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  1. Hey @wurms completely understand how the whole world going mad can mess with your plans, my concern was more on the "**** I hope the guys behind this are ok" lines than the "WhErEs MeH sTuFfS!" lines. keep safe everyone!
  2. Generic greetings! Has anyone had any contact with Hanson Bro's gaming recently, I've tried to contact them about their token holder through other channels to no success, so now I'm trying here!
  3. Yeh, it's called Star Trek Alliance and they got Josh (the guy who created HotAC) to design it. Unfortunately, as with most things Attack Wing, it seems to be in a cycle of delay after delay.
  4. To those talking about FFG buying/licencing/copying HotAC, they probably can't as WizKids already bought HotAC for Star Trek Attack Wings co-op campaign system
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/firestormsquadronfirecast Hey guys, Firestorm Squadron are streaming Aaron F Vs Chris B in the Jank Tank Open
  6. Link to the stream http://www.twitch.tv/firestormsquadronfirecast
  7. Hey all, Firestorm Squadron Firecast is doing a 24-hour charity stream to support UK health workers, details below
  8. So I've basically been flying Republic Beef since the points change (I prefer larger-base ships normally, so 3x mediums + a Y-wing was about as close as I could get with what is allowed) but I've recently been feeling the need to go back to something a little more mobile. With this in mind I decided to also dust off one of my least used factions, Resistance. Now I only have access to 3 RZ-2's, but I do have 2 Fireballs (and a whole mess of X-wings, and 2 Transports/pods) so I put this together; Fireballs and friends (33) Jarek Yeager [Fireball] (2) R4 Astromech (2) Coaxium Hyperfuel (3) Advanced SLAM (1) Heroic (2) Kaz's Fireball Points: 43 (40) Zizi Tlo [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic Points: 41 (36) Greer Sonnel [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic Points: 37 (40) Kazuda Xiono [Fireball] (2) R4 Astromech Points: 42 (36) Tallissan Lintra [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic Points: 37 Total points: 200 I've had a look on Metawing and couldn't seem to find anyone else that had admitted to trying this, so anyone got any thoughts? I've played the list once so far and I'm not entirely happy with Kaz or Talli, the other three seem to work reasonably well.
  9. Surak

    Mag-Pulse Warheads

    Had great fun with Mag-Pulse the other weekend hunting a raider (epic obv) - 2x Separatist Bomber Hyena Bombers with just Mag-Pulse, now obviously hunting and Epic is a bit of a special case, but saving the Mag's for after the shields were down (12 skill 3 vultures will do that) and the crits were devastating
  10. And the final update from this year's event (we have a follow up planned), Firestorm Firecast have now uploaded the 5 stream games to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzZaGsZ70vI8o3O7MRkeyw
  11. Yes, Cryodex looked a bit strange once we dropped 6 people to the side event for the afternoon. Here is the final standings for the main event Rankings Rank Name Score MoV SoS 1 Mark Gibbons 4 1425 0.44 2 Peter Mancktelow 4 1320 0.55 3 Matt Clarke 4 1227 0.62 0 (D#5)Oli Pocknell 4 1189 0.4 4 Kyle Hill 4 1177 0.63 5 Malc Fell 3 1236 0.44 6 Pill Pond 3 1177 0.48 7 Micheal Ormiston 3 1032 0.56 8 Peter Lake 3 951 0.66 9 Dominic Flannigan 3 898 0.68 10 Matt Mallinson 2 975 0.56 11 Peter Burmis 2 913 0.4 12 Paul Schaller 2 897 0.64 13 Fred Bettesworth 2 883 0.35 14 Michael Hodson 2 867 0.47 0 (D#5)Ashok Photay 2 865 0.45 15 Richard Peck 2 720 0.5 0 (D#3)Luke Reeprose 1 336 0.4 0 (D#3)Chiron Gilbert 0 337 0.55 0 (D#3)David Secretain 0 299 0.9 0 (D#3)Niko Aslanidis 0 277 0.4 0 (D#3)James Masters 0 276 0.4 0 (D#3)Pete Mason 0 223 0.55
  12. So I'll do a proper post here later, sleep needs to happen soon, but the event is finished and the venue is cleared - and just...wow. £1,416.04 raised for The Brain Tumor Charity. Players - you made my first large event as a co-organiser really good (thanks Harry and Martin for helping keep things running) Firestorm Firecast - Nic you are a legend as were the generous people in your stream. 22nd Gillingham Scout Group - thank you for the venue and food+drink I'll do proper thank yous when I'm more awake and won't forget the people I clearly am...
  13. So with less than a week to go we have about 20 tickets left for the event. We can now also confirm the Firestorm Squadron are going to be streaming the event for us! Thanks guys! We have also posted a picture of some of the swag for the event on the Facebook page, head over here to see what we've had donated (it's pretty impressive) https://facebook.com/events/s/the-kamino-open-a-charity-x-wi/2451914275081764/?ti=cl Look forward to seeing some of you there!
  14. Well from my limited use of it (5 round at Milton Keynes) I'd say that as long as you can manage the range effectively the finger is a good distraction ship - it's 4 dice gun means that people don't want to ignore it, but they also feel like it's a bad call to use as much fire power as it takes to get through 10 health behind 2 (normally focused) green dice instead of shooting the rest of your list. It's still over-costed, but we are getting closer
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