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  1. If in your cart, try again. It worked for me 2nd time after going back to cart and seeing tickets in there. First time around it failed.
  2. Got mine~~ Added to cart then tried purchasing and said sold out, so I went back to cart and tried again and it worked!
  3. Actually I just realized there are some rares and uncommons I didn't even pull in my 2 booster boxes. Missing these rares: jet pack, rebel trooper, amidala, scout, sith holocron and missing a bunch of uncommons (Willpower, Mindtrick, Infamous, Retreat)
  4. Opened two booster boxes (72 packs). Standard distribution of legends (6 per box), but not getting 2x of some of the rares hurts. Seems like you need to buy 6 booster boxes to get a complete playset.
  5. Just to throw in, Holdout is a neutral die. F110 is a red die. Many cards target die color. This should have some bearing on combos.
  6. Two boxes. Vader Luke x2 Falcon Thermal Phasma Luke's Saber Crime Lord Poe Commanding Presence ATST Launch Bay
  7. What would a good sealed/draft format be?
  8. Do you think this game will be kid friendly? AKA can you play this 8 to 13 year olds?
  9. I'm getting into Destiny. But honestly, this game is just so great. I played the multiplayer variants this weekend after a long hiatus of not playing and it reminded me how much I love this game's mechanics.
  10. Time: Sunday, Nov 20th, 1pm Location: Game Kastle Mountain View Phone: (650) 935-2229 Address: 550 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA Reach out to the store to reserve your slot. See you there padawans PS. I signed up for a Rey kit
  11. They just need to make starter rares alternate art or foil/holo. Yugioh did this great where there were like a bajillion different versions of Blue Eyes White Dragon across all the different starter sets and booster boxes. All the art was different though, so pulling a Blue Eyes in a booster wasn't a loss and still satisfying for the collector.
  12. Yep, looks even more maximum efficiency and less waste that 40k LCG core set
  13. Under 'I am on a budget...' you still suggest that the first expansion will have two new factions. We now know it has just one and a new play style. Fixed
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