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  1. Thanks, that's pretty much what I had figured, but it just felt a touch unbalanced because of the cap on negative dice.
  2. So, I've been poking around the internet looking for any answer to this and I think my Google-fu might just be weak, but here goes. I know that there's a hard limit on the difficulty and challenge dice, I've seen that table, but I cannot find anything concrete on the maximum number of Ability and Proficiency Dice. Normally that's not a problem, but I've run into it with my Age of Rebellion character and since both myself and my DM are stumped I figured I'd punt it out to you guys and see what you think. So, my character is a Sullustan with Agility 5, True Aim 4, Gunnery 3, and a maxed out Advanced Targeting computer for the Y-Wing I'm sitting my butt in. Putting all of that together, I'd have a die pool that is 7 Proficiency dice, an Ability Die and a Boost Die if I aimed when sitting in the Y-Wing. For completeness sake, and those not having the book handy, chapter and verse to follow. True Aim maneuver pg 158: Before making a ranged attack, use this maneuver to upgrade the attack once per rank of True Aim. Advanced Targeting Array pg 286: Full upgrade is Gunnery +2, Sniper Shot, and True Aim Basically, I just want to know if anyone can cite chapter and verse as to where the cut off is on die pool sizes, house rules aside of course because we can always do that ourselves. Thanks for any information you guys can give me.
  3. Yes it is still reviled, because your PC is doing a little thing called "lying to the DM". Sorry no argument is going to get around you want a mutation to double your Str Bonus in a game where that can add silly amounts of damage. Want a compelling roleplay mutation? Pick something less mechanically far and away superior. Power gaming = Not accepted, I don't mean taking the most advantageous things for a character build because hey, no one wants to play an ineffective character, but if you're going to try and pitch a mutation for "roleplay purposes" do not, ever, try to start or finish with one to double a Str Bonus. I've been DMing way too long to fall for anything like that.
  4. Also, the word disruptive makes me think of bad things, like jagged edges and other unpleasentness, not cauterizing the wound as it passes.
  5. I've been reading a lot of threads on this forum and a friend of mine has been reading a few others, and I've noticed something that makes me want to ask this question. Why does it seem like it's alright to have Mutations and CP? I've always been told it's "Fear the Mutant. Kill the Mutant." Not, I wanna get a mutation to give me Unnatural Strength to stack with the Strength Bionics to use with my power fist for awesome damage. Maybe I missed something, maybe the guy who introduced me to the world didn't tell me of a shift in the fluff, but it seems like a general tendency for it being okay to be different, when it 40K it's been my experience that it's really not. Yes, I know, roleplay game, doing different things, PCs having fun who cares, etc etc, but if you toss out large portions of the fluff, why stick with the system? No direct offense to FFG or anyone, but there are better out there, not that this is a bad system I've enjoyed it since I perused the DH book a friend let me look at awhile ago, but it just seems like a trend to toss out the basic idea that Xenos, Heretech and Mutations are bad because we get to be edgy. I think the Xenos usage is probably the only one out of the three that would get a pass because the RT is using it against the enemies of the Imperium. Because The Adeptus Mechanicus would take down, pull apart, and scatter to the Void any Heretech users they find, and Mutation is a sign of Corruption, which is a sign of the Ruinous Powers, even overly mutated Navigators get put down because of the problem inherent with that much corruption. So to sum that all up, what are some people's thoughts on Mutants and Hereteck in 40k and the usage of by PCs?
  6. I just read Ravenor for the first time this weekend, and it show cases a few Rogue Traders, though, not as the main characters, and honestly most of them are jerks *I'd use stronger words to describe them but I'm unsure on the profanity restrictions on here*, so it gives you some idea as to who they are and how they can operate. Other than that the best fluff you'll find is the Rogue Trader book itself, I thought it did a decent job explaining who and what they are and can do, reading characters in novels leads to the false idea that, "I can do that because some other RT did." Because most if not all of the people showcased in these books are not Rank 1 Characters so to speak. Also if you're looking for reading in general I highly recommend Ciaphus Cain: Hero of the Imperium for a real good time. I'm rather new to this setting as well and I think it was the best omnibus I've read about this universe.
  7. I throw my 2 cents in with Tybalt on this one, seems like the Achievement points would stack more readily than the bonuses. If you wanted to pick a bonus out of the three, I'd go with the diminishing returns one because unless you used plenty of Space say a large sized Cargo Hold to say "This is for my extra Hit and Run ships," Tybalt is right that you'd have a lot of bodies to not do much with, but even then since you're sending a larger number of boats over the defending ship would either have an easier time shooting them because you'd give them multiple targets or they'd have an easier time defending because they would see this mini-fleet coming, and thus have a more appreciable defense ready for who ever is coming a knocking at their door. Since you aren't boarding them you're trying to take something out fast and get out, the more bodies doesn't mean better, just means harder to coordinate and more difficult to get in and out smoothly. It's why Strike Forces are 5 guys, not 50.
