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  1. It depends on the person really as to how fast this game will get old. I've played it multiple times since it's launch and can understand that cards to become slightly repetitive. That being said the random drawing of tiles causes the game to change every time I've played it giving it a unique style. Furthermore I've found this game to be shorter then other FF games but that's the price you pay for entering a dungeon with a dragon ( Shorter usually because everyone dies extremely fast.) Is it worth your 47.39 in pounds? Yes, because the quality of the game alone is worth that. The figs, board, cards, and tokens are made with fantastic detail and quality. Is the play worth the price tag? If you're looking for an enjoyable game with 3 friends and you're not wanting to dedicate an entire night to one game, then yes it is worth the 47.39. Other then that, if your reasons do not match with what I've just stated, I'd wait before purchasing it. Then again, we all know the price tag will never so if you choose to wait, you'll likely never get it.
  2. Is it possible to play with 6-7 heroes? I just purchased the original game with out expansions and am curious as to the expansions allow for extra heroes or if anyone has created some sort of house rule to modify the overlord slightly to compensate for the extra heroes.
  3. Thanks for the link! It was useful!
  4. Is it possible to play this game with more then two players? If so, how are the rules different?
  5. And don't forget to lose stamina for failing the stealth check.! You don't get away free because you didn't notice the God of the Bloody Tongue drooling behind you.
  6. I currently have a set of these myself and I find them best used for the first player token, the deep ones rising track, and the terror level track. Other then that you really need no other justifications for having it other then "it's a frackin bag of Cthulhu's! Who wouldn't want it?"
  7. Regardless of prior rules about gate bursts etc you still did not win the game because you must have gate trophies equal to the amount of characters playing. Just because you close all the gates doesn't mean your game is over; furthermore, if you've traded in any of these trophies they do not count towards your token amount. If anything you misread the rules and owe the game another round.
  8. Hail/Salute This is just a quick and friendly hello to all fellow Arkham Horror players. I've been playing this game for a few years now and have suffered greatly for it. I've never played a game that loves to torment, kick, slap, and generally **** its players quite like this game. As a masochist, this is fantastic. Curious, have any of you legitimately beaten Cthulhu with his heralds and if so what characters did you use to confront him? Furthermore, what are your favorite Elder Gods to fight and why? Mine is Nyralathotep because I enjoy the terrible masks he puts into the monster cup. I find the mask creatures add an interesting spice to the game along with the mash of expansions. That’s it for now! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn to you all.
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