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  1. I don't have my book handy, but I believe it'd 7 and 8 for head and body and 8 for arms and legs. Check Rending and Impact crits, I think it should have the same save or die as those....
  2. According to the errata you gain the bonus to the first shot with the first weapon used to attack, so even when you aim and use a multiple attacks you on your first attack you gain the aim and accuracy bonus then resolve the rest as per normal.
  3. Netherek said: I'd use the Energy Crit table from RT, Head 6+ are all fatal. Disregard this, I read the wrong table, they are arranged in a different order in RT. For energy crits I'd just add a toughness save or die on the level befor fatal as all other crits do the same.
  4. I'd use the Energy Crit table from RT, Head 6+ are all fatal.
  5. Ya, there is a thread in RT house rules that is doing just that. I haven't formed a strong opinion on them yet but it's worth a looksy. The one thing I don't like about the new lines is the lack of minor powers, and some other little nit picks. All in all, I think that it's going to be the road of the future in DH at some point.
  6. For the daemonhost, you could reduce the difficulty of the WP test and not allow the host to act until the following round on the failure. You could also choose to make it dramatic and have it an extended opposed test with whatever mod you feel appropriate. Hmm... That sounds fun, might actually use that idea myself.
  7. Since there are apparently no official rules for them I'd like to know others have handled hot/cold, starvation/thirst, radiation and the like. For hot/cold so far I have it a I've thought about Toughness test result in Fatigue that can't be recovered until you get out of the environment or have a cure and then have it do 1d10i damage once out of fatigue. Thoughts?
  8. I was hoping there was something official on hot/cold environments, thirst/starvation, radiation and the like. That said, I am up for house rules. I'll post the question there.
  9. Thinking about the conversion, I'd definately say limit Astropaths to the established Disciplines, and have the others for the rest of the Psykers. I prefer the DH Peril's table, so I'd use that one with two mods. Have the summon warp daemon to warp entity, giving more freedom to the GM, and I'd have modify Possession to a -20 over a -30 and if he loses that then the daemonhost could in the next round. I'm considering having double 0's always roll phenomena even when fettering, and an automatic Perils of the Warp when Pushing.
  10. That's how I feel, but apparently you add the number, just like you add the number to the DoS, i.e. 1 DoS becomes 3 DoS.
  11. Quote N0-1_H3r3 But psykers are also supposed to be able to actually use their powers. Letting someone play a psyker, and then telling them that there's a good chance that character will self-destruct just because they use the powers their entire character is based around... well, it's no different from constantly staging combats in promethium refineries such that a single stray shot from the Arch-Militant's bolter or the Rogue Trader's plasma pistol will cause a massive explosion and a raging inferno. Characters should have the opportunity to use the abilities that define them, without constantly being terrified that those abilities will result in terrible things happening to them. You do realize that there is less that a .25% that results in his demise, it becomes quite negligible once you add in Favored by the Warp. In DH the odds go up per die roll but even that isn't all out instant destruction unless the psyker rolls a 00 on the perils table and that's about .025% per die rolled. Again the odds don't take into account Favored by the Warp. So what does this mean, you have a 1 in 200 chance you will die using your abilities. According to national statics you are more likely to die in a vehicle accident, 1 in 84, and that doesn't stop to many people from driving. With the power level that Psykers do have, and with all the fluff, they should be conservative with their abilities. I do like some of what they did, having it a willpower test keeps the psychic powers in line with the rest of the tests in the game, I like how they tied in BS and WS with certain powers over a dependance on WP, and I like how Unnatural Willpower works in RT. I guess I can see the merit to switching over, though I'd I think I'll probably do some additional house ruling to the Fettering and the powers in general. I'll take some time to look at the other side of things and maybe I can come up with some thing that someone might like to use.
  12. Good catch, I misread that one and I like how that would work with Psy Rating. That does make it more manageable, though I'm still not keen on fettering powers. It allows spamming powers, and there is no way to have that start to fail.
  13. Look, RT is just plain safe to spam psychic powers. You can fetter force shards all day, or dominate. You shouldn't be able to. These are high level abilities and should have risk in their use. In RT you don't even risk possession, which you should as it's part of setting. Psychics are not supposed to be throwing their power about will and nil for breakfast, so he deserves daemonic retribution if he does. Here's the thing, and maybe I come from a different generation where we expect to lose characters as part of a campaign but we do our best to make our demise memorable. Continue the campaign, now they have to pick up from the last groups failure. Once it happens, your psyker will start actually behaving like one (fearing his one abilities) and the party will behave as they should (ready to kill their psyker companion). That's the nature of the beast, the way it was meant to be. Since I don't have my DH book handy, I'm not going to go into detail on how Possession isn't necessarily a TPK, until I get it back.
  14. The 2.5% of all hell breaking loose ala possession, is based on that you first must roll on the phenomena table and if you get a 76+ you roll on the Peril's table. So 25% of Phenomena are perils, of that 25% you have 10% of which are possession, 10% of 25 is 2.5%. That's how likely on any 9 you roll to be possessed. That doesn't take into account any of the talents that reduce these odds.
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