  8. From my understanding the Adeptus Mechanicus doesn't care how important you think you are, they always will be more important, they seem to ignore most of the power struggles and just kinda do their own thing. I dunno, it all comes down to fluff more than anything, and while many things I would agree they give out and then hold repair rights (Hell I just actually read Ravenor for the first time yesterday and they had plant managers leasing out the blueprints and stuff, so I can't argue your point as a whole.) I do though on this specific piece of equipment because it seems like they are very choosy of who is enlightened, but like I said, personal preference between players and DMs trump any thing I think, and hey if the DM is willing to let anyone get a Good Quality MIU I will not snub the lovely benefits it gives.
  9. Because depending on how you look at the fluff in your world the full blown MIU is considered Holy Communion by many Adeptus Mechanicus members, and they take that stuff rather seriously, so I can see a DM saying you can't just obtain one because you want it. The Tech Priests take it all rather seriously, the weapon interface doesn't seem to have that stigma, but the standard MIU seems to, so I can see many groups not getting easy or any access to it for them all, unless they jump through a bunch of hoops for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  10. So you can't use it against shields, you can't use it without damage, you need a Psy person to divine a way, probably tech-use to, and now when they have an idea to get around some of those issues, just dropping an ordinance on them, you look to punish them further? I'm confused here, I thought we wanted our players to come up with work arounds, keep us as DMs on our toes. Seems like it's, "Oh that's a neat idea, let me punish you for it." I think the correct response is with all these removal of abilities of the Teleporter is simple, don't allow it if you don't like it. Because you seem to be rendering it so useless that why would I waste the ship space or single Archeotech Option on it if you attach all these strings to it. Is it powerful? Certainly is, but it's archeotech, and rare stuff at that, so I don't see why the players simply can't start with it or use Acquisition to obtain it. Let it be a cool trump card at the end of a nasty endeavor. Don't kill it because the PCs are using the item you let them have to its full capacity. And if you are going to let them have it and say, "if it's in the book it's acquirable," then fine, the rest of the Expanse has Rogue Traders as well who can acquire it just as easily, anything the PCs can get and do the NPCs can do more times because there are more NPCs than PCs out there. You don't need to crush their ideas because it's poweful, just realize anything they can do, you can do better, so they need to be careful what can of worms they open up.
  11. Agreement with Tybalt on the engaged issue, and as for the basic weapons firing into melee, the easiest thing is to just not give them point blank range, but the penalty to fire into melee, I mean technically anything can be fired in melee, it just tends to be less advantageous than other weapons.
  12. Also I suppose the 10 minute start up time and the once per 12 hour limit depends on the time scale your group plays on. If you play though multiple days each session the Prosanguine becomes more useful because you refresh Fate Points less often, but if you get through maybe 2 days each session, then Fate Points refresh each session start, so you have more of them to heal yourself with, not many I know since I think I have 2 for my Explorator, but it is something to consider.
  13. I like Titan off of Hammerfall's Threshold album for our ships theme, I realize Heavy/Speed Metal might not be everyone's thing, but it's just hard to argue with it for me.
  14. Well to be perfectly technical in the answer, to get Best Quality Power Armor for your RT PCs would be a -30 to the Acquisition Roll (-20 for Very Rare, +20 for Trivial Scale, -30 for Best Quality). Though in practice I would make it an endeavor of some sort. Sure the power armor is limited by the short powered lifespan, I would assume the argument for having best quality giving it more powered life would come up quickly. As for when you shouldn't wear power armor. Anytime you aren't planning combat, unless your RT group likes to roll around and do nothing but intimidate or dealing with nothing but Xenos scum, leave the power armor for the big raids and assaults on enemy ships/bases. You can't be subtle with Power armor, both due to the automatic stealth penalty imposed and because it literally can't be hidden without making yourself more obvious for the effort. I have a friend who has a real attraction to armor as well and even he realized that the Carapaces were the way to go when we weren't planning heavy action. Will that mean it sees less overall action than some of the lighter armor? Yes. Our games tend to be less kick down doors and ship battles, so we need it less, so that is the lens that I see this whole thing through.
  15. Security and a Multikey to give me someone on the tumblers while I talk to the machine spirits.
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