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  1. Lol... I don't know that I'd say Fenn is underwhelming without Fearless. More that he's just not quite as overwhelming without it.
  2. My first attempt at a similar list was three skulls with Fearless, and Nom with an ion cannon and Dengar gunner. I don't know that it'd be any better than yours, though, just a little different. And possibly not quite as good against I5 and I6.
  3. Against Boba, yes. But keep in mind that you can mitigate Fearless and Concordia with the rear arc of an SF. The only suggestion I'd make is possibly swapping in Von Reg and Scorch for Blackout and the Epsilon, respectively. It's a similar flight strategy, though.
  4. Yep, the original list is three fangs with Nom having an ion cannon and Dengar gunner. I thought the Nom build with autoblasters might be *slightly* better. Either way Nom comes in at 50 points. But the ultimate question is whether either Nom build better than adding the fourth fang. I've got four, so I'm good regardless.
  5. So I've got a quick question for you regarding the list. I was looking at three Fearless skulls, and Nom with Autoblasters, 0-0-0, BT-1 and Cybernetics. Do you think the above has any advantage over just playing a fourth fang?
  6. So I thought I'd give results from a small casual tournament last night. I flew the (still not sure what to call it) last night at a small casual tournament, and went 2-1. Round 1: Luke and Lando Loss 74-0 Had plenty of shots, but couldn't land hits. Rarely rolled 3 hits even at range 1, and against Luke that just doesn't work. Round 2: Scum mix of Trevura, Manaroo, GenRed and Laetin Win 95-71 Still wasn't rolling very well with the attack dice, but got GenRed off the board, and Trevura and Manaroo to half health. Got Trevura off the board the first time, but couldn't land enough hits to take him off the board the second time. Round 3: Porkins, Dreis, Jake and Arvel Win 200-74 Rolled better and had several blocks that hurt the T-65s. So I haven't actually run the FOcho in a game, but have watched stream games. My takeaway is that I believe the Seven ship swarm has merit. There are enough TIEs to take some of the heat off the SFs, which, in turn, makes them last a long time. A long, long time... I never lost more than 74 points in a game. What I also found in the one game where my opponent had ion cannons, I didn't care. SFs seem to be a little less susceptible to "ion inconvenience." Because if I was ioned I was only taking one damage, and assuming I didn't bump, I was still getting a focus and probably getting a shot (because of having both arcs available). I did pick up an eighth FO TIE last night, but with as much fun as I'm having with the seven ship version, I may not end up using it much.
  7. Yep, I agree, but haven't been able to come up with anything yet. The first attempt was FOcho - 1. And you're right, FOsiete doesn't quite do it. Hence, FOcho Lite. Which doesn't really fit quite right, either. The list is fun, though, whatever we call it.
  8. I've been searching for a reasonable substitute for the FOcho for those of us who don't have eight FO TIEs. After a game last night, I may have one. The FOcho Lite Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Zeta Squadron Pilot (26) Zeta Squadron Pilot (26) Zeta Squadron Pilot (26) Zeta Squadron Pilot (26) Total (200) The disadvantage is one less ship. The advantages are two more health (34 versus 32), and three rear arc shots from the Survivors.
  9. How about: Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Cartel Spacer (25) Ion cannon (6) Total (31) Cartel Spacer (25) Ion cannon (6) Total (31) Cartel Spacer (25) Tractor beam (3) Total (28) Cartel Spacer (25) Tractor beam (3) Total (28) Total (200)
  10. OR... Get rid of the Outmaneuver on Fenn, and swap out a MGT for a Cartel Spacer with a tractor beam. Gotta work in those tractor beams...
  11. I've been running a similar build, but mine bumps up the Zealots to Skulls and uses Genesis Red with a tractor beam. I've got one less ship, but they're all I4 or higher. I'll give yours a try, though.
  12. I like where this is going. Here's another take on it: Major Vonreg (57) Daredevil (2) Points: 59 "Scorch" (33) Fanatical (2) Points: 35 Muse (30) Fanatical (2) Points: 32 Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Advanced Optics (4) Points: 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor (32) Advanced Optics (4) Points: 36 Total points: 198 Holo would be another ship that could be swapped in for Vonreg to allow even more stress swapping shenanigans.
  13. This doesn't sound like an optics problem. If you were blocking him he wouldn't have a focus to use AO in the first place. This sounds like a "not having enough ships shooting at the blocked target" or "not rolling well enough" problem.
  14. I don't believe this has been mentioned yet, but keep in mind that both of the lists you mentioned are actually pretty good lists. Until you play each a few times they can be tough to deal with. With the list you used, I'd probably pick the Avenger + Zetas or 5As to win the majority of the time, assuming players of roughly equal skill. So while AO is pretty good, and *really* good in quantity, I don't believe it's under-priced or can't be dealt with.
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