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  1. For rebels: get Ghost and Kwing and play Ghost+Biggs. Very strong. Or get Heroes of the resistance+something and play Falcon+Poe. For Imps only option that uses ships from core set is some variation of Tie Swarm.
  2. Had the same idea: sell all the stuff but just 1 or 2 lists. But then i want to play ghost from time to time and aces and tie swarm and bombers and some rebels swarm crazy builds maybe good old defenders oh this 2 ship scum looks nice and that one too scum swarm is fun ah deci + ace - my first lists i can sell deci falcon i like playing falcon and double falcon and dash falcon So anyone wanna buy single bomber?
  3. I toyed yesterday with some ideas about scum swarms: Binayre Pirate + Feedback Array + Thread Tracers Binayre Pirate + Feedback Array Binayre Pirate + Feedback Array Syndicate Thug + TLT Sunny Bounder + Lightweight Scyk Unkar Plutt + Spacetug Tractor Array + Pattern Analyzer 6 ships to kill. Pirates as blockers with unavoidable damage even when blocking. Or shooting with target locks to something softened by Unkar's tractors. Sunny is just too good to not include her in a swarm. And TLT to add to a mix (im open to ideas on swapping that Y for something else for 24 points)
  4. I recently started using this: Bossk + Crackshot, Mangler, 88D, Gunner, Dengar, Dampeners 88B + Crackshot, HLC, Advanced Sensors, Autothrusters, Dampeners The infamous double shot combo. In the meta where firepower is everything - works like charm. Only problem is the same as always - YV is a brick to fly, but some fortressing+double stop helps a lot about this. But im very tempted to try Ketsu + C. Lot less firepower but a lot more maneuvers and tankyness.
  5. How the hell i missed this trailer.... Back to the topic: Raider is really well designed ship. Both aesthetics are nice (little blend between wedge shape od imperial fleet and Tie Fighters design pattern) and it fill little niche of dedicated anti fighter craft empire was missing (ok then had lancers in Legend but 1) Lancers were ultra ugly compared to Raiders, 2) They are not canon anymore Hmm looks like they are but in just 1 book for now.) No reason why Disney should not include new nice ship when someone gave it to them on a plate.
  6. Oh...somehow whole time i imagined them more like 40k Epic lol.
  7. Batch painted shaded tabletop at most. I have already too much brush swinging with AoS.
  8. I will tell you what i always tell my 7yo daughter: use your brain. Especially before speaking in public. Less competition on market equals less and worse games. What do you think is even most probable reason Runewars was designed in the first place? Hint: GW. And them retireing WFB that opened infantry blocks driven fantasy wargame niche open. We already had semi-monopolist period with mentioned GW, the went lazy and created stupid, expensive stuff and when people started to look for alternatives suddenly they again create awesome stuff in normal prices. Thats why let both companies live long and prosper. That is better for us - gamers.
  9. Come had to pull that one ?
  10. Runewars uses army system. And it looks like its gonna use to to way greater extend than Xwing. This pack is aimed at guys who want to play Elves or (i guess) Uthuk or some another faction that they propably gonna introduce without buying costly starter set. Great move for me there and totally missed one in Xwing for 3 reasons: -most of players buy all factions anyway. -Xwing starters are way older and aftermarket for that paper stuff in so cheap you could get all that stuff for few beers -out of 3 factions in Xwing , only 1 is not covered in starters and i guess its not gonna change.
  11. Judgeing from my (somehow limited but still) experience with WFB maneuvering such blocks of units using templates..hell its not gonna be easy. It were tricky back in WFB when you could rotate as many degrees as you liked, now with fixed angles...guess getting THAT charge gonna be as tricky and as interesting as getting THAT shot in Xwing. I myself considered it before i got myself into Sigmar - now it has to win my heart on the demo as im happy to sell AoS, or at least buy a starter instead of another AoS army, if Runewars turns out to be the thing. Especially with yesterdays reveal of the elves. One thing that buggers me (cause im pretty sure ruleswise it will be alright) are the miniatures. For now...they feel so generic. Humans? Generic as hell. Even the golem is most "humanly" miniature they could come with. Undead? Little less but still generic. Lord on a maggot is something fresh. Elves...hmm...they does not feel Latari im used to at all. More like savages from the woods. Also they lore is the thing im confident they will do right - they got plenty of this since Runeterra is there since Runebound that has like...10 years now?
  12. Choose one : -X-wing. -Expensive miniatures game. some research about other games pricing. Entry point for X-wing (tournament ! not casual) is around <100$ in some cases. Tournament entry for other stuff? 100$ is minimum where you will have something to play with. To make is at least good triple it.
  13. Like Poe decks did not have any love in this expansion
  14. Ekhem...Lightweight Frame tends to disagree
  15. Boring as fk.... If i would be FFG to spite them i would not release it after all that spam.