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  1. Don't forget the new weapons mentioned, exo-laser spinal weapons and ursus claws.
  2. What's the greatest prize or treasure you've taken the Expanse so far? Ours would be the Astra Navigator, an experimental warp ship that carried a miniature version of the Astronomicon. After a long adventure we finally got it back to Port Wander, where the Imperium eventually confiscated it (but we did manage to get a new escort ship and get our two ships completely refurbished, so it wasn't a complete loss). What awesome loot have you brought back? Now's your chance to claim some bragging rights.
  3. The new Forge World Horus Heresy Book: Extermination has a list of common ship classes and patterns at the beginning of the Heresy, if anybodies interested.
  4. Are archeotech components subject to the craftsmanship rules on pg.18 of Battlefleet Koronus? Also, can Archeotech components use the archeotech upgrade rules in Stars of Iniqiuity?
  5. I kind of get the feeling that Fantasy Flight overstretched themselves by putting out so many RPGs. They havn't really paid off and FFG is considering whether or not they want to continue them or even dumping them entirely and going back to just cards and boardgames.
  6. Looks good. I'm glad you added the current updates to the fluff. I will definetly keep this one.
  7. Thanks for all the answers. We were having a really big argument about this and it was holding up the game.
  8. I'm a new player to Akham and I have a few questions about the rules: Where is the rule for the Undead monster ability? I looked on page 24 of the rulebook and it wasn't there. Where are the enviromental rules for the mythos cards? I can't find them anywhere. I have one that says Mystic, what exactly is that supposed to do? Please help if you can.
  9. signoftheserpent said: Oh dear. Fanboy time again. Clearly you don't understand any of this, so let me explain. Some of FFG's products have not appeared in the UK. They have not been listed as available by the distributor, Esdevium. If they don't list it, shops can't order it. That's how it works. The fault then lies with FFG since they shop to the distributor. If it's not listed it's because FFG has a particular problem with those books. I didn't say i consistently had problems. I said there are some books that have yet to become available. I'm afraid I can't help you if you don't bother to do me the courtesy of reading what has been written. Suggesting I move is quite ridiculous, do you seriously think someone is going to emigrate to the US just to get access to a roleplaying book? Now you know how we in the USA feel about ordering from Forge World.
  10. Fresnel said: Thanks for this. I'll be using it in a mini-campaign I am planning. Btw, which book are the Drop Pod launch bays in? Your welcome. Rogue Trader Into the Storm, pg 159.
  11. Here are some the new Rogue Trader books I'd like to see: Bestiary part 2. Cause you can never have too many monsters. Xenos Starship Codex with hulls and components, for Eldar, Rakgol, and Ork, so you can buld your own xenos ships. A new ship book, not only with new hulls and components, but also rules for bulding stations. A faction book, with new charachter options, equipment, antagonists, and ships, for various factions. Thulean explorers, pirates, Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders, ect. A vehicle book. This is desperately needed. Not only rules for Imperial vehicles, but also small craft and lighters, and xenos vehicles as well. Perhaps with a system to build your own. A book of eandeavours. This book is also desperately needed, hopefull with a better economic system. A dynasty book for Rogue Traders. A book with options to builed dynasties and examples of holdings and estates. Anybody else got any ideas? I get the feeling FFG is looking for new inspiration, so now's the time if you have any ideas.
  12. I wrote up the stats for the Galaxy-class Heavy Troop Transport awhile ago. Here they are. Just thought you might be interested. GALAXY-CLASS HEAVY TROOP TRANSPORT The Galaxy-class transport has been in use since the days of the Great Crusade, ferrying billion of Imperial soldiers through the stars. Well armed and armored for a transport, the Galaxy is a rugged, well built ship and is well known through out Battle- fleet Calixis as a dependable ship. Although Battlefleet Calixis possesses few of these ships (they stopped building them thousands of years ago), they are currently kept busy carrying soldiers and supplies to and from the Margin Crusade. The Galaxy-class in an invaluable addition to any Trader-Millitant's fleet. With it's Bombardment Cannon and large number of troops, the Galaxy is fully capable of waging wars of conquest completely on it's own, and the last thing many an Imperial foe has seen is a Galaxy ship sliding into orbit overhead. Notable Ships: The Grand General Heracles has carried soldiers into battle for over 2,000 years and bears many proud scars of past victories. Currently carrying the 13th Genswick Armored Regiment and the elite 2nd Genswick Rifles, the Heracles is currently under contract to Calligos Winterscale and was last seen departing Port Wander for Winterscale's Realm. Dimensions:5.0km long, 0.9 abeam at fins approx. Mass: 18 megatonnes approx. Crew: 40,000 crew, approx., 100,000 troops Accel: 2.9 gravities max sustainable acceleration. Speed:5 Manoevvrability:-10 Detection+10 Hull Integrity:50 Armor:15 Turret Rating:1 Hull Space:54 Ship Points:50 Weapons Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Port, 1 Starboard, 1 Ventral Troop Transport: This vessel was designed for transporting troops and no amount of retrofitting can fully change this. This hull comes pre-equipped with two Barracks Components. The hull's space has already been reduced to account for this, however, when the ship is constructed it must be able to provide 4 power to these components. Naval Auxillery: This ship may use both Transport and Cruiser Components. Essential Components: Jovian Pattern Class-3 Drive 60/12/0 Strelov 1 Warp Engine 10/10/0, Gellar Field 1/0/0 Mrk-1.r Life Sustainer 3/2/0, Voidsmen Quarters 1/3/0 BG-15 Assult Scanner 5/0/0, Invasion Bridge 4/3/0 Single Void Shield Array 5/1/0 29/31/0 Supplemental Components 2 Barracks 4/8/4, Munitorum 2/3/2 Drop Pod Launch Bay 1/3/2 2 Thunderstrike Macrobatteries (Port&Starboard) 4/4/2 Bombardment Cannon (Prow) 5/5/3 Jovian-Pattern Escort Bay (Ventral) 1/4/1 Medicae Deck 2/1/1 19/20/14 Notes: This ship gives gives an additional 275 Achievment Points when working towards a Military Objective.
