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  1. I don't have much time or money to keep up with Android anymore, so I'm wanting to sell off my collection to someone who might want it. I tried locally but no dice. Is there someplace I can try to sell my collection online, if not here? I'm located in Canada but I can ship to practically anywhere.
  2. Right now, I own the 2nd edition MOM, and I have access to the 1st edition stuff. If I get the two Figure & Tile collections for 2nd edition on top of that, is there any point to having the app know I have all of it? Like, should I just keep the 1st edition stuff enabled, or should I disable them?
  3. Viper114


    Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear I remember somewhere in one of the books released so far that they gave details about the world of Bastion, the forbidden world. Our GM decided to use it as an off course destination once but had no idea about it. But I'm sure there were details about it in one of the books…or am I crazy? If I'm not, where in what book is it?
  4. Well, I meant in terms of just Greyjoy, Choke is probably their top tier deck by far from what I have witnessed. But yes, Targ Burn is pretty stupid, too, and Martell is close, as well. But I want to focus on Stark and Greyjoy as my main houses and get the best I can make with them. I'd go with Choke but I'm missing the WoW and CoS chapter packs at the moment, so I want to see if something exists for Greyjoy that's at least ALMOST as good as Choke tier wise.
  5. Hmmm, I tried Siege before, had some reasonable success with it, but I don't have stuff like Whispering Wood, KRH and TBaW because we don't have those Chapter packs at our store. Well, they will again with the CoA cycle re-releasing soon. But I can try that out, see how it goes. Any word on top tier Greyjoy besides Winter Choke? I like Choke, but it's just a lack of the key cards that's keeping me from playing it for now. Wouldn't mind knowing if Greyjoy's good in other aspects.
  6. Been trying to find something for each that can be considered competitive in some way, something that could win a tournament if done right, but I'm having no luck just yet. For those veteran players who play them, what kind of decks for both houses are considered top tier that I can try to make and play? I've tried things like Stark armies, Stark Tully, Greyjoy Black Sails and Greyjoy Raiders, but no luck. For the record, I know Greyjoy Choke is quite up there, but sadly it involves a couple of cards I just don't have yet, so I'm hoping for something else in the meantime.
  7. That's what I figured on all accounts, I just needed to be sure. But, one could never be too sure unless they ask. Thanks for clarifying!
  8. Fairly new player here, got the hang of the game but I have some questions I want to confirm with the veterans that the FAQ here does NOT answer (I checked). 1. If a card effect that is NOT the Black Raven or the White Raven makes it Summer or Winter (such as the Crown of Winter or Crown of Meereen), are the +1 Gold or -1 Gold effects still applicable? From what someone described to me, if I made it Winter with the Crown of Winter we'd suffer -1 Gold, so I figured it was a rulebook effect. Yet there is no entry in the rulebook that specifically says this, only the Raven cards actually say this. 2. If a card has a title that shares the same name as a Trait in some way, would that count as the appropriate trait for card effects? For example, Sea Raiders call themselves Raiders but they lack the actual Raider trait, are they still considered a Raider for the numerous cards that effect them, like Longships or Euron Crow's Eye? I am assuming not, but it wouldn't hurt to check. 3. If a card has Immunity, is it also immune to MY cards, or just the opponent's? For example, is Red Viper from PotS who is "Immume to Events and Character Abilities" entirely immune to my events and character abilities as well as theirs? I am assuming yes, but again, checking. That's it for now. Thanks to those who come along and answer appropriately.
  9. Yeah, I found out last night that either Pistol/Basic Las weapons and Pistol Plasma/Melta/Flame(?) weapons work with that Power Supply Tampering rule. Curses! Well, no matter, there are other worthy options to choose from if I can get the Ancient Warrior talent. Legion Heavy Bolter, for instance. Or a Legion Plasma Gun with an upgrade (Extended Magazine seems nice). Or a Plasma Canon. Or a Heavy Flamer. Decisions, decisions...
  10. True, but with a little...ingenuity and resources that are available to Heretics that only the most radical within the Imperium would consider using, nothing could stop said weapons from being infinite in ammo. But that's a bit beyond the scope of what I'm currently looking for. I'd have to double check the Power Supply Tampering rule, but I think a Legion Plasma Gun connected to a power supply that has infinite power could be quite useful for a brand new character.
  11. They also go on to explain how to go on with an actual Black Crusade once someone hits the 140 Infamy mark as suggested in the core book, should they actually get that far. They seem to suggest borrowing some of the other material for this purpose, like Massed Combat from Deathwatch for example. Nifty idea, but I personally don't think I'd take part in anything like that. Not only would it take a long time to get to that point to start a real Black Crusade, but the actual crusade would take a long time to play out. Still, it's good for those who want to go that far.
  12. Champions could also work, as they are the leader type CSMs, so they can do Fellowship type stuff pretty well, too. Chosen, on the other hand, seem to be the typical CSM where it's combat or nothing for them.
  13. Well, there are those backpack power supplies for Plasma Cannons and Lascannons when used by loyalist Space Marines. If I were lucky enough to pry such a thing from his cold, dead hands and tamper with it, who knows what could happen then?
  14. Perhaps a Plasma Cannon would be overdoing it, but I think perhaps the Plasma Gun would work. Some WH40K models I've seen before show Plasma Guns attached to backpack power supplies. I'd have to double check the Power Supply Tampering rule to be certain.
  15. Say I start a character as a Chaos Space Marine. According to the character creation rules, I can choose equipment with a total modifier no worse than -10 (so anything -20 and lower is off-limits). As I read the book, this means any weapons of Very Rare (-20) or higher upwards since you usually ever want a single weapon, which adds +10 to the modifier. So, I choose to start with a Legion Plasma Gun (Very Rare), or, hell, even a Plasma Cannon (also Very Rare). On my armor customization section, say I end up getting Power Supply Tampering and I choose the option to have an infinite power supply for my armor. With these options, I can choose to have my Legion Plasma Gun or Plasma Cannon connected to my power supply, which is infinite in power and never needs replacing, which means the weapon never needs to reloading and has no clip size?
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