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  1. No. Remember that in this type of game, you always follow the wording of the rules exactly with no room for interpretation (unless there's an error on the developer's part that makes this impossible). From page 18 of the Rules Reference: Discarding a card from your deck neither draws it nor causes it to enter your hand, so the Revelation ability is moot.
  2. The discard effect fails to resolve, as well as any conditional effects dependent on the discard effect.
  3. From the RR, page 2: "If the text of a card directly contradicts the text of either the Rules Reference or the Learn to Play book, the text of the card takes precedence." Page 9: "Any time a card is discarded, it is placed faceup on top of its owner's discard pile." Any effect that does anything other than place a card faceup on top of its owner's discard pile is not discarding the card. Game rules aren't written to be interpreted based on "intent." They're written to be ironclad and have no wiggle room.
  4. You've committed a logical fallacy here. You believe that "If the card can't be discarded, then it cannot be in a state that permits discarding." This is false, as permanents begin in play, and "in play" is a game state from which cards can be discarded. The Permanent keyword simply overrides all effects that would discard the card, and prevents the card from being a valid target for discard effects. Without the FAQ, the Permanent keyword would indeed allow the card to be shuffled into your deck, or returned to your hand, or removed from the game, or placed underneath the Agenda deck, or sent to the Void, as none of these involve being discarded. That they do not preclude being discarded later is irrelevant; the Permanent keyword would still protect the card in those cases as it is not dependent on being in play. Specifically, any effect that attempts to discard a Permanent card from your deck would fizzle once the card was revealed.
  5. Duke says that you attack with a base value of 4. It says nothing about changing your Investigator's base value. It replaces the combat value on your investigator card without altering it. End of discussion.
  6. Your skill value during a test is normally equal to the base value of the pertinent skill, plus modifiers. MT changes your base values permanently (or until it leaves play, at any rate). Duke replaces your base value temporarily, specifically for the purposes of the Fight test. If you attacked a hypothetical monster that said "Forced – when an Investigator with [Combat] 4 or lower attacks <this>: deal 1 damage to that Investigator," Werewolf Pete would take no damage even with no bonuses to combat – because the base value of 4 only applies to the Fight test.
  7. The AHLCG Reddit has a pinned post for discussing the leak. One user said he has the files and will provide them if you PM him and ask.
  8. Way I see it, the major globetrotting adventures would be along the lines of: In the Shadow of Madness: Contact with the Starkweather-Moore expedition has been lost. We're sending a rescue team (against the strident protestations of Professor Dyer) to search for any survivors and bring them back (along with any interesting specimens they may have uncovered.) Oh, and on the way back, could you be a dear and help the Professors Peaslee check on some ruins in the Great Sandy Desert? The Curse of Cthulhu: Inspector Legrasse needs your help. Several of his men have gone missing recently, and they all have one thing in common: every one of them participated in the raid against the loathsome Cthulhu Cult in 1908. Now he's seen dark figures following him and fears he's next. Your adventure will take you from New Orleans (perfect for slotting in Curse of the Rougarou) to the mountains of Tibet, to the mysterious Plateau of Leng, culminating in a pulse-pounding escape from R'lyeh! Etc.
  9. That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.
  10. Call of Cthulhu sequel set in New Orleans. With special guest star Inspector Legrasse.
  11. Yeah, I probably should have specified "old-school Magic" as access to enemy colors was more restricted/carried a higher cost in the days of Revised through Fifth or so.
  12. As of now, the wheel appears to go Guardian, Seeker, Mystic, Survivor, Rogue, then back to Seeker. However, we have no guarantee that this will be enforced as strictly as in, say, Magic. We could very well see Investigators imnhe Core mold who dual-class "opposing" classes (Guardian/Survivor or Mystic/Rogue, for instance), with no loss of effectiveness.
  13. It takes zero time to release the existing PDF of Dunwich, which is in exactly the same format for both print and electronic versions. FFG also stated categorically that there would never be official electronic versions of the campaign guides what, two weeks ago? And now we have them. Quit your white knighting.
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