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  1. I'm a little afraid this posting will just get lost, but there's really nowhere else on this site to put it that's appropriate. Long story short, I commissioned a couple of binders to put my WFRP 3e books into (but I would expect that these should work for 2e as well). One for the GM, and one for the Players. They turned out so amazing, that I wanted to share them with this community. Call me a shill, I don't care. Her workshop is in the EU, so expect a bit of extra cost for shipping if you're in the States. These are made of wood, leather, and some metal. She has multiple sites displaying her work. My books are on her Facebook site. The business name is Morgenland Arts & Crafts. Enjoy! Player's Binder GM Binder
  2. Ok, wait one minute! A few days ago, I started this thread, not really thinking anyone would care and definitely not thinking that we’d see a restocking of the lieutenants. Well, obviously, I was wrong on both accounts. But, the speed in which the restock happened after my lament, has convinced me that I must have magical powers. Albeit, my powers are most likely limited to getting stock replenished here at FFG. I mean, one has to be realistic about these things...right? That said, I wanted to ask the community if there’s anything else their looking for, that is currently out of stock. I hereby volunteer my magical services. The request must be reasonable, meaning FFG must still hold the license to said product. Seriously, I’m a mage not a miracle worker!
  3. Thank you for catching that update, Reedmooley! I wonder how fast that boat is?
  4. I noticed that the original lieutenants have been in the queue for “reprint” since September. Am I the only one wondering why it’s taking so long? Or, does everyone else have them already, and I’m so late to the party that the interest just isn’t there? Or is it the dreaded tariffs?! If you’re like me...could I ask a small favor please? Reply to this post with a “me too” or something resembling that, so that I know my waiting isn’t in vain. And, maybe someone else might take notice.
  5. Hello everyone. So I'm introducing a new group to WFRP a few weekends from now, and I stumbled across an two ideas for career advancement that I'd like to bounce of you. I did a search to see if it had been suggested before, but I couldn't find anything. I'm surprised, because it seems so simple. First off, let me say that one of the biggest issues my previous groups have had is the speedy advancement. That said, I started to only give 1 XP for each game session (4-6 hours), and chose to reward the characters who improved the overall game experience in other ways. That worked to some extent. However, this morning I came up with an idea that I think might be even better, as it will still allow me to give a 2nd XP point reward in very special circumstances, while maintaining a slower rate of advancement after Rank 1. What if it took "x" number of experience points based on the character Rank to gain a useable point of experience? That said, at Rank 1, nothing changes. Each experienced point earned will translate to a useable experience point. But, once the character has hit Rank 2, it would then take 2 points of XP to obtain 1 useable experience point. At Rank 3, it would take 3 XP, and so on. So, instead of 30 points of XP allowing the character to reach Rank 4 with the original system, it would take 60 points, effectively taking twice the time to reach that same Rank. (10 XP to reach Rank 2, 30 to reach Rank 3, and 60 to reach Rank 4). The second idea could overlay on the first. To help prevent the min-maxer from gaming the system (which I readily admit can also be done by the GM saying "no", but I avoid that when can), what if the players were prevented from changing careers until they complete their first career progression? This forces them to stay within the system during the first Rank (when each XP still equals 1 usable XP). Then, once they move into a new career, advances cost 2 XP and will potentially stem their desire to career hop to simply gain yellow die in different skills. I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions! Happy Warhammering.
  6. Nothing flashy here. In fact, I'm not sure why he just didn't do a Podcast, other than the fact he has a HUGE 40k following (thus the Channel name Fritz40k). Anyway, I thought it provided a really cool insight into the first impressions of a REAL outsider to WFRP. Frustrated at the polar opposite opinions on 3rd Edition on the Internets, he decides to test out the game for himself (novel idea!!). Anyway, it sounds as though he might be doing some follow-up videos as well, so with no further delay…for your viewing pleasure…or rather, listening enjoyment, here's Fritz40k's very raw first impressions: Enjoy!
  7. Time and time again, I read about and have experienced players that 'want to play a Wizard, or a Priest, or a Troll Slayer…and I feel the WFRP elitist in me sigh. Honestly, I don't want to begrudge anyone from playing their game the way they want to play. It's just a game. But, inevitably, the complaints I hear from these same people are how the game is broken and the players overpowered. Where's the Grim and Perilous World? Oh it's there. I promise. You just need to stop playing the game like it's D&D. I understand the reluctance to starting out as a Thug or a Commoner or a Flagellant. You aren't a Tank, or a DPS specialist, or a Healer. You're oftentimes a little more than a nobody. In fact, may I be so bold to say that in so many ways that fact is what makes WFRP so unique and so special. Min-maxing and gaming the system by running to a superior career like it's a D&D class steals away the story, which in turn steals away the fun. That said, I'm pleading to my fellow WFRP vets, no matter edition is your favorite, to try and remember to champion Careers when you help introduce and explain this awesome Empire and game that is lucky enough to adventure in its environs. If you're a newcomer, understand that I get where you're probably coming from. I started with D&D and MMO's too. I get the attraction of being the overpowered Hero with phat lewts. All I ask is that you give THIS game and world a chance to be played the way the original designers…and the newest ones as well..meant for it to be played…as a Grim and Perilous World of endless adventures. Happy Gaming!
  8. U.H. Not only has fantastic board game summaries, his now censored WFRP aides were integral in helping my group those first few game sessions. I'd be more than happy to lend a hand in developing a more structured method of organizing creature actions. I'm assuming that the Core set's design is preferred, where the GM has the convenience of the full sized action cards listed on a single page with its stat block, as well as the nice descriptors placed on a facing page for quick and easy reference? Or do you have something even more clean in mind, U.H.? Please feel free to contact me through a PM here if there's anything I can help with. Oh, and thanks again for the amazingly useful Arkham Horror and Battlelore aides!
