy within 3 or 4 Rounds. The Instagibber simply kills the fun, because he snatches away the glory. And in Only War, combat is everything, so the Instagibber will be 500% more annoying. Ahhhh that's what you're talking about. Well, I think that this has always existed in the 40krpg, as shooting has always been the dominate mechanic, in my opinion. I don't usually see this as a problem. Whenever i've got a big bad, he is usually screened or 'bubble-wrapped' by lesser units so that it can get into close combat/ideal position. If being shot by sharpshooters before the big bad gets there, unless this bigbad is just some crazy solo juggernaught/not part of a higher intelligence, i usually throw in some more immediate threat/ distraction so that the threat can get closer. This is because the in the 40krpg, the master level units/ huge monsters are usually at a disadvantage against multiple enemies. Clear evidence of this is seen in the limit of 1 reaction (except in the case of step aside) per round. The 40k-verse gives easy access to a wide range of very very powerful ranged weapons, like the Lascannon, which are specifically designed for the anti-monster/anti-tank role. My idea for the tripod/bipod was to actually give the players more of a reason to entrench themselves into a position rather than just run and gun. Setting up with a bipod/tripod (bracing) takes at least a half action to perform before the weapon can be fired, and the accurate quality would only come from a single shot. This falls in line with real world/historical usage of squad automatic weapons by the military. For example, in Vietnam are instances in which a 50 cal machine guns was equiped with a scope and single shot fired on topic from long range. As for using the rest of the squad as lures, for particularly heartless/desperate regiments, this seems to be a legitmate tactic. And the idea of the squad needing to protect the heavy/marksman/special while he does his job is exactly how the battles in the 41st millenium happen and in modern military actions. I also argue against the idea that OW is only/primary combat. Deathwatch was far more limited to combat than OW. There are plenty of opportunities in OW for characters to engage in social encounters. I apologize for the presumption, but given the way the system is structured, if you want everyone to have time in the spotlight, what needs to happen is the way your game's encounters are designed, not the way the system works. If this idea for the bipod/tripod was introduced, the SP rifle would probably need to have a felling quality added to it to balance against the long las, but that's another kettle of fish.
  7. AtoMaki said: Published on 5/15/2013 - 07:36:13 Malachai said: Bipod/ tripod adding the accurate quality to basic weapons braced, aimed, and fired on single shot sounds like a great idea to me. No, it isn't. Unless you want to see the character build my gaming group only calls "The Instagibber" - a crazy powerful sniper who can one-shot Space Marines and three-shot Carnifexes. So a typical "Epic Encounter" breaker. Not to mention that this heavily fa Sure! I wouldn't mind seeing the "instagibber."Some sort of bipod mounted storm bolter or plasma gun? But I'm not seeing something that you are. Could you please elaborate for me why this is a problem? As using an automatic weapon for sniping, there are plenty of instances IRL where automatic weapons fired on single shot have been used for accurate fire over a long distance.What immediately comes to my mind were the cases in Vietnam where the mounted 50 cal. machine guns were given scopes to shoot at enemy targets .
  8. bogi_khaosa said: What happened was that they accidentally copy-pasted the Fear table from Black Crusade, the only 40KRP game that does not give you Insanity Points from combat Fear (because it does not use Insanity Points). No way was this intentional, since 1) soldiers snapping during combat is not only a major theme in 40K (say, Tyrannids) but in, like, every war movie ever made and every war novel ever written and 2) the entire rest of the Fear section is copy-pasted from Dark Heresy. Holy crap you're right! I totally missed that when I looked at Rogue trader. Good catch. So, we should probably use the rogue trader/DH fear tables then.
  9. Darck Child said: One could argue that the sniper rifle gains it's accuracte quality from the tripod - which makes sense as the tripod/bipod in the real world helps with accuracy (from what I've read). Bipod/ tripod adding the accurate quality to basic weapons braced, aimed, and fired on single shot sounds like a great idea to me. That or the aformentioned +10 to BS when firing a weapon braced with a bi/tripod which makes a lot sense functionally. Don't get me wrong, i think the sniper rifle and long-las should accurate independent of the bipod/tripod due to their longer barrels, but the idea makes sense. Unfortunately, the upgrade in HotE for long barrel doesn't do this. Rather it just duplicates the TT upgrade. :
  10. There are no advanced specialites which give new skills. They change the aptitudes of the character, change their specialist gear, and give a new talent. This talent is in compensation for the free +5 you'd get for redidcating. When switching to another guardsmen speciality, it mentions that you only change your aptitudes and gear. It makes no mention of the talents and skills. I'd assume that you don't get them. The talents and skills native to the guardsmen specialites seem to represent the core training they've acquired in specialist training boot camp (or whatever).This wouldn't be gained by suddenly being reassigned/taking up a new position. Maybe you should get one talent of your choice to balance against the advanced specialties? Or perhaps they mean to discourage just switching around your specialties by making the adv. option more attractive. It still should be clarified.
