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  1. Well...in all honesty, I managed to do most of the blues (I played to crush the whippersnapper). Thus I outpaced him. It seemed to lock him down while I maneuvered across the board without fear of his catching up.
  2. Played RBv1 ages ago and just picked up the RBv2 to play with my son. We came across a gamelocker last night (our first game). Now, granted, with foresight this can be avoided, but it seems too easy to get into this situation (unless I misread the rules): My son's first first couple of exp upgrades included +1 wounds, allowing him to only attempt blue/red cards. He was NOT strong enough for red encounters, so blue was the only thing he could go for. There was a blue event card on the table. There were no more blue tokens on the table. Thus, he couldn't flip any more cards to reset the 'starred gem' spots on the board. This caused a definite flatline of his game until I was kind enough to start flipping yellows until a new event was lifted (even though discarded, it refreshed the star gems). Did I miss something? Is there another way to refresh the gems? There are very few blue gems and I can imaging with 3-4 players this lockout could occur fairly frequently? Or is this a case of 'be aware this can happen, so don't be too anxious to boost health' ?
  3. My concern... Having a chunk of the rules on cards is a great idea for a boardgame or a 'limited growth' game. However, with just the core and AT, I've noticed that having stacks of cards is getting unwieldy (it doesnt help that I have the FFG sleeves on the cards...making the cards slide around and fall easily). I'm worried that after a few expansions, the wounds stack will be too large. Also, in 'standard' rpgs, being able to reference abilities in a single book (in which the abilities are alphabetized) is at times easier to work with. When someone generates a new character, having to thumb through all the cards can be a bit time consuming. So while the card mechanic has its plusses, I'm starting to see its drawbacks as well.
  4. FWIW, my group and I tried out the game for a marathon session this past weekend and took a 'story mode is for story' approach. The only thing allowed during story mode was long term healing. It worked out well and there was no need to 'spam heals'. One of our players, unfortunately, is an 'I dont move until i'm at full health' kind of player (one of THOSE). He took some nudging, but it really wasnt necessary. Relying more on skills rather than healing spells was very liberating and didn't make a priest a 'must have' class. On the other hand, our group consisted of an apprentice bright wizard, a dwarf slayer, and a soldier. So much of the combat was VERY fast and the group didnt sustain 'too' much damage (other than the troll slayer, who played a suicidal dwarf to a 'T'). The poor soldier seemed to be a 3rd wheel.
  5. so the acts dont necessarily have a resolution? I would have expected an 'adventure' to be resolved by the end of act 3. Hmm... so I have to scale back the scope of the acts ? On the plus side, this makes 'winging it' much easier as the acts would be defined by the rallies than the rallies being defined by the acts.
  6. Mordenthral said: According to the ToA and the structure of an adventure, I don't think there really is any "downtime" to just say "OK, I cast my piddly healing spell 23 times to heal everyone up." They point out that a 'round' could cover a character's actions for an entire day, depending on the scope of the Encounter in question. It would be similar to the limits placed on administering with First Aid; characters can use it in the story during encounter mode or between Encouters or Episodes. It helps to think of your WFRP stories as a novel or a movie. Each encounter is its own chapter in the book, or scene in the movie, and can cover a huge range of time (like a montage,) or a very little span -> Like the gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone: Act 1, the Earps arrive, Rally step as everyone stares and tension builds; Act 2, the shooting starts, Rally step as the red sashes prepare to flee; Act 3, cleanup as they try to run away. If you used the healing spell during the encounter, even more than once, that's fine; but then you can use it once after the encounter is over and before the camera cuts to the next scene. This is the mechanism my compadres and myself are using. From a literary perspective, even after being 'healed', the hero carries wounds across many chapters. Unfortunately, this opens up other issues that players may get annoyed at (eg. 'while Jo-Jo is haggling with the merchant, why CAN'T I heal Gumby ?').
  7. ok..per the rules the rally phase is used between acts... Anyone else find this a bit...artificial? I'll give a comparison based on LotR (since as geeks, we have ALL seen that movie at least twice): Act1: Shire - rally - Act2: Moria - rally - Act3: Splitting of the Fellowship With that layout, we would see a rally step before Moria (likely after the lurker pulled down the roof inside the front door of Moria) and one after Moria (just before wood-elf city). However, much of the rally step seems to be most effective 'during' a combat..which would mean: Act2: Moria bucket down the well first wave of orcs - rally - second wave of orcs + troll - rally - flee chased by balrog gandalf : 'you shall not pass' speech - rally - party escapes ======================= Subdividing the Acts to fit the 'better literary' rally steps would make the acts almost meaningless as opposed to the first Act divisions. ======================= I'm thinking the rally step should not be restricted to 'between acts'... just my opinion, of course...
  8. I put in a query to FFG to see how they playtested it. In the meantime, how about: every heal spell results in the addition of [bB] (I think thats Nez for '1 misfortune die'). This takes the issue off currying favor/piety/equilibrium and puts it onto the casting effort.
  9. While I wholeheartedly agree in principle (and I love the less rigid bonus/penalties for actions), this is actually a major point. This would almost require playtesting to find an appropriate mechanic. Curry Favor would be easy enough to deal with (if not actively 'doing' something in service to your god (eg. smashing baddies, incense/praying), you cannot curry favor). However equilibrium is automatic (and although I've heard it comes back at a rate of 1/turn, I've also read in the forums that it may not go up at all, only down...also have read that the rules dont specify 1/turn...just 'very slowly'). Trying to inject a rule of this magnitude on players who play RAW may lead to more squabbles that anything. I'm curious how others are restricting it during live games or how FFG played it during playtesting.
  10. I thought that as well, but what about equilibrium? Assuming +1 favor/turn...they could let their levels rise 'naturally' without currying favor. Still seems to change the game with a single class.
  11. I'm at work and dont have my materials handy, so please bear with me... I believe priests have a tiny healing spell (only heals something like 1 wound with a recharge), but once out of combat they could, effectively, reset the party to no wounds? Or is there some limitation I missed on healing spells/near-infinite casts out of combat? That seems to take a lot of the 'oomph' of combat out of any party with a healer.
  12. If you want to factor in the cards as another rulebook, it works out very well. In other rpgs, those cards would be embedded in the rulebook and taking up valuable space (see D&D 4e...1/2 the book is made up of powers). Much room was saved in the rulebook by giving a framework of reading a card rather than detailing every rule in a book.
  13. I would suggest: 1) social site (picture uploads, event organizer, player finder, etc) 2) player created adventuers 3) player created utilities/fonts/etc. 4) player artwork/stories 5) link to strange eons (might get us a plugin faster) 6) link to warhammer history (lexicanum is a decent site) 7) link to maps (winds of chaos has some nice maps) 8) discussion forums 9) product reviews 10) player conversions/careers/etc.
  14. www.icv2.com/articles/news/16385.html The newest review from icv2. This one actually playtested!
  15. http://darkreign40k.com/forum/index.php?topic=3071.0 Not sure if this is the OP or not... GW is on the warpath. Apparently their IP licensing in recent years has allowed them to purchase a shiny new set of lawyers.
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