  9. "Disappointing" merely scratches the surface. First, let me say unequivocally that this game has single-handedly renewed my interest in RPG's after a very long absence. In addition, it has done the same to three of my long time friends. Mr. Little and his cohorts stuck their neck out BIGTIME with this new edition, and although it appears they have paid the price with the P&P diehards, it has served to bring many hours of raucous fun to those it has 'enlightened'. That said, it is glaringly obvious to me that no one is manning the ship. There are many of us that have spent upwards of $200 and more on these otherwise wonderful products. This omission, or blatant oversight, is something that could, and should, be quickly rectified. It is beyond me that a product as advanced and innovative as this, does not have a dedicated community manager to quickly respond to Universal Head's query. It teeters on the brink of amateurism, and what is so disheartening is that this product deserves so much more! At this point I am certain that some of you, possibly even Universal Head himself, are uncomfortable with the tone and level of concern that I have expressed. If that is indeed the case, I have succeeded. Something as simple as a creatures BASIC actions should not be a difficult task to provide. If, in fact, both Universal Head and myself have missed an obvious explanation, then the only fault of the stewards of this franchise is that they have failed to quickly point out our oversight. If the omission falls onto the current said stewards, however, then I would expect a quick and thorough response. Please understand that I write this not out of malice but out of love. WFRP 3.0 and its growing player base deserve to get an answer to this. Thank you.
  10. Did you use the baddies A/C/E? Also, their Actions? Your players are awfully lucky to have such a creative, imaginative, and spontaneous GM! Very impressive work.
  11. Interesting feedback. I'm not certain I'll buy Novgorod right off the bat. I'll probably look to snag a few of the early single minis first. On that note, the scenarios that come with the single minis...are they all 'old' rules or new, or do just the ones released after v. 2 have new rule scenarios in them? The reason I ask is that I'm really into the background and lore of TH, and I would like to see how a campaign might play out...if at all.
  12. Guten abend. I just cracked open my new/old game of Tannhauser. I got a killer deal on the version that had rules 1.0 from FFG. That said, I've read here that there is really only 1 scenario useable with the core set in the 2.0 rules. Now I've also seen the Miah has a home-brewed conversion of the initial core scenarios, but I wanted to ask the community something: Should go ahead and learn the 1.0 rules and play the basic scenarios that I have, or spend the $10 and get the new rules? Is there any harm in learning the old rules? Was the game that broken before the revision? Thanks for any and all help you can provide. Auf Wiedersehen
  13. Has Farmer been introduced yet? Or Artisan? And how about the Sewer Cleaners (like in Gotrek @ Felix)?
  14. I know no matter how I reply to this, some will think it comes off as elitist or condescending...I apologize in advance. Still, I think there are times it must be reiterated. When posting in forums it is general ettiquette to search a few thread pages back to see if a similar subject has already been actively replied to. In fact, many forums have search options to make it even easier to find threads that relate to the subject you're looking for. In the case of this thread, there has been some nice activity just a few posts below this one titled "Running with more than 3 players". Here's the link: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=165&efcid=3&efidt=263205. Good luck with your group,,,even if the play session gets a little messy, it should provide for a great get-together!
  15. In this case, let Wiki be your friend...here's a short excerpt: The Warhammer world Main article: Warhammer Fantasy (setting) Warhammer is just one of many games set in a fictional universe. Warhammer is notable for its "dark and gritty" background world, which features a culture similar in appearance to Renaissance Germany crossed with Tolkien's Middle-earth. The geography of the Warhammer world strongly resembles that of Earth. This is said to be due to the actions of an ancient spacefaring race known as the Old Ones. This mysterious and powerful race visited the Warhammer World in the distant past. Establishing an outpost, they set about manipulating the geography and biosphere of the planet. Assisted by their Slann servants, they moved the planet's orbit closer to its sun, and arranged the continents to fit their standard geomantic template. The Old Ones were subsequently expelled from their colony when the polar "Warp Gates" that they had created collapsed and chaos gained entry to the world. Before leaving however, they had established the Lizardman empire, and had conducted numerous genetic experiments, which had led to the races of elves, dwarfs, men, ogres and halflings. The elves and dwarfs eventually founded empires of their own, and were initially allies. The early elven empire later splintered, with a sect of elves secretly corrupted by Chaos taking refuge in the northern lands of Naggaroth, leaving the still uncorrupted elves, or High Elves on their island home of Ulthuan. The alliance between the High Elves and the Dwarfs broke down due to the machinations of the newly formed Dark Elves, leading to the War of the Beard between the two powers. The elves who stayed behind during the waning of elvish influence in the Old World established a realm within the forests of the old world, most notably Athel Loren and became known as Wood Elves. The men were the slowest to develop, but eventually formed several strong realms, able to resist both the forces of Chaos and the older powers. Chief amongst these are The Empire, Bretonnia, and Cathay. Nehekhara, a former empire of men to the south of the Old World, has since become undead via a curse. Its long-dead armies now march to war under command of the Tomb Kings. The forces of evil are often depicted as not a localised threat, but a general menace. The Skaven exist in an "Under Empire" in extensive tunnels beneath the other races, while the Orcs and Goblins are nomadic, and regularly attack without warning. Chaos and the Undead also routinely infiltrate the other nations, especially the Empire.
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