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  1. If you can buy booster boxes, and good&bad starters for Rivals, sure they may confused it... And i just checked: Legacies (all products) are marked as "in storage" and Rivals are marked as "at the printer".
  2. Eeeee no? From what we heard from our LGS (that forwarded the info straight from publisher) we have limited supply of Legacies this friday. Polish publisher has similar upcoming page that was updated last week with info that Legacies are indeed in their storages and awaits worldwide release. No info about rivals (but that checks out - article clearly states about limited release in US only).
  3. You mean those few US regionals? Thats not enough to judge. PoeMaz has swept even more when SoR released and was not nerfed since recently. FN swept multiple NATIONALS around the world with cuts being like 6FN+2 somethings. Thats totally different magnitude. And surely there is nothing to fret about when Legacies release this Friday. This torrent of indirects, Yoda special chainings, and all that new sheanigans will verify the strenght of the deck. Its strong, very strong true but its beatable - Palps mitigation can deal with it rather consistently, good Rieekan mill can shred it.
  4. 15 dec. Confirmed by polish publisher with offer send to FLGs.
  5. Exacly. But if you use Poe special to turn another of his dice to another special then you can resolve it immediatly. Force focus, some Aayla sheanigans, Swiftness and Use the Force/Aim/All In/whatever similar. Force speed becomes obsolete lol.
  6. That looks like one interesting deck, btw.
  7. Currently Meta is in such a good state that in our local community it still havent settled yet lol! Ofc Sabines and Rieekan mills were dominant force, but such a powerhouse decks are 1-2 guys out of 10 weekly participants. Remaining 8 are always trying out new stuff. Last tourney we had 2 Grand Inquisitor decks, lol
  8. True, but its nowhere ever remotely close to the current levels of OP that are required to hit with a nerf bat (Poe and FN were ultra dominant , same as Phasma and Unkar but those 2 a lot shorter). Kanan is just solid.
  9. Read again. Knowing game mechanics and having deep understanding of the game are 2 different things. First you can learn in 30 minutes, second can elude you after months of play. And with theories you craft up in this topic i dare to say you lack a bit in this department. Why? Yoda is pure support char, on 1 dice he is somehow meh, as the special may elude you , on 2 dice he may shine - and lets face it heroes needed cheap pure support. At 10 pts he may be even played with Obi, at 13 he gets a bit of Kanan syndrome described below. But i can imagine eQuigon/eYoda to be a solid thing. Kanan? For the love of god why? 1 dice he is a bummer - just a filler cause there is really no competition at that point range. Elite he has no partners aside from Quigonn (pretty good but for sure not game breaking - he serves similar role to old Rey there - speed up and some additional dmg, and Qui/Rey was not broken for sure) ,Ahsoka (that is really weird as you will struggle with resources to use Ahsoka or if you do not use her why just no Quigonn?) and Padawans (where AoE damage shreds this deck) Aayla i may agree - she is 1 point too cheap. 12 points with 3 damage a bit skewed. But i still would hold my horses with nerf bat (come on you wanna nerf a card before we even got whole set?? Thats what im talking about above) until we see Villain counterparts.
  10. And what do you expect with a negative post about a character that we know squat about? Unless you have better info than us. And? Ezra can also be one shotted turn 1 and do you see him dying all the time when paired with Sabine? And if he really will have some ability about rolling his dice after being defeated, he never gonna be one shotted turn one cause that could mean some really serious damage for the shooter. Also hes gonna be great fodder for Price of Failure with such an ability. Your whole post shows that you lack deeper understanding of the game. How it is unbalanced? You even don't know either his dice or full ability. Unless "unbalanced" means for you that legendary has to be super-duper-15-hp-with-3-free-dmg-side character otherwise its unbalanced. If so...sorry thats not what balance in a game is about. Im not even gonna respond to Zeb where we see even less and yet you managed to deem him unbalanced... Lol. Just lol.
  11. Exacly same issue here.
  12. I guess that is what you are looking for:
  13. <ommmmm> sorry my telepathy is not working correctly today, no connection to FFG <ommmmm>
  14. almost? ALMOST? Rieekan is mad at you now.
  15. He need to track those if game situation requires it. If you need to track upgrades separately, characters aren't even topic for discussion for him.