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  1. Not sure whether to make a seperate thread, but its the same topic. I was considering a way to make lances better than macro cannons, at least in most ship to ship combat. I was thinking of something a bit simpler though, and that was just preventing the combining of macro volleys. ie: if a sword frigate fires on something, the ships armor would count against both of its macro batteries. Would this work? or would a ships armor be too high on average? I haven't had a chance to play much rogue trader, so i'm not sure how many modifiers both PC's and NPC ships tend to end up stacking. thoughts?
  2. Don't forget there are rules for modifying a Transports Main Cargo Hold into a full blown hangar, i think it's in BFK. Do that, stick a barracks on there, and add a squadren or 2 of the appropriate craft, and you should have everything you need to invade a planet.
  3. Should it be allowed during space combat? I'm not sure as to whether it should be due to the wording of the rule
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