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  1. I think Ropecon is a pretty large event, but it seemed confusing as hell the first time i visited it. The place was like a maze, it was hard to figure out where stuff was happening and what to do next. Would propably be a better experience with a proper playgroup, so hopefully there is some CoC LCG stuff this year and we can all go there
  2. dboeren said: With the latest pack (Monolith), Family of Fishers looks like a potentially good card to include as they'll pick up Terror "for free" in a Deep Ones themed deck. Already added to my Deep One deck. And **** i love that art! Nicely creepy.... ^^
  3. Forgot extra question 9) 9) I usually try to build somewhat powerfull decks, not necessarily tournament quality but still strong. Flavour comes second in importance in decks and i actually have written some sort of background stories for decks . Any sort of tricky and more experimental elements aren't that important to me, but i occasionally build these kind of decks as an exercise.
  4. Yipe said: It seems the forums have been rolling along nicely of late (and over at BGG as well thanks to dboeren's excellent series of articles). To keep things going, here are a few random questions about your CoC deck habits: 1) How many ready-to-play decks do you maintain at any given time? 2) Do you take your decks apart to assemble other decks, or do you keep them around once you've built them? 3) Are you constantly tweaking your decks with new cards, or do you leave them alone? 4) Do you record your deck lists (on a spreadsheet or online) so you can recreate them later? 5) Do you avoid using the same cards in different decks, or do you have favorites that you like to use all the time? 6) Do you sleeve your cards? If so, do you match the sleeve color to the deck's predominate faction, or do you use FFG's Cthulhu art sleeves? If you have other "deck habit" questions you'd like to ask, feel free to add to this list. Thanks for answering! 1) At the moment 6. I have no fixed number of decks that i maintain, but i always try to have each of the factions in a deck somehow. 2) I take decks apart occasionally, or at least some of the weaker ones. 3) I tweak decks when new AP:s arrive, usually immeditiatly if there was some extra nice in the pack. 4) Sometimes. 5) I never use same cards within two decks, as i like to keep all my decks readily playable at all times without having to change cards arouond. 6) Always! At the moment i have only black and white sleeves, black for the more powerful competitive decks and white for less serious decks or the ones that are not yet finished and need testing. 7) (When you mix up you regular games with something extra spicy, what do you play? Highlander, four-faction or just multiplayer with regular decks?) There's not many people here to play with, so i always end up playing just basic constructed. Would love to try Highlander though. 8) (Do you have a card that seems to be making its way into almost, if not, all decks you make that wasn't nearly as present as it was last year (or at all if its a new one?) Not really. There are of course the new power cards like Khopesh etc. that see a lot of play when they come out. The only card that i can think off that i have been using a lot more lately is Things In The Ground. When i first got it i wasn't very impressed with it. Later on when i came to these forums i realized it's true potential and lately been trying to build something with it a lot.
  5. Inter-Dimensional Transporter: Yeah, it's costly and the effect is too small, but anything to drop the costs in a Mi-Go deck can be useful. During the game i actually had two of those in play and it helped a lot in bringing the 4-cost Mi-Go's on the table. Then again, it slowed my character development in the crucial early turns so i dont know, i'll keep it in for now but might drop it at some point. Otherwise Khopesh was extremely useful (no surprises there....) and Mi-Go Commanders (??? the one that gives combat icons) were instantly targeted for destruction so at least they were a big threat, even though they died almost instantly. Overall nothing really stood out as powerful because i was much slower to progress than the opponent, so i was only able to react to threats rather than actively play my strategy.
  6. Yipe: Tried today the Mi-Go deck you posted to me, and it almost worked. It is really slow to start, but after turn 3 or 4 it really gets going. Too bad i was facing my new Deep One deck played by my brother and he had a insanely good start, so all i could do by then was to slow down the inevitable.... Have to develop that theme further and maybe put in some more cost reducers and speed cards.
  7. Oooh, i really like that deck! Gotta try to build that and test it out, but i might swap Cthulhu for the Terror Of The Tides (or something like that, the spider thingy, dont have my cards near me), as it has plenty of Toughness to abuse Khopesh. And also, if needed, he can be played cheap to get some more surprise element to the deck. And the Terror is a spider, so works great with the Mi-Go space insect theme! ;D
  8. Yipe said: Recounting my Spell cards, I see there are 12 in this deck. I think that's more than enough to justify Yog-Sothoth, In Whom the Spheres Meet. I should be able to get his cost down to around 4-5 without much trouble. I'm not sure how well Yog-Sothoth meshes with the Mi-Go either - my Lovecraft trivia doesn't run very deep - but I don't remember there being any connection between the two other than the time and space travel part, which I guess might be enough. No connection between Mi-Go and Yog as far as i can remember thematically. Mi-Go aren't really that religious anyway but they tend to use these Ancient Gods for their own purposes sometimes. For example the Mi-Go colony near Dunwich used Elder God Abbhoth (which i consider to be an avatar of Ubbo Sathla) as a power source for their base, but that plan pretty much backfired. Mi-Go also have close ties with Shub Niggurath in their fertility rites, as Mi-Go have lost all their emotions and compassion aeons ago as they evolved beyond such primitive functions. This has led Mi-Go to become very cold and nihilistic to the point that they pretty much hate each other bitterly, but work in harmony due to hive mind. This does not work when it comes to mating, which usually leads to the death of both participants as their base hatred takes them over. This is where fertility goddess Shub Niggurath comes into play. Each "year" Mi-Go hold a massive fertility celebration/feast/orgy and invoke Shub Niggurath to get themselves horny enough to not kill each other, thus making mating possible. Or so i've read..... Back to the cardgame: I have used Y'Golonac in a Mi-Go deck and it proved to be a very succesful choice. Y'Golonac can be played early and he can keep opponent locked down for a while for the Mi-Go army to build up large enough.