  11. bogi_khaosa said: Published on - 23:30:36 Are Guardsmen magically immune to the horrors of war, or should there be some insanity point gains listed in the Fear table? As best as I can tell, Insanity usually comes from an out of combat source, or is allocated by the GM after an encounter. There are few creatures which, by simply viewing, cause a character to gain insanity or corruption. Not even fighting a Lord of Change (from DH ascension) mechanically gives you insanity points (but it can give corruption/mutations). Insanity also comes from Psychic phenomena quite frequently. Out of combat failed fear tests result in gaining some insanity points (OW CRB pg 305, Failing the Fear test).
  12. @ Tullio: Thanks, good find! I'll use that. venkelos said: If you requisition something, how long can you keep it before you have to give it back? If your Psyker is Primaris-calibur, and you acquire a Force Sword for him/her, when must they lose it back to the general pool? Must all of your players be Cadian/Catachan/what have you? How do you convince all your players who know what we're talking about to pick one regiment origin, when it is very easy to imagine that, in the meat grinder, Cadians, Elysians, and Death Korps COULD be lumped together, after casualities, if a specific mission could benefit from a blend of their varied skills? What is the real use for Sergeants? Much of their buffing abilities focus on Comrades, rather than other PCs, as I see it, beyond Inspiring. Re: Regiments and their make up: The preferred method is for everyone from the squad to be from the same regiment, but it is not required Hammer of the Emperor kind of addresses this with it's Mixed Regiment section. A single regiment is accomplished through discussion with the players. As for how? Depends on your group and the GM in question. Re: Sergeant. The sergeant's orders buff comrades, but by buffing the comrades, they're better able to help the players. Take for instance the "Get them!" order. Whenever a comrade aids in a ranged volley/close quarters action, they normally add +5 to their attached player's bs/ws. When "Get Them!" is active, you recieve and additonal bonus of +4 damage. The "take cover" order allows the comrades to give their attached player +10 to an evasion test. Both of which are pretty great, but require some thinking to use. They're also not bad tanks in close combat and have pretty good access to social skills (despite not having the social aptitude). Re: Gear requisition. Pg 161 under "Logistics" provides some guidance on this issue: "Once equipment gear has been issued, soldiers are fully responsible for maintaining it andreturning it, when requested, in fully operational condidition." "If the gear is assigned through official channels to a unit, then that group must assume full responsibility for it. However, if the goods are delievered without a paper trail, then the characters might be able to exploit it for their own purposes." "Sometimes, characters may choose to work the system, but other times an unexpected piece of equipment may reach them….In either case, their bounty might be used for their own purposes…" As far as i know, it depends on how the gear is acquired. If acquired through spoils/looting on the battlefield, the gear doesn't go back to the pool. If acquired through Mission Assignment, then this goes back to the pool. However, the Random Assignment gear is for the party to keep. The same applies for gear gained by "working the system" either via a commerce test to gain the logistics bonus, or through the way a character describes getting the gear. It boils down to it being up to the GM about whether or not the gear requisitioned from a legitmate logistics tests( one made by simply requesting it from the pool), outside of mission assignment gear, is returned to the pool and when.
  13. Friend of the Dork said: There is Only War. Hahaha. Good answer.
  14. If two characters in a squad have Radiant presence, do the effects stack? If multiple characters in a squad use command to Inspire, do the effects stack?
  15. Why aren't there multiple boards for OW like every other game? Why isn't there a sticky for FAQS? Why is there a note for the virus grenade from RT in the grenades section of the OW core rulebook? Why does the grenade launcher entry mention it's usage in indirect firing, but then not give it indirect fire? The photon flash grenade/round has a blast of 10/12, but is described as affecting everyone within 15 meters. Which is it? When making a logistics test to acquire ammo for a non-standard kit weapon, is there an official amount listed for how much you get per check? How much ammo can a tank carry? Actually, why don't we just start asking our questions here so FFG can easily compile all of our questions. Disclaimer: I'm in no way an official source. Whenever a question comes up, I'll do my best to answer it using official sources from OW. If an answer can't be found there I'll look in the other 40k rpg systems to offer suggestions. I'll always explain my reasoning. Thanks.
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