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  1. Would you be able to measure those rulers you got (in mm) so we can compare please?? My 1yo son is teething and.. well.. now the end of mineis a bit .. off...
  2. Do not want a 2ed. When they did it to xwing, it killed that game for me, no one around here plays it or has any interest in it anymore. Itis hard enough to get a game happening, with so many choices of games to play out there, if ff 2.0 it, it will also be the end of this game for me too. So for me, no, I do not want a 2.0
  3. Still trying to catch up and have just at least 1 of each (money is so hard for me these days). But for the answer to the thread question: At least 1 more, as always.
  4. So where can we get the lates stuff. I do see stock of the older armada stuff here and there, but the latest couple of waves are all out of stock. I don't have a lot of money and have to save up before i can buy anything and when i finally have some spare coin and go to buy the ship i wanted it is out of stock. It is very frustrating and its an evil circle. Players Can't get the ships, people can't play. Shops say people don't play, so they don't get the ships in. It is so bloody frustrating and heart breaking.
  5. I am. We play ZA quite a bit...
  6. This is great, Nice and clean easy to read. Thank you very much for sharing this with us
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