  13. Here's a sample ship: Example Ship: The Ark Imperial Crew:210,000 Dimensions:9.2 Km long, 2.0 Km abeam at fins approx. Mass: 65 megatonnes approx Accel:2.1 gravities Speed:4 Detection:+10 Armor:23 Manoeurvrability:+2 Hull Integrity:115 Turret raiting:4 Space:105 Sp:91 Power:110 (2 remaining) Weapons: 1Jovian Landing Bay (Port), 1 Jovian Landing Bay (Starboard), 1 Jovian Landing Bay (Ventral), Godsbane Lance Battery (Prow) 4 Stygies Macrocannon Batteries (2 Port, 2 Starboard) Essential Components: Jovian Pattern Class 7 Drive, Strelove 3 Warp Engine, Gellar Field, Quadruple Void Shield Array, Flight Command Bridge, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsman Quarters, Mark-201.b Auger Array Supplemental Components: Fleet Command Bridge, Pilot's Chamber, Small Craft Repair Dock, Munitorium, Extended Supply Vaults, Temple Shrine, Librarium, Medicae Deck, Murder Servitors, Trophy Room, Observation Dome, Melodium, Astropathic Choir Chamber, Warp Antenna. New Components: Hull Power/Space/Ship Points Jovian Class 7 Drive: Battleship 110/20/0 Strelov 3 Warp Engine Battleship 16/16/0 Quadruple Void Shield Array Battleship 11/4/0 Flight Command Bridge Battleship 3/3/0 Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer Battleship 6/4/0 Voidsman Quarters Battleship 3/5/0 Jovian Landing Bay Battleship 1/8/3 Str:3 Fleet Command Bridge Battleship 5/5/+1 Small Craft Repair Dock Battleship 3/3/1 Munitorium Battleship 4/5/2 As near as I can tell this ship costs a grand total of 120 Ship Points. A little pricey for most Rogue Traders, eh?
  14. Here's an idea I've been kicking around for awhile. Please read and respond, all comments are welcome (Even if you hate it). Jupiter-class Command-Carrier The Jupiter class was the largest warship in the early Imperial fleet, and the direct precursor of the Emperor- class Battleship. Indeed, the Emperor-class was developed from the Jupiter-class. This ship is a speacilist and concentrates on flight ordnance and commanding large fleets. During the Great Crusade, the ships of this class carried the Imperial banner far from Terra and destroyed many Xenos and renegade fleets. The last ship of this class was produced in M32 in the Jovian shipyards and very few of these ancient vessels remain in service. The greatest concentration left is among the reserve fleets of Battlefleet Solar, which hold a grand total of 5. Notable Vessels: Flight Marshal Hawkshorne In it's 9,000 year history, the Hawkshorne has over 2,000 capital ship kills to it's name, not to mention innurmerable escorts. The Hawkshorne is currently in the Martian reserve fleet but is due to be reactivated soon to fight in the Sabbat World's Crusade. Crew:200,000 Dimensions:9.2 Km long, 2.0 Km abeam at fins approx. Mass: 65 megatonnes approx Accel:2.1 gravities Speed:4 Detection:+10 Armor:23 Manoeurvrability:+2 Hull Integrity:115 Turret raiting:4 Space:105 Sp:91 Weapon Slots: 3 Port, 3 Starboard, 1 Prow, 1 Ventral Battleship: This ship can use "battleship only" components Carrier: The Jupiter comes pre-equipped with 2 Jovian Landing Bays, which occupy 1 port and 1 starboard weapons slots. These components may not be removed. Fleet Flagship: The Jupiter-class is unique for having two Bridges, one of which is alwayse a Fleet Command Bridge. This component may not be removed. Auto-Loaders: The Jupiter uses cogitator-enhanced archeotech Auto-Loaders to greatly enhance the launch speed of ordnance. Auto-Loaders add +1 to the strengh of each launch bay.
  15. Ah, I see. I thought I wrote it wrong. Thank you for the reviews BTW.
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