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  1. To address your original point, there are currently a lot of combinations that could crop up and be viewed as NPEs. Especially when playing against a ship or upgrade for the first time. Part of playing the game is discovering what combos can be used, and what their actual affect on game play is. In this particular example, if the slaver continues to bump, then it does nothing in the engagement phase (because of the disarm token) but that one damage to the ship that bumped it. That may or may not be a very effective use of its three dice attack (that it paid 66 points for). My guess would be now that your in-law has played against this build, he'd know what *not* to do, fly a little differently, and have a lot more success. I've been playing this game pretty much since the beginning of 1st edition, and still view the first few plays against "unknown combos" as learning experiences.
  2. I'm trying edit a result at Listfortress, but when I copy and paste the XWS text into the Optional URL squad box (from YASB2), I get a "We're sorry, but something went wrong" message when I either hit Enter or hit the Back to Tournament button. Is there a trick to editing a squad build? EDit: I tried editing the result again, and for some reason it worked. So just disregard.
  3. One of our locals (Wichita) just won a Hyperspace Trial (21 players) in Edmund, OK with Boba/Fenn. I believe he builds it with a Fat Boba and Fenn with Outmaneuver, and around a 17 point bid.
  4. In my totally unknowledgeable opinion, you met the requirements of the attack when you spent the charge and had the target lock. The fact that Seevor then removed the TL doesn't change the fact that you met the requirements for the attack. My thinking would be you get the initial shot, as well as the bonus attack against any target where you meet the requirements for the cluster missile. But with no TL reroll capability.
  5. underling


    If you go with Ten and Braylen for your B-Wing pilots you need to reduce the rest of the build by about 17 points.
  6. underling


    I'd add a Gray Squadron Y with an ion turret to the above.
  7. If you strip Oicunn down to Dauntless and Intimidation, I believe that leaves room for another ship. I'd look at adding one of the TIE fighters with Crack Shot.
  8. My thoughts after playing one game with vipers against Chertek w/Ensnare, Sear w/Souless and TA-175 and five droids... My preference would be to have the wording on Pinpoint Tractor Array change to "... fully executing a maneuver..." There should be a benefit to blocking a ship and, at least against Chertek, it really did nothing to do so (with his rerolls). I don't know that that needs to be done yet, but it'll definitely be something to watch for.
  9. My first attempt will be with my four I3s with Crack Shot flown a little better than I did last week. I was facing Chertek, Sear and about five empty droids. I was ahead until the last turn, and ended up losing by three points. I specifically targeted the droids first, with Sear and Chertek coming under fire last. The next time I play a list similar to that and Nantex and/or Sear will be the first targets off the table.
  10. Yep. What brought this up was someone who plays Resistance Chewie pointing this out in the rules. Evidently Chewie's bonus attack triggers the same way: after all ships engage at the same initiative of the ship that killed Chewie's friend.
  11. I've only played against the Nantex in one game, and the swarm I was playing against only had one. I got to the end game and kept blocking him (which I was trying to do), but it basically did me no good. If the Pinpoint Tractor Array rules were changed from "execute a maneuver" to "fully execute a maneuver," would that make a difference?
  12. Another approach would be to cut them back to just a single munitions each, and take a fourth ship. Now that would be cool...
  13. Alrighty... I like the list, but this'd probably be my take on it. Krassis Trelix (68) Ion Cannon (5) Ship total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 5 Guri (64) Predator (2) Ship total: 66 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 Captain Seevor (30) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 31 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Outer Rim Pioneer (28) Qi'ra (2) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 I'd also take the three biggest asteroids you've got. I've been flying a lot of Starvipers in 2.0, both a mix of Guri and BSAs in quantity. I believe Guri could be your finisher, even lean. The ORP with Qi-ra allows both it and friends to ignore obstacles, and Seevor ignores them anyway. The reason I took 0-0-0 off Trelix and Snap Shot off Seevor is I don't think they give either enough bang for the buck. PS: My go-to Scum Hyperspace build has been four BSAs with Crack Shot. I believe they can be competitive with any build, so I also really like it. If you keep the BSA I think I'd put Crack Shot on it, though.
  14. This is the one I really like: (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 Total points: 196 PS: But I'm getting to where I can put the vipers in places that opponents don't expect them to be.
  15. Hey, FFG (or any TO at a tournament) may rule that both range and token availability are a restriction of OT's ability. I don't know the answer, but I'm good either way. But if no tokens are present it doesn't really make any difference anyway, unless it's ruled that OT could steal from a different ship than the one that triggers his ability.
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