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  1. I'm confused. I was under the impression that Fantasy Flight would no longer support the line (as per it's official announcement). Are they testing the waters to resurrect the line again? Why would they reprint the core set and dice? a process that would cost them money no doubt. Not that I'm complaining. I'd love to buy one more set of dice in case I start a new campaign in the near future.
  2. If you have access to a color scanner you can scan a selection of cards and upload them into Roll20's card decks feature. It comes loaded with a deck of poker cards, but you can upload your own card front and back images if you wish. I scan the cards in sheets and split'em up in Photoshop... Wounds Mutations Diseases Insanity's Miscasts Only the Basic Actions and Talents that the players have for the current characters, you can worry about scanning the rest later. Load everything sans the Actions and Talents into the decks feature. This will allow you to deal cards from each deck to individual character/players "hands" (located under each players icon/chat window at the bottom of the screen), where they can be referenced by themselves or the gm. Use Roll20's adjustable level bars (attached to each character icon on the table top area) to track standard Wound level, stress and fatigue. Crits can be dealt to player hands. As for Actions and Talents, if you don't trust your players to track their own cards recharge you can upload them as character icons/tokens and use the adjustable level bars to track recharge on the table top (warning: this can make for a crowded screen if you don't have a gianormous display)...otherwise you can just upload the scanned images as handouts for easy reference of rules. Honestly I don't upload Actions and Talents to Roll20 as I trust my players to use their cards responsibly as we reward and enjoy storytelling and interesting/dramatic ideas over min-maxing...that being said, I toss Insanity's, Corruption, Diseases and Miscasts like it's nobodies beezwax, but it's all in good fun.
  3. So I've been scouring the interwebs for a used or new Adventurer's Toolkit for a couple of months now to no avail. The only ones I can find are on Amazon for $80-$150. I really just need the additional pad of character sheets, party sheets, and career cards. I'm willing to pay the original price of $30 (+ shipping) if it's used and $40 new. I've also got a few items that I'd be willing to trade or combine with the purchase including: The Thousand Thrones Campaign (for WFRP 2nd Ed) Sigmar's Heirs (for WFRP 2nd Ed.) The Gathering Storm (no box or tokens included. book and cards included)
  4. Nope. Before each campaign, I simply construct a deck of career cards based on the "style" of campaign I'll be running, and have my players draw three random careers and pick one. Examples: Grim and gritty campaign where the players begin as gutter trash and have to scrape by for brass pennies = remove all Advanced and Epic career cards. Also remove more "badass" careers such as Waywatcher, Iron Breaker, Witch Hunter, etc. PC's can move into these careers later if the story allows for it, but otherwise more mundane careers such as Rat Catcher, Peasant, Guard, Boatman etc are the starting point. Political Intrigue campaign where the players are directly involved with the nobility and politicking of the Empire = build a career deck with cards that represent careers that might be involved in such affairs (i.e. Messenger, Herald, Agent, Soldier/Captain, etc) and so on
  5. Cooooool. I'm seriously considering going this route when I get around to resurrecting my Warhammer campaign in the future. No GM screen...as it just clutters up the space between me and the players, and just the components that came with the game....nice and clean.
  6. Follow up question. How do you add the WFRP .pak file to the steam version?
  7. Question, do you use FG via Steam, or via direct download?
  8. As per RAW, no...the action card, Perform A Stunt is ONLY used in place of an action that isn't covered by a card in the PCs action deck. A "passive" observation check isn't covered in the RAW, but in the past I've made those rolls myself, behind my GMs screen. Unless the PC has a specific Observation specialization or a talent that covers something like "heightened senses" etc, I just make a raw Observation(Int) check (no expertise dice) behind my screen and keep the result secret if they fail. However, as I've been running this game on and off for a few years now, I'd have to say that a much easier and more streamlined way of doing this would be to throw the idea of Actions and Maneuvers being separate things out the window, and instead just call anything a player actively does on their turn and Action. This would include movement, attacking, making active skill checks, etc. A "movement action" would allow the player to move their maximum number of range bands, while other "actions" would allow the PC to use an action card, a skill check, etc. This seems much less confusing than trying to decide how to define an action that uses the Perform A Stunt card and a skill check that does not. Perform a Stunt, should really have been called something like "Use a Skill"...since not all uses of the card can be defined as a "stunt". This would allow the PC two "actions" per turn.
