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  1. I feel sorry for anyone with such supply shortage....we have steady flow of Awakening boosters since December. Last week i bought around 6 with no problem, not order just on the fly. And even now when they are slowly running dry they are still avaiable. Bless the localized versions
  2. I wrote about it on my site already - i suspect the same. But i don't think it will be damage sides - more like pay2-discard4 , or even payed resources sides - invest 1 to get 2 or even 3.
  3. That is one hell of interesting i guess people learned to play vs Moe already
  4. He is yellow - meaning second chance is a go. Now you even have force illusion to pair with SC to keep him alive even longer.
  5. eEzra/eRey/Padawan Some blue upgrades got ranged damage (Force Training, Force Throw, HandMade Bow) - that is scary.
  6. So lets assume we have ORS on table and Rebel in hand as our last card - will ORS give resources in time to spend them on card played from rebel?
  7. eLeia/eAckbar - lots of focus eLeia/eMaz - focus, speedup what more you need?
  8. Heh im reading all of you guys and im pretty **** happy we have localized version of the game in Poland - i guess that would be a nightmare to buy so boosters now if not for that.
  9. Looks solid. Maybe get rid of journals for Illusions? They give nice defensive boost after all. And i would still consider Binds all things in monoblue if you can squeeze them, maybe instead of Overconfidence or Misdirections?
  10. Yes, but dealing damage is specified in rulebook - as resolving dice. Resolving a shield is described as "giving" shields to a character. Soo...either Qui-Gon never "gains" shields or any trigger that increases his shield tokens is "gaining" shields
  11. Awakenings - yes 1 reprint gonna be shipped then its gone. ETA - June/July Spirit - i do not think it has been EoLed yet, but we can assume that after EAW release SoR gonna be discontinued. It may even have lesser number of reprint waves than Awakenings due to FFG claiming that SoR release print was the biggest print they ever made.
  12. Try eLuke/Maz - with force speed, maz and fast hands there is not much control your opponent can employ - have been on the receiving end of that deck.
  13. ^ that. Im astounded how you can complicate this matter (that also has been explained on multiple occasions).
  14. EmoSiths - beat it pretty badly. 3 players running EmoSiths yesterday (out of 10 attenting) and including both event and casual games - only 50% win ratio :/