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  1. I'm playing a salvaged B1 battle droid who had most of his shoddy processors replaced with high-end astromech parts by an Outlaw tech who wanted to create a ship's mechanic that could give the impression of being muscle. Having been stolen by the player party B1T2 (Bitz) now sits around telling these youngsters war stories about how he and his brethren bravely sacrificed themselves trying to liberate the galaxy from the Jedi menace. When we go into civilized space Bitz clambers into a opaque helmeted space suit and lumbers around hoping people will assume he's a Kel Dor or Gank rather than an illegal droid in disguise. System-wise, whilst the droid's low starting stats are painful, I think they make sense for beings that are initially created for a single purpose and are thus likely to be excellent specialists with some nice characterful deficiencies. Once you get some cash in hand then Cybernetics make a big difference since you can have lots of them and unlike most organics you're not going to have qualms about lopping off a limb to replace it with something superior. From a roleplaying point of view droids have lots of interesting areas to play with in every campaign: perceptions of organic life, how you relate to other droids that may lack your sentience, the prospect of immortality and the threat of obsolescence, and of course the mystery of the Force .
  2. Yeah, Accuracy is a 4Adv/1 Triumph pick for weapons, so I'd probably make it the same cost for gear. Worth bearing in mind that Right Tool for the Job can give a boost die anyway. It's also worth remembering that tools are incredibly quick and cheap to make, so making them too powerful may be a bad idea. It could also be something that would require specific schematics for a techician to craft- i.e. anyone with a bit of computing knowhow can throw together basic slicing gear, but if you want to make a dedicated Databreaker then you need access to the latest cryptographic algorithms from one of the big Galactic security firms.
  3. Any chance that we could add both Advantage and Threat to crafted items? My group uses a houserule whereby you don't have to cancel them against each other when crafting so that you can end up with a good item with interesting drawbacks- no idea if this is a common enough houserule to be worth the change though.
  4. I think a dev mentioned on the Order 66 podcast that you could upgrade the difficulty (potentially multiple times) in order to rush a craft project. Also if I can get the GM to flip a destiny point on my crafting, then that means that the group has an extra point for when the going gets tough. Hopefully the GM will spend any Despairs on something that will produce a fun scene when the device malfunctions or misbehaves at a crucial moment- if they use the Despair to make the item ineffective then I'll just throw it into the parts bin.
  5. All the crafting tables have a result for 2 Despair. You can get one Challenge die through the GM upgrading with the destiny pool, but under what circumstances would a crafter be facing a Challenge die in the base difficulty?
  6. 1. To what extent can technician's attempt to optimise existing equipment using the item creations rules. Let's say that my character has a standard light blaster pistol: if I wanted to break it down and rebuild it into a light blaster template weapon, how much of the parts cost should I be able to recoup for already having a complete item available? 2. Is it intended that minion droids be able to assist with tasks as a group? Swarms of monotask labour droids are extremely cheap and easy for a droidtech to churn out and seem very good if they can offer skilled assistance.
  7. The benefits of Astropathic Relays are described in the Telepathic Communications section of the rules however (unless I'm missing something) they are not statted anywhere as a ship component. Is it the intention that all rogue trader vessels contain such a relay and they are already factored into the ship stats or was the absence of the component rules an oversight?
  8. Clarify the concept of 'psychic defense rating' which is mentioned in Bastion of Iron Will but not elsewhere. Clarify whether Mind Probe's opposed willpower tests let the psyker add his Psy Rating. The first one is presumably a focus power test, so he will, but having established contact its not clear whether or not the bonus would apply.
  9. Can't find any answers previously posted about the following: Does Wyrdling allow you to pick techniques without having the prerequisites? If you pick Wyrdling techniques outside of Telepathy does that open up the additional Discipline as though you had the Psychic Discipline talent?
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