  9. Awesome! Even with the death of the game (for now), I'm quite excited about this!
  10. My guess is that they'll keep the forums up until the license is sold to someone else OR until a new edition is released in-house (if that's something they'll do).
  11. It's about godsdamn time they got around to making it official. I'm actually happy with this annoucement, sort of a relief honestly. Here's seconding the hope for a new edition from either Fantasy Flight or some other company in the near future.
  12. The expansion, The Witch's Song, contains information and components needed to play a Witch and Warlock (the advanced version of the Witch). The background flavor/fluff text is kept vague enough, that if you combine the mechanics with some of the lore found in (2nd Editions) Realm of the Ice Queen you've got yourself a 3rd Ed Kislevite Witch.
  13. My guess is they're either waiting for the license to run out so they can sell it off, OR they're planning a new edition and want to put a couple of years between the last release and said new edition to cut down on negative backlash. If there is a new edition on the horizon, it will most likely not contain anywhere as many components to cut down on production costs. This could either manifest itself in a parred down, Edge of the Empire style system with specialty dice (no cards), OR a throwback to the percentile system now used with the Warhammer 40k line of RPGs. I for one would like ANY new material as I'm a sucker for that sorta thing, but am happy to wait and continue using the rules and components that I already own to run games. That being said, IF a new 4th editon of WFRP is released by Fantasy Flight down the road, I'd prefer the core rules to come in one big hardcover tome (ala Pathfinder or Edge of the Empire) with the specialty dice (if any) sold seperately (ala EotE), and any cards sold in optional packs (ala EotE). I was enamored at first with the "splat book" magazine style rulebooks of 3rd ed., but quickly became jaded due to the overt component and book bloat. That bing said, I'm familar enough with the rules now that I rarely need to reference a book, which helps.
  14. Searched for your username to no avail. Can you post a link to the items?
  15. Nice, has a very storybook feel to it. And the lack of a grid would work rather well with 3rd Ed WFRP
  16. I don't particularly feel the Flame Breath card has any more "fire rules" weight than any randomly chosen Bright Order spell. Basically, it's just a dragon's version of Magic Dart. Useful if you're making a fire-using monster, but not terribly relevant to environmental effects, etc. Stronger precedents are set by the existing fire-based Terrain cards: Burning Barge, Burning City, Burning Building, and possibly Lava Flow (but that last step is a doozy). On my way out the door right now, so only time for fast paraphrase: Burning Barge: 1 Fatigue at end of turn, and if you roll 1 Bane. If you are fatigued at end of turn, suffer 1 wound instead. Burning City: Chaos Star = 1 stress and 1 fatigue. Burning Building: Resilience vs 2 Purple or suffer 1 fatigue each turn. Eventually upgrades (via progress tracker) to 3 dice and 1 wound instead of fatigue. Lava Flow: Gain the Scorched Condition until you move away. Chaos Star: Coordination vs 2 Purple or you die. 2 Chaos Stars = Auto-Death. Seriously. Scorched Condition: End of turn, gain 1 Fatigue. If you are Fatigued, gain 1 wound instead. Awesome summary! Having seem these various rules side by side, I've come up with a consistent way to rule fire hazards/damage, that will fit nicely with my Environment Damage house-rules. The criteria below assumes the PCs aren't taking direct damage from a fire as of yet, but are navigating an area that is ON fire (a city, building, forest, etc). If a PC actually falls into fire, or is otherwise directly wounded by fire, then the Environmental Damage rules kick in. Intensity/Size/Proximity of Fire (i.e. how close and intense is the fire to the PC?) Minor = roll a Chaos Star on any check = suffer 1 Stress & 1 Fatigue Moderate = Resilience vs 2 Purple or suffer 1 Fatigue each turn Major = Suffer 1 Fatigue at end of Turn. If you are Fatigued, suffer 1 Wound instead. Environmental Fire Damage Severity (i.e. how long has the PC been exposed to direct flames?) Exposed to flames for 1 round (1st degree burns) = 2d Exposed to flames for 2 rounds (2nd degree burns) = 3d Exposed to flames for 3+ rounds (3rd degree burns) = 4d etc, until the PC is a charred corpse. If the PC takes damage from fire (falls into a fire, has fire/flaming oil thrown at him, etc): Roll a # of Challenge Dice = to the fire's Severity (see table above) Results: Suffer a # of Wounds = the Fire Severity Challenge = Suffer an additional Wound Bane x2 = Suffer 1 Fatigue Chaos Star = Suffer an additional Critical Wound Note: Also, PCs ALWAYS take a minimum of 1 Wound of Environmental Damage, regarless of Soak. When damaged by fire, Toughness may Soak Wounds, but armor does not. Example: A Roadwarden PC has entered a burning coaching house to save a small child, as soon as he enters the building, which is already half engulfed in flames, the GM rules that this is a Moderate fire that will become a Major fire in three rounds (using a progress tracker to track the intensity), and that the PC must make an immediate Average(2d) Resilience check. The Roadwarden does so and fails, suffering 1 Fatigue. He will continue to suffer Fatigue each turn unless he passes his Resilience check next turn or leaves the building. Two turns later the Roadwarden has reached the child and having wrapped her in blanket is heading for the door when he tries to kick in a flaming door and rolls a Chaos Star. The GM says that a loose piece of flaming door frame falls and hits the Roardwarden on the back, causing 2d of Environmental Damage. The PC rolls 2 Challenge dice and spending a Fortune Point, a Fortune Die as well. His results are: 3 Challenge, and 2 Banes. That's a total of 5 Wounds and 1 Fatigue, though the PC has a Toughness of 3 so he soaks 3 Wounds and takes 2 Wounds and 1 Fatigue. He gets out of the buidling before the end of the third round so only takes an additional 2 Fatigue.
  17. To keep this thread going, I'd like to ask how GM's out there would rule regarding damage taken from fire/burning AND damage taken from drowning? I was considering a similar sliding scale based on broad concepts like the one's I use for falling/crushing damage. So for fire/burning damage: 1d (Easy) = Accidentally burned by a torch or lit hearth (i.e. reaching into a fireplace to grab a burning note), kicking in/running through a flaming door, failed check at escaping a burning coach, etc 2d (Average) = Intentionally burned by a torch or fireplace (i.e. someone hitting a PC with a torch as an Improvised Weapon/Wpn damage + burn damage, or forcing a PCs hand into a fire), escaping a small burning building, splashed with a small amount of hot oil/wax or acid. 3d (Hard) = Failed check when escaping a large burning building (coaching house, manor, etc), splashed with large amount of hot oil or acid, "greek fire" damage (or the WFRP equivelant). 4d (Daunting) = Escaping a burning city, dragons breath, etc. What do y'all think? Drowning damage, I'm not so sure how to handle. Didn't the Deep River location card from tGS have rules for this? I don't have the card in front of me and can't recall.
  18. Nice. Very simple, yet necessary additions. Good job sir!
  19. I generally make falling/crushing damage pretty severe depending upon the situation, but it generally breaks down as such: GM rolls a number of Challege Dice = to the severity of the situation (i.e. 0 Challenge = you tripped backwards and landed on your head, 1 Challenge = You fell off a stationary horse, 2 Challenge = you fell out of a second story window...etc) Results: Suffer a # of Wounds = to Challenge Lv (So 3 Challenge Dice = 3 automatic Wounds) For each Challenge (crossed swords icon) = suffer an additional Wound Bane x 2 = Suffer 1 Fatigue Chaos Star = Convert a Wound to a Critical Wound I also allow PCs (sometimes) to spend Fortune to add Fortune Dice and/or add a Expertise Die IF they have training that's relevant and would help mitigate the damage. Example: The PC (With a Toughness of 2) fails a Coordination check and falls out of a third story window. The GM decides this would be a 3d Challenge (Three purple dice). The PC has Coordination trained, so I allow him to add a single yellow die (to attempt to "roll with the fall). I roll the dice pool (3 Challenge Dice, 1 Expertise Die), and get 1 Failure, 2 Banes, and 1 Chaos Star. So the PC takes 1 Normal Wound (his Toughness soaking up 2 Wounds), 1 Critical Wound, and 1 Fatigue. This may seem rather lite to some, but the addition of a Critical Wound makes taking a tumble (even a rather small one) a dangerous thing for most characters.