  9. Yeah, those are just the kind of cards i was talking about! And this one seems like a cool deck overall and got me interested in trying a Mi-Go deck again. Mi-Go Skull has been interesting me for a while now, been thinking of different ideas how to abuse it to the fullest. Would love to hear some of your ideas about that card.
  10. Yep, that's the infamous rainbow deck..... What i would like to see is an expansion cycle, where about half of the cards, or maybe even 3/4 are pro-multifaction and some maybe even anti-multifaction, rest the usual stuff. That way we would have a toolbox for 3 or maybe even 4 faction decks and elements that support diversity, if anyone wants to build something like that, but it would not steer the game too far into that direction overall. Actually that is also one point i have been thinking considering card development. AP cycles that work as a toolbox (not completely of course!) for a specific "genre" of decks (tribal, multifaction, control, etc.) so that we could have more variation with deckbuilding from the basic rush and combo themes the games is constantly gravitating towards. Of course this might not work in reality considering the basic mechanics of the game, but still a nice thought.... ^^
  11. When i build decks that will use combos a lot, i usually try to think something like this: 1) Is the combo strong and fast enough to win the games quickly and consistently on it's own? -YES: Build the deck around it to maximize the chances of it happening as early as possible. -NO: Go to question 2. 2) Are the cards in the combo capable of multiple purposes within the deck? -YES: Build a more simpler deck (Rush/Control/Midrange) and if i get to use the combo, i will, but my game and none of the cards in the deck are dependant on it. -NO: Unless it is a really fascinating combo, i mostly end up not using it at this point. Let's take my favourite deck, the Shub/Hastur trickerydeck as an example: The deck was originally built around the Victoria Glasser/Hungry Dark Young/Shocking Transformation combo. The combo will never win me any games, but, it can shift the balance in my favour. Also the cards in the combo fill multiple purposes within the deck and actually can be modified to various different small combos depending on the situation. So, i went for it! Other example would be the Domain Drain Of Doom deck i once experimented with. It uses the powerful combo that uses multiple cards to lock opponent with Itinerant Scholar (dont remember everything that went into the combo so wont post it at least for now). The combo is pretty much an autowin if i get to pull it off, so i built the deck completely around it to make it happen consistently. Well, that's my view on the combos in Call Of Cthulhu and cardgames in general. Hope this helps
  12. Will FFG ever revisit the multi-faction themes that were featured in the CCG era Eldritch Edition? Back then it apparently resulted in a massive amounts of cost reducers and the infamous Rainbow Deck that was propably the most overpowered deck in the game ever. I have been thinking how this theme could be returned to again without messing up the game balance and i would like to hear what everyone here thinks? One way would be to actually print cards that belong to multiple factions, but how this would be done i have no idea. This would be something similar to MtG multicoloured cards. Off-faction Steadfast is also a great way to boost multifaction themes and could easily be expanded further. For example characters that have abilities that reflect two different factions, one being the cards own faction and one for the steadfast faction. Or how about Actions on characters that have a steadfast requirement? You could play the character any time, but would get full use from it, or maybe extra icons, if the steadfast condition was fulfilled. Here is an example: -Tainted cop. (Agency) Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: CC Subtype: Government Action(Steadfast Cthulhu): Tainted Cop gains an extra T icon and Cultist subtype. -Psionic mage (Yog) Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: A Subtype: Cultist Action: Exhaust PM to look at the top three cards of your deck and put two of them on the bottom of your deck. If you have more Hastur resources than Yog, you can target opponents deck with this ability. (This ability would of course be worded differently)
  13. Sounds good to me! I myself was once thinking of doing a longer project, where i start with the base set and pick two factions at random, then construct a deck from the base set only. Then each day go through all the AP:s one by one and change the deck, and then post everything as kind of a deckbuilding diary. That would have propably been too ambitious project for me, so this works nicely as a kind of a substitute ^^
  14. Found the list of my old Yog deck on computer, so here goes: (might need some work though....) 3x CS F103 Son of Yeb 3x CS F111 Disciple of the Gate 3x CS F102 Servant from Out of Time 3x CS F108 Arcane Initiate 2x YWB F80 Cultist of the Key 2x ASL F13 Bloodthirsty Zealot 3x YSC F59 Flying Polyps 3x YTC F120 Bird Demon 3x RIF F59 Constricting Elder Thing 3x RGS F99 Many-angled Thing 2x OST F7 Faceless Abductor 3x YME F31 Tattoo Parlor 2x ASK F72 •The Silver Key, Unlocking the way… 3x YME F40 Cursed Skull 3x CS F115 Journey to the Other Side 3x CS F117 A Single Glimpse 3x CS F119 Unspeakable Resurrection 3x SOA F32 Calling Down the Ancients Total 50 Can't remember why the key is in there, maybe i just wanted to try it out or something. Otherwise pretty straightforward.....
  15. Ok, not directly Gnosticism but i did some experimenting with Lovecraftian mythos and qabalistic tree of life, which turned out pretty interesting. Too bad never got into Gnosticism that much, more into qabalah/magick side of the religious spectrum....
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