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  1. Vitalis

    Meta gaming question.

    As above. You never play a droid in this case.
  2. Solid article aside from including one of the most wanted legendaries in the set in the begginers deck article
  3. Vitalis


    And that is such a BS. EU got it for a moth now, US for almost a week. And i still can't read what other people cooked up cause some genius locked it until 1 feb -.-
  4. Vitalis

    He Who Claims vs Ground Battalion

    And since when controllin a battlefield is such a crucial matter? Claim ability - ok, it can be impactfull but controll itself? In clutch situations yes, but 80% of the time it is kind of irrelevant.
  5. Vitalis

    Defensive teaching?!!

    No need to start every post with ironic "You mean aside from".... If Training is covered in RR then ignore my post, i missed that one.
  6. Vitalis

    Defensive teaching?!!

    Well....Training is not the best example here. We have absolutely NO idea what happens when training is removed - character is determined as elite as deckbuilding and that is only effect in a game that can tamper with elite/nonElite state. And we know that elite is a state that does not require any special upkeep as characters are elite just cause they became that at building of the deck - trained chars become elite at gameplay and there is nothing saying that Training leaving the game makes char non elite again. We MAY presume it does (or no) but no support in rules. DT on the other hand clearly breaks the rules from RR hence removing it creates illegal state that need to be correctec.
  7. Vitalis

    Maul ability

    Its an effect caused by the card
  8. Vitalis

    Defensive teaching?!!

    They are lost. As you have illegal state of the game with no card to allow it.
  9. Vitalis

    New Player

    We wont take best part from you that is theorycrafting Few rules of thumb: -Try to stick to one damage type (TRY its not a must - some decks works more than fine with mixed damage but thats another story) -Healthy proportions for a deck are: *around 4 upgrades for each character you take (goes down with 4 chars - try not to break 12 upgrades in a deck) * 6-10 migitations * rest spice up to your taste -When choosing battlefield consider 2 things - will i be fast enough to claim it(any action cheating in a deck like old Rey?) ? Or do i assume my opponent will claim most of the time? If first try to take a BF that suits your deck, if latter take one that will not harm you. Great example is one of the recent decks, mill-type (meaning you win by discarding whole deck from opponent without even dealing single point of dmg to him) that was ultra slow and took healing battlefield - claiming it by opponent gave him nothing as you deal no damage and if you manage to claim it yourself you get healed. -Try to include something that gives consistency to your deck as dice can always betray you and roll crap all the time Like new Poe with his focus and special or cards like Use The Force or similar. -When choosing what characters to include and deciding if you want to include them as normal or elite versions you need to consider: *do i take this character for his ability (then he can be 1 dice non-elite, for example new Kylo that can be fine 1 dice) or do i want him cause his dice is awesome(like any Vader version that really wants to be elite)? * do i take 1 character as a badazz and another to support him or shall i spead power across the board? Hope that helps
  10. Vitalis

    New Legacies Teams

    Wedge/eLando/Profitable connections - you start with 4 cash. Then turn 1 drop any vehicle (appraise, factory for 5 costs) and turn that to any side with Wedge Xcuse me kind sir, may a talk to you about our indirect Lord and Saviour Saw Gerrera? Take him elite, pair him with eYoda, mulligan for two 5 costs vehicles in your opening hand - drop everything else from your hand and chain the specials 10 indirect dmg turn 1 with sick consistency. Never forget Saw can mill YOUR hand
  11. Vitalis

    Balance of the Force predictions

    Do i even need to comment?
  12. Vitalis

    New Legacies Teams

  13. Vitalis

    New Legacies Teams

    eObi2/eMaz - dominates our local meta. eKanan/eZeb - right behind it. eBoba/e7sis - im running it , usually just behind 2 above. eHondo/ePoe2 - really funny deck, im still tinkering with it. eVader/Bib Fortuna - 3 Vaders dice per turn? Yes Please. eK2SO/Aayla - K2 finally have playable partner. Decks i have yet to create and test eAayla/Padawan/Kanan Aayla/eObi eLando/Wegde/Profitable
  14. Vitalis

    Thoughts on Leadership in Vader/Gunray deck?

    eVader + Bib Fortuna. Add Endurances, cheap focuses like Dark Counsel and Crystal Ball, few blue weapons, and spice that up with standard Vader removal-force strike-price of failuer package. With Bib and Endurances you are not worried about mitigation at all. Counsels and Ball cover up consistency. And if not mitigated you have potential to roll 3 Vader dice per turn.
  15. Vitalis


    We do not have solid T1 decks yet Zeb and new Obi are energing slowly but meta is nowhere near settled yet. He may word very nice in Kalus/Bala/Nightsister - that looks crazy consistent.