  20. Currently I'm working on tidying up many of these tables, removing superfluous language, and including rules/house-rules that I missed the first time around. Then I'll group the tables/charts onto the GM screen panels based on their content...so all Travel/Survival tables will be in one place, all Skill Checks in another, etc.
  21. Below is a really bad scan of my Thresholds table, also on my GMs screen. Just quick summaries of all the various Max thresholds that need to be tracked.
  22. Here are my house rules for Environmental Damage, also found on my side of the screen. Example of play: a PC takes a nasty tumble off the 2nd story of a Coaching House balcony and onto a stack of empty beer kegs. I decide that this is an Average Severity, so that's a base of 3 Challenge dice. The empty wooden kegs help to break the distance of the fall a little bit, so I throw in a Fortune die for good measure. The PC has acrobatics trained, so I let him add a single Expertise die to the pool as well. The dice pool is rolled and the result is: 1 Failure, and 2 Boons. So the PC suffers 2 Wounds automatically due to the Severity of the situation, plus 1 extra Wound due to the single Failure rolled. The 2 Boons normally do nothing (except cancel out Banes/Fatigue) in this situation, unless the Player has a creative use for them. So 3 Wounds total from falling from a 2nd story balcony onto some barrels. The thing to keep in mind is that these house rules are mearly to adjudicate in a consistant way, how much damage do I take from Falling/Drowning/Burning/Being Crushed, etc. In other words, the PC has already failed to avoid the damage and must now suffer the consequences. Note: Toughness/Armor are sometimes factored into Environmetal Damage, but a PC ALWAYS takes a minimum of 1 Wound from falling/burning, etc. So in the example above, if the PC has a Toughness of 2 and leather armor, (s)he would still take 1 Wound of damage from the fall. So nothing broken, but a minor cut/abrasion.
  23. Detailed view of my homemade weapon/armor tables, plus the weapon qualities table.
  24. Here's a wide shot of my assembled GMs screen. I had to add two extra panels onto each end to give myself enough room for everything I needed. (sorry for the pic quality, I can't find the pdfs for several of these tables, so I'm working on recreating them or scanning them) On the far left is a weapons/armor list with a table of weapon Qualities below it. Above and to the right of the weapons/armor chart is a table of NPC stat summaries, for those off the cuff NPC interactions. Below it is a list of NPC/Monster Card "traits". This is useful when trying to interpret NPC card traits that aren't described on the card itself, which is quite common. These three tables allow me to make up NPC/Monsters on the fly by pulling stats, traits, and weapon/armor configurations together I can improvize just about any random NPC needed. Next is a summary of item rarity/availability...which combined with the weapon/armor chart lets me improvize when PCs start asking about finding Gromril guantlets in the city bazaar, or how easy it might be to track down some Healing Draughts when I don't have a shop written up. Next up are some tables summarizing my own house rules for Environmental Damage (how much damage does someone take when falling off a horse/building/mountain, drowning, fire, etc), Death/Dying, and the various "Thresholds" that are constantly referenced in the game (Distressed, Fatigued, Stressed, Power Vent, Insanity, Disease, Corruption, Wound, etc). Next are my various Skill Test summaries as posted above (post #5) and the conditions list summary. Buried in there are a chart summarizing the rules for Extended Challenges...commonly used in my game, boon/bane/chaos star use suggestions, and house rules for travelling and surviving in the wilderness.
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