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  1. Umm.... Yeah. Many guns are illegal all over the place, but frequently there are sly ways around restrictions. For instance automatic weapons are illegal in Canada, but you can buy the upgrade kits semi-automatic weapons. My father also smuggled a few guns for hunting. Its not hard at all. Anyways, I'd integrate local issues into the setting. And to the original poster.. YOU FORGOT THE CRIMINALS! Those guys will be armed as well.
  2. Search the binary for ascii "Pizza"? (I discovered software IP theft that way. :-) ) Dude, you need a new thread. and I hope FFG gives you all your books for free.
  3. Most of our characters have been pretty two dimensional. The Pit Droid Thief (the group's Slicer) was real hit however. As he got experience he just started building more and more communications/slicer gear into himself. "Need a tight beam laser communication link to the ship? What frequency?" This is the guy who cannon balled out of the back of the ship, with a grav chute, to plant thermo detonators near the imperial palace. Painted imperial black, and looks like he belongs.
  4. I think the whole crew agrees but that fresher needs to move closer to the back of the ship. I mean... WHEW! No body wants to go near that thing after the Wookie! And if you complain about it... he rips your arm out. Just ask Bandit over there.
  5. Nope. Just like Toydarians, it doesn’t affect the XP or anything. It will affect combat from anyone/anything that is Silhouette 2, however — just like a Toydarian, they’ll be harder to hit. How on earth did you conclude that? Starting XP is based on the characteristics of the race.
  6. Dude. You seriously need a new thread. Just lock this one, with your next update and start another. 148 pages? You wins the internet for today.
  7. No, you have my bow. And you have my sword. And my ax! And my blaster! Pfffff! Tourists! You shall have my light saber! George Bush also endorses this notion;
  8. You know... if I was going to to let ancient swords do things that light sabers do, I'd insist on Cortosis.
  9. There really isn't much reason for them to have a Droid Sourcebook. They kept it simple to provide the greatest number of options and possibilities. What would they likely put into such a book? Attributes are selected by the player normally. You can tailor them to your design/character concept. Additional built-in equipment for the model is simply purchased and assumed to be part of the droid. Armor, weapons, and gear can all be purchased in this manner. Shape & design are simply decided by the player unless there is a in-game benefit. Base Droid Kits - They have examples of droids in nearly every source-book. Just like races, I doubt they will have a compilation book. If you are looking for ideas, I would suggest wookiepedia or possibly a visual guide to droids. I think one exists. It isn't a game book, just a movie/series companion trade paperback. I'd still like to see more, although not necessarily in a book of its own. A while back one of the characters decided to go as a pit droid/slicer. He had a blast. But in the nitty gritty, he was a silhouette smaller... what does that mean for rules... does that affect the starting XP? Its not critical, but I'd like to see something.
  10. This may in fact be better as 'The Force' rather than implants. That would make more sense for Star Wars.
  11. Dude... long time no see, but I gotta say... You really need a new thread.
  12. OK.... This sorts it... but how do I put the other stuff where you new stuff now wants it all? http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/89135-another-character-generator/page-95
  13. Wha happen? I haven't used this for about 2 months. I downloaded the newest version, and my custom database was gone, and the costumed up characters (droids) cause exceptions when they load. How do I fix this? Am I supposed to retype and enter everything again? I already put in so much work.
  14. Has anyone seen the Gordon Ramsey Recipe for an omelet? Its really easy; "Take 3 f'ing eggs, and grease you f'ing skillet with f'ing bacon fat. Bring the f'skillet to temperature, and break you f'ing eggs in...." You get the idea. When a bad guy gasps his last question to the droid, "Who... Who are you?" He can say, "I'm the f'ing chef, and don't you forget it."
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