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  1. I think it's an easy question (from a certain point of view). Consider the tech level of the Empire and even the rebels. You *know* they can track those weapons or at the very least they can scan for them at any near distance. If your players are among scum and villains, nobody will care. If they dare go into imperial installations or get boarded by imperial agents, I would think those weapons would be HIGHLY incriminating.
  2. I talked to the fine folks at the Event Center just the other day -- their best info was it'll be out stateside sometime in April. Le sigh...
  3. Amani said: Thanks! Can we know how the careers break down as far as basic, intermediate, or advanced? I like to pre-load my folder for new cards when I can. Sure. Should have done that above, probably. Courtier, Fop and Minstrel are Basic. Ambassador, Demagogue and Master Thief are Advanced Careers but have the Intermediate keyword. Guildmaster, Herald, Judicial Champion and Noble Lord are Advanced Careers and have the Advanced keyword.
  4. One of my favorite cards ever. An item called: Book of (Awful) Poetry. If you read from it publicly, everyone within earshot suffers a point of Shame.
  5. Here's some spillage. Careers: Ambassador, Courtier, Demagogue, Fop, Guildmaster, Herald, Judicial Champion, Master Thief, Minstrel and Noble Lord. Alas, I was *certain* the Bawd would be back in this set. Pity...
  6. Yeah, the disappearance of that sheet was a very great sadness. Headless Hollow's was beautiful and jam-packed with utility (not that Gitzman's aren't great, of course!). I still have my printout in my GM binder in plastic page protectors. Thing is, once we had played enough I found little reason to reference it anymore. The game's pretty darn intuitive...
  7. I heard a(n as yet unsubstantiated) rumor that Lure would be available *today* and that the website status was a glitch. I fully intend to check this out as I live within striking distance of the Event Center and I will let the forums know what I find. Can I get a collective crossed-fingers?
  8. Home made stuff, absolutely. We played through the intro scenario, Edge of Night and most of The Gathering Storm before things went off the rails. That was probably 10-12 sessions. Everybody is bumping their head against 3rd rank now and I haven't bothered doing conversions since. WFRP3e scales differently than 1e/2e/D&D so it seems easier to let the scenarios grow up organically around the characters, rather than try to balance converting scenario challenges and monster/opponent power levels. 'Course, I am kind of a seat-of-my-pants GM.
  9. Tomba said: Let's see if they can apply dwarven engineering to the Slaanesh box! There are just sooooooo many things wrong with that sentence and/or concept...
  10. Kudos for being a kind-hearted GM and hearing your player out. A willingness to bend to help your player have fun is a laudible thing. But this guy is taking advantage of you. The Diestro card specifically excludes the kind of behavior he's attempting. A tower shield and a rapier? It's time to smack him upside the head with a fetid trout for completely ignoring the *spirit* of the game. Sure, you can gently steer him in the right direction by giving him a couple of misfortune or challenge dice or allowing him to do these things in limited circumstances but, really, he's min-maxing. Let's call a munchkin a munchkin. What I would be tempted to do, to give this some veneer of respectability, is allow him to us an advance to retrain a couple of his sword-n-board actions to Diestro ones. Assume he's getting extensive training from a fencing master and *unlearning* the bad habits from his previous military experience.
  11. My son has a similar issue, although he isn't usually switching characters because he's had something bad happen. He just has alt-itis/character ADD. Always has. He loves making up characters and has *way* more free time than the rest of the group. As a general rule I don't penalize him for it, but his new character does retain whatever issues the previous one had. And any adventuring-acquired goodies too, for that matter. If Chad the Righteous had a magical shield and happened to have a case of Black Legge at the time he switched, I tend to give the new guy a similarly powered item plus the Black Legge (or a disease of similar rank). The same would apply to corruption, mutations, wounds, whatever. On the other hand, I don't dock people experience when they switch. I think this is a holdover from my long-running D&D4e game where it's helpful/useful to keep characters within a narrow band of proficiency (for the sake of encounter balance and all). Plus I find that players, as a general rule, don't like feeling like they're being left behind -- however illusory that feeling may be. It would be way less of an issue with WFRP methinks, given that there can be some pretty significant disparity in character power anyway, but I still would rather have fun than bean-count.
  12. The Strolling Bones said: I expect to see more in the Slaanesh expansion.... anybody say STI's? This! There should be all sorts of diseases in that supplement. Crab Battle! Crotchpox! Flaming Wee! (etc.). Of course, I was hoping for stuff like Botched-Stitch Boils! and Festering Infection! and from the Khorne supplement -- that kind of stuff *really* made the (quasi-)middle ages dangerous.
  13. Seems to me that 15 goblins on one dwarf is a bit excessive. No more than a dwarf should be able to handle obviously <insert dwarfish bluster here> but excessive nonetheless... Were you running them using the henchmen rules? Even though so many fortune dice would be brutal, it might be better than 15 individual hits and 15 individual piles of wounds to burn through. Or not. They are goblins, after all. I do think Ralzar's idea of slapping on the Overwhelmed condition is a good one. At least until the Ironbreaker crushes some of the opposition into a green paste. Then the goblins should get the Crapping-Their-Pants condition. (Can you tell I have an Ironbreaker in my game? Not that I'm bitter...)
  14. Titeman said: The module descriptions seem like there are lots of politics and intrigue and the like. Is this the case or is it disguised hack-n-slash? Also, are the modules designed for a PC party of 3?... Shoot! Forgot your other questions. Oh, for an Edit button... Yes, one of the most entertaining parts of WFRP is the human (and I use that term loosely) interaction. Although 3rd edition features less in the way of senseless/random character death, it's still pretty lethal to walk into the wrong fights. Talking is good. Hack-n-slash is decidedly dangerous doable now that there are a number of strong fighting classes available earlier in the progression but it's not a system that lends itself to a good ol' fashioned room-to-room dungeon clearing. There are no healing surges, less access to magical healing, lingering wounds, insanities, etc. You get the picture. And yes, although I think the modules are aimed at parties of 3 there are no rigid roles that must be filled (no DPS/heal/tank assumption). And many of the encounters are written like "...use x ungors per party member." I've been *very* pleased with the adventures so far and there looks to be another good one coming down the pipe.
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