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  1. We played the 'fat goblin' scenario last night. A question came up that we couldn't find a definitive answer on. A hero can pick up an item by being adjacent or on the item. What if a monster is on the item's square. In 1st edition you could not pick it up. What about about 2nd edition?
  2. If Dark Charm is played on a hero does it disallow the hero's hero ability. For example Leoric reduces monster damage on anyone within three spaces. If he is dark charmed and attacks 'as a monster' does his hero ability reduce the damage ?
  3. I'm perfectly fine with the conversion kit as is. It allows you to take all the heroes and monsters from 1st edition and use them in 2nd edition. What would have really sucked was if 2nd Edition came with the same monsters and heroes as 1st Edition. As it stands, the 2nd Edition game comes with new heroes and monsters. The conversion let's you take all your old favorites and also use them in the game. Otherwise, they would all be obsolete and useless for 2nd edition.
  4. Can large monsters ignore water in outdoor encounters if they are only partially over the water? I read that water is an obstacle like rubble. Thanks.
  5. I have a few questions on Beastman Fetish. The card says "Once during your turn you may reroll a single die". The FAQ says that you may "reroll a single die rolled by any player during your turn". 1. Is turn defined by when I take my actions? This is the way we have been playing it. 2. If I kill an undying creature and the Overlord rolls a surge, I can be reroll this? 3. Can this be used during a guard action or to reroll against Dark Charm? 4. Can it be used when rolling for treasure in RTL dungeons? Thanks.
  6. I've got a question on movement between the corner of the board and a block. C is the corner off the map, B is the block and L stands for legal spaces. C L L B The line of sight diagram on page 10 of the rule book with Silhouette, shows that you can trace line of site through such a gap. Can you also move through that gap? We had been playing that you couldn't since it was adjacent to the corner, but the example shows that line of sight can be made. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Thanks for the answers. That clears things up very well.
  8. Last night the Overlord hit two of our players with Frost. All weapons and armor were frosted. According to the rules, when you attack with a weapon you must roll to see if it breaks. The Overlord said that you also had to roll for the off hand weapon since it has bonuses used during the attack. Can't find anything specific to the off hand weapon and Frost. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. You are correct that you wouldn't want to do this often. However we ran through RTL's Secret Garden last night and our two heavy hitters weren't able to do much of anything with all the shades in the trees.
  10. Can you make an attack if you don't have any trait dice of that type. Example, a basher with 3 dice in Melee and none in Range and Magic. Can he use a bow and just roll the base dice for the bow? If he can, would he be able to buy black dice with fatigue?
  11. The Sniper ability allows an archer to ignore one obstacle. Trees give a figure in that space shadowcloak. Question is: Since a sniper can ignore a tree to shoot through to someone behind it, can he ignore the tree and it's shadowcloak to hit a figure in the tree? Thanks.
  12. I've got two clarification questions. Does Windpact also work on the Overlord's hand of treachery at the beginning of an outdoor encounter? We've been playing that it does. If an Overlord's skeletons have the sniper ability (able to shoot through one obstacle) can they shoot through a tree that contains a figure or are they considered two obstacles even though they are in the same space? We've been playing that they are two separate obstacles. Thanks
  13. Here is the reading of the Dark Relic card: "Play this card when a hero receives a treasure card. The hero must roll a power die. If the result is a blank, nothing happens. If the result is not a blank, he receives a Dark Relic of your choice instead of the treasure card. The threat cost for this card is 4 if the treasure card was copper, 8 if it was silver, and 12 if it was gold. In addition, you must pay the threat cost of the dark relic you choose to give to the hero." This reading states that the threat cost is either 4, 8 or 12 depending on the treasure being replaced. Then "In addition" paying for the relic you choose to give to the hero. My take is that the threat cost of the card would be what the Overlord pays if disarm is successfully paid. Since the trap does not go off, he would not have to pay the cost of giving the dark relic to the hero.
  14. "RtL pg15 Party Victory If the heroes kill all of the monsters on the board, (or cause a Lt to flee) they win the encounter and may loot the bodies. To do this, the party rolls four black power dice and consults the chart below for each one to see how many coins they find: Encounter Loot Die Result Copper Campaign Silver Campaign Gold Campaign Enhancement 50 coins 75 coins 100 coins Surge 75 coins 100 coins 125 coins Blank 100 coins 125 coins 150 coins Add up the total coins generated and add it to the party treasury. The only conquest tokens the heroes can receive are the two awarded for killing the leader. The heroes continue their game week move action." Corbin, did you add the part "(or cause a Lt to flee)" because it does not show up in my copy of the Rtl rules or the PDF on the website? We've been playing that the only reward you get for causing a Lt to flee is sending him back to the Overlord's lair. Killing him is an even better reward as you remove him from play.
  15. Thanks. For some reason, my players convinced me that breath ignores shadowcloak. They have a mage with breath weapon that has been nerfing my guys. Now lt encounters should be more even.
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