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  1. Eee someone gonna leak full set anyway like one of local distributors did by accident with SoR
  2. Well Ezra does not count as blue. He does not allow you to include blue cards. And his ability to allow him to equip blue upgrades is only cause blue abilities are most restrictive off all (as they should be).
  3. And give me new "Luke, The Rebel Ace" with i would spend any money on those 2 cards even if they would be total crap Shame there is no room for another red Rare char :/
  4. Well lucky box, very lucky The problem with singles is always the same: Shall i spend 30$ to buy boosters where i may or may not hit what i need, maybe ill end up with some stuff i already have and will have to sell it to regain the money? Or shall i just spend this 30$ to buy a top card or two that i need? Its just matter of convenience. I myself preffer to just buy singles i need than to hope that i hit what i need in boosters. I buy them usually, one or two per week, just as entertainment, if i hit something i need or valuable for trade? Cool. If not...well thats why i dont buy big booster boxes
  5. Ah i misread you - ePhasma/Guavian/Stormtrooper won the worlds. Deck looks rather solid for a starters deck. Somehow low on dice upgrades, but otherwise not bad.
  6. Come on dont use PhasmaGuardians on him Seriously you wanna throw deck that won Worlds agains a guy with a starter? Build something funny - dunno Royal/Stormtrooper/eBala, if you have experience and more synergized cards you have upperhand anyway.
  7. Preview events were announced BEFORE the leak. Leak was around 20 march (i just checked on FB dates of posts discussing the leaks