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  1. I am still tweaking to find the good balance myself. So far I make my players to play an introductory game where they had contribute to valorize Tygress III and now they have started Lure for the Expanse (we are at the half of the 1s scenrio). I guess my solution will finally be to create opposition which make them to spend money. Thus their PF will make an (ascending) yo-yo.
  2. I can put it the other way: GM take care of what your players can do. OTOH it is quite easy to temper, as it is two ways to optimize toward a AP-generating ship: - have a reasonnable bonus in every theme - have a big bonus in one or two themes Should your players choose option one, the impact of the bonuses would stay reasonnable as an objective has rarely all the theme . Should they choose option two, avoid these themes. Other way are possible too. Scale up the achievement thresold of endevour. Scale up opposition (Such have their ship damaged, and make them burn PF point to get it fixed). Furthermor misfortune is going to cost them an average of 0.99 point / session. There is never problem, only solution to be unveiled
  3. If the players play the right cards while desining their ship and then play the game accordingly the AP-generating components can be very powerful, like getting more than twice the thresold to achieve a endevour (and thus earning, loads of extra PF points) while performing normally or sub-normally. My advice as GM to the players is if your GM determines your starting SP and PF through the dynasty path of Into the Storm, get as much SPs as you can (and as consequence as little PF as you can) and design a "full-option" ship : you won't stay poor for long.
  4. 1) Other Rogue Trader in "Lure of the Expanse" have PF 2) For the NPC I use FP to evaluate their statut/wealth versus PCs' hence their strength ratio at th start of the campaign. Furthermore I use NPC's PF to guesstimate the means they can deploy during the campaign eg: if let's Feckward wants to send a bunch of guys to have rough argument w/ the PCs is it coherent with his fortune to send Strom Trooper-grade mercenaries or can he just afford some desesperate junkies? My aim is more to have a idea of the wealth rather than to have the precise number.
  5. Hello, I am preparing Eye of the Needle for next Saturday and it looks like Feckward has no FP in his profile on p124. Does someone has an idea of it?
  6. Thanks for your replies. From your replies and some personal further thoughts I started to design a Void Master specialized into small crafts. The concept behind is the character is a smuggler who has a huge debt (like the price of a Guncutter) to a crime lord - Hive born - Scavenger - Criminal (hunted by a Crime baron) - Press Ganged (forced recruitment in a pirate crew) - Fear (Ennemy in Ascendance) I have presented the idea to the lady and she looks enthusiast. @Iku Rex : For the characteristics, we use the method of the points pool (100 points) Yes I have Into the Storm.
  7. Hello everyone, Here is the case: I am GMing Lure for the Expense and with a small seasoned party of gamers (playing a RT, a navigator and an arch-militant) and a friend of us is to join us soon. While she’s a seasoned LARPer, she’s quite new to the tabletop RPG and totally new to 41st Millenium. I am in charge proposing her a PC, she let me free for concept except she does not wish to be the Face nor the “One” on whom the plot is built. My primary goal is everyone enjoys the game and has the opportunity to shine. So far I held the following analysis: - RT : no we have one already (easy) - Arch-militant : why not but the PC have to be different from the other one (doable) - Astropath: why not, at very least you get fun with the powers but an Astropath is a pariah in imperial society - Explorator: I am not at ease with the idea to give to someone who knows nothing about 40k as I fear she misses why AM is cool and get bored. But I can be wrong - Missionary: rather a social career and you need to some notion of the Imperial Creed but it is a versatile career so why not - Navigator: we have one already so if I wished to get one more s/he would be a Navis Scion but it would be much social - Senechal: too much social, I think - Void Master: o Small craft pilot: why not but I tend to think the PC will have too few occasion to shine o Other speciality: I can’t get where is the fun of them (if someone can explain, s/he is welcome) I’d like to avoid using DH career because RT PC and DH PC don’t evolve at the same rate So what do you think about my analysis? Would someone have advice?
  8. I read thru your descriptions, what a nice work. I'll definitely use some to populate Koronus Expanse. Your work on models is great too.
  9. I'd go as well for a lot of good RPing to get some Space Marines. I think as a GM I would make my players to emphase on why a Chapter master could be interrested in helping them, why the PCs need some marines beyond the fact spaces marines are the best warriors of the Mankind and which services the PCs can provide to the Chapter. For example I would be positively sensitive if the PCs proposed the Dark Angels (and their scions) to transport few them whenever, wherever without any question. If we want to go by acquisition-check I'd brand space marine as 'Unique' since the example for this availability is an archeotech power amour and what you want is an archeotech power armour with a guy in it. So we start with a -50 acquisition check.
  10. As far I understand (as a youngster) few squads of Space Marine can be provided to a Rogue Trader to perform a specific mission for the benefit of the imperial autorithies in outer fringes (the said mission can of course last decades...). I'd rather see this as a Rogue Trader - Space Marine joint operation under Rogue Trader leadership. I can't imagine (under normal circumstances) Space Marines (not to say a chapter) to be permanently attached to a RT. I mean there is no Chapter based in Calixis Sector, just few marines for ceremonial purposes (plus I guess few squads of deathwatch but there are out of range of a RT).
  11. If you like to include references in your games and you like Tarantino's movies, I think Graver's idea rocks. You can include either as Death Cult or Gang members drafted from whatever Hiveworld for the Crusade or as High Inquisitor's acolytes.
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