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  1. Hi all, Here are some questions you might be able to assist with: Sense Power, Control Upgrade reads: Ongoing effect: Commit (one force). Once per round, when an attack targets the Force User, he upgrades the pool once. Does this work when the force user is flying a ship (or other vehicle), does it matter how big the ship is? Starfighter vs Freighter etc. Deadly Accuracy reads: Each time the character gains a rank of Deadly Accuracy, he must choose one combat skill. THe character may add his basic training tanks in that combat skill as additional damage to one hit of a successful attack made with that skill with non-starship/vehicle weapons. He cannot choose the same combat skill twice. How often can this be used? once per round, encounter, session? Thanks! Twak
  2. twak2


    Hi all, My group has just encountered an unknown alien species and are looking to make a roll to determine, based on their body-language and manner, whether they are friendly or not. They don't speak the language, but want to try and get a feel for what the alien is about. Similarly if they were interacting with someone they could understand but who was not nescessarily trying to deceive them what skill would you recommend to use to try and get a "feel" for the person (good guy, bad guy, greedy etc etc). Any ideas? Twak
  3. twak2

    Cash rewards

    Thanks for the thoughts people (beings?)! Anyone got any 'live' examples of jobs their party have taken on and what you rewarded them with?
  4. twak2

    Cash rewards

    Hi all, I'm starting up my first edge campaign this weekend. I've been a player thru the beginner set, but that's my only exposure to the system. I have been thru the rules and am confident that I can fudge my way thru the first few sessions ok. What I am not clear on is how many credits is a reasonable reward for completing missions/jobs. Credits look to be a major factor in char/group development being used for gear and ship upgrades so I don't want to be too stingy with them, but giving out too many is like to cause problems. Any advice/guidelines would be great. Thanks in advance, Twak
  5. Hi Crew, A lot of talk here about repairing Hull Trauma. Does anyone have any thoughts on costs/time to repair critical damage? Cheers, Twak
  6. Great podcast guys, very interesting listening! (shame about the sound) Keep us up to date with the live play and the name of the new show, will be subscribing for sure! Twak
  7. twak2

    One too Many

    I like 40k as much as the next person, but another core book? Really wish they'd sunk their time into a Starwars RPG... come on guys.. Starwars!
  8. Hi forum goers. I'm thinking about getting this game for our group to play when we do not have enough players for Chaos in the Old World or Battlestar Galactica. So I was wondering if anyone could coment on how the game plays with 3 players (1 keeper and 2 investigators)? We've played Descent in the past and that game is really hard with only 2 heroes, since this game seems similar i was wondering if Manions would have the same problem of needing the max number of investigators to work as intended. Thanks in advance. Twak
  9. Hi all, Sorry if I'm being a little dense here, but I'd just like to get some clarification: Say there's a breath/blast attack which targets say 3 models and 1 of them has stealth. The stealth-die comes up with an X, this means that only the one with stealth is missed and the others are still hit? (There always seems to be another rule which I'm missing with this game, it's amazing!!) Twak
  10. Zyla should have been spending fatigue to boost her attacks when she rolled that 4 on the red die and would eventually have killed it.. Alternatively is she allowed to attack herself? Or is she the char with ghost so she's immune to her own attacks?!?! lol!
  11. Hi all, The FAQ mentions that in RTL if the overlord cyles through his deck twice in 1 level the heroes are ejected. Are they ejected to the wilderness where the dungeon is located or to Talimir? What do you think "cycle" means, is this just a re-shuffle, or actually a resuffle and starting with a full deck (nothing in discard). If the overlord has only a few cards left in his deck at the beginning of a level (due to previous levels of play), say 2-3 he will reshuffle within the 1st few turns of the level, does this count as 1 cycle for the purposes of hero eviction? Thanks for the info. Twak
  12. I hadn't noticed the FAQ ruling about large critters being able to ignore terrain if they weren't completely in it, now that I've read this I have another question relating to large monsters: If the large monster can ignore terrain he's not completely within, does that mean he can partially occupy impassible terrain like water or rubble? Thanks, Twak
  13. I'd suggest Road to Legend, that introduces campaign rules which more/less work and gives the games a really epic feel to them. Takes a fair while to get through the whole campaing, but it's taken the game from a nice dungeon bash to an awsome campaign for our group.
  14. Badend said: ( impressive that you had 85 conquest laying around at the start of gold by the way). Well we had an "incident" in the Fools Rapids legendary dungeon where the heroes handed me over 100 conquest in their bloody-minded determination to get free powerdice upgrades/skills. That took us into gold and then they decided to visit the secret trainer to boost their HP before heading back to talimir to break the seige. Badend said: You are doing spawn cards the same as the reinforce ability, right? That is the only other thing I can think of that can majorly help the OL if you play it wrong. Hmm.. we may have done this wrong, spawn cards don't just spawn? Do they need to wait a round and "run onto" the board like reinforcements?
  15. Slightly off topic here, but all to do with fighting Lieutenants.. Our campaign ended last weekend with Talimir getting razed, I as the Overlord timed my attack to hit just as we switched over to Gold level and had 3 Lieutenants at Talimir (Eliza and Alric Farrow plus Krieg). The Heroes got back to Talimir in time to attack the lieutenants before I started rolling for destruction and managed to see off Eliza without any problem (it was very easy for them), then they tried the other two.. And were forced to flee several times before giving up and going off to train (giving me 2 chances to raze the city) and then coming back and again being forced to flee a couple of times before giving up and going to the Pub to get completely sloshed as Talimir burned around them. I had all monsters upgraded to max lvl with eldrich being my chosen to hit diamond, but only a couple of treachery. Anyhow, we're starting out a new campaign and in the interests of not getting smashed like that again I was wondering if anyone had any tips on when it's a good time to try and hunt down those lieutenants and if there are any ideas on how to get them killed before they flee, we're going to be playing this time with WoD and ToI so we don't have access to those webbing weapons people talk about.
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