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  1. As a general rule, information is guarded zealously, stored in data-arks and vast librariums. Typically it depends on the nature of the document, but as a general rule 'important' things are written on paper. Dataslates are common but you're more likely to see an official writ on vellum than a screen. All of this means that there is no real analogue for a galactic internet, save for communications via astropath. Planetary systems would in most cases have something approaching it, to facilitate the necessities of trade and such.
  2. I've got a weird rules clarification I need to make regarding Fighter Ambush. It came up in a game last night that a Fighter Ambush appeared, and killed all my carriers. As I'm playing the Arborec, I assumed I could just use the racial tech to move a ground troop onto the planet next turn, thus removing the Fighter Ambush. But another player insists that Fighter Ambush actually gets applied to the system, which means it isn't linked to the planet and can be removed in that way. Is that correct or no? Same question applies to Diplomacy II annexation. Also, are Distant Suns counters removed when resolving Diplomacy II, or do they take effect? My group of players are currently just sort of ignoring the bad effects of Distant Suns when using it and then taking the trade goods or what have you.
  3. Death Korps of Krieg may have been tempered with a bit. The Afrieli Strain of guardman clones are a famous example of an attempt at gengineering as well. Genetic meddling is one of the major nonos of the Mechanicus, as it has a fantastic tendency to go terribly wrong.
  4. Ha. Hahaha. Yeah, bail out of that campaign. You ain't gonna have anything resembling fun there.
  5. ...Why is the ork the captain? How is the ork supposed to do fellowship or command to anyone that isn't an ork, due to the wonder of Speak Not Unto the Alien? Oh sure, but the GM's ideas of 'something to do' may not mesh with what the player actually wants to do. I had a player make a sniper-assassin in Shadowrun. Presented him with plenty of opportunities for sniper action, which he took to well enough. Confessed to me months later that he was actually more interested in the political shenanigans that were happening in the background and thought that I was specifically excluding him by presenting him with vantage points instead. If he'd talked to me in the first place, problem would have been avoided.
  6. "I don't feel like I'm having as much fun with the game as the rest of you are, because I was forced into a character archetype that isn't really suitable for how we're playing the game. For example, my character has been set up for diplomacy and command, aspects which you don't consider appropriate for the shooty combats we've been having. If you don't mind, I'd like to [change my existing character build/step down as captain/make a new character/hang you all for mutininous endangerment of my morale]." I've never understood how people can not just talk to people when they don't enjoy a game. Bugs the hell out of me when it happens in my campaigns.
  7. Errant


    http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/47672-mathhammer-making-ship-armour-count/ The tl;dr version is this: Macrocannons are stupidly powerful in the hands of players, and make lances redundant. You fix this by making two major changes. Either reduce all armour by 12 to a minimum of zero, or increase all macrocannon, torpedo, and bomber damage by 12. Do not allow hits from any of these sources to stack. Each hit is resolved against armour individually.
  8. Doesn't the Lord-Captain role negate that requirement?
  9. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/107979-a-crusade-in-twilight/?p=1109862 For the most part it's a resounding 'Well, if you've got the money and don't hate Xeno PCs...'
  10. Best known for being used on Istvaan during the Heresy, the Life-Eater Virus strips all biological materials into a biochemical sludge. This process also generates a large amount of flammable gas as a byproduct, preparing the location for a firestorm to wipe out any remaining life. It's basically the core component of a virus bomb Exterminatus.
  11. Get politically powerful enough to make the High Lords want you out of the way but visible enough that they have to hide you in glory? Steal a wildcat "Whomsoever holds this warrant shalt claim the powers of a Rogue Trader, worthy in His eyes" warrant? Get a photocopier and a few ranks in Deceive? Coerce someone into giving you a Letter of Marque and pretend that it's a Warrant, trusting that most people won't know any better (And get a fast ship to outrun those that do)?
  12. I don't really see the problem? Battlefleet Koronus is intended as a pro-active defense for things that could make it into the Calixis Sector through the Maw, and providing overwatch for the Jericho Reach gate. Acting as a watchdog for Rogue Trader fleets makes the whole deal of being a Rogue Trader somewhat redundant.
  13. I'd lean towards it not working, simply because Invocation's bonus only lasts until the next round for ground combat. Given the scale and duration of the psychic powers they use during ship combat, a brief spike in psy-rating wouldn't necessarily be of any practical use.
  14. Has your eye ever twitched so hard that you couldn't open it again? I... I think I need a medicae.
  15. Simple logic and familiarity with the peculiarities of how FFG phrase things, mainly.
  16. Translate 'drop of a hat' to 'a momentary lapse at the wrong moment after a lifetime of constant worry and anguish that your dreaded secret will be discovered', then?
  17. 10 is their actual Strength, so subtract from that. The bonus represents their skill and equipment.
  18. Off the top of my head, a Barracks, Command Bridge, Murder-Servitors and Teleportarium puts you at +65 Command and triggers an argument about whether the Barracks should count since you're teleporting small numbers of crew into the enemy ship. If you can wrangle two archeotech components you could take the Bridge of Antiquity for a total of +70 Command. That's barely half a dozen points of space and power used, all up.
  19. Same reason the rulebook includes the abominably terrible Augmenticist career, really. It provides the capacity to play a unique character that would not otherwise fit neatly into one of the other careers or alternate ranks. The fact that your character would wind up getting Black Shipped or possessed at the drop of a hat could be considered additional flavour for the character's story.
  20. Have upper management present them with several choices, or give them a pile of things and ask what they want to do with them. The paralysis of choice is a large problem of RT, the trick is to put enough blinkers around their eyes that they can sort from a few choices instead of dozens. "Greetings m'lord-captain, as your predecessor requested, we've completed a survey of activities that could benefit the Dynasty in the near future. If we do x, we could achieve y within two years, but we'd need to do z and bribe e."
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