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  1. An update just went live (4/9) with a bunch of FFG board games... but still no WFRP 3.
  2. I'm GM'ing... I personally prefer random selection, but my players don't. So I gave in. This is the backup game to our "regular" D&D4E campaign, so I'll have 3 of the following 4: Human Bright Wizard Human Ratcatcher Human Pitfighter Wood Elf Waywatcher
  3. Sorry for posting this... I know it's been discussed at length without a clear response from FFG, but I haven't seen anything since the Adventurer's Kit has come out and now there are even more situations like this. Can a non-Wardancer take Ritual Dances Action Cards? The Adventurer's Kit insert says this: "The Way of the Sword represents they masterful combat abilities of the Sword Masters of Hoeth. The Wardancers of Athel Loren practice various Ritual Dances. The elite dwarf Ironbreakers use abilities inspired by their Ancestors." Again, I want to infer (and I will houserule anyway) that only those careers can take those cards. I just wish it actually said that... I completely realize that Action Cards are just a series of game effects, but then I don't understand why the cards have specific flavor.
  4. None of the careers are Advanced. All 10 are Basic.
  5. Alliance (the distributor) has updated their site for the day... it's still listed as being "Not Yet Available."
  6. It doesn't look like it has hit at Alliance yet, but they haven't updated today (12/8). My FLGS typically gets things a couple of days after. www.gametrademagazine.com/public/default.asp (New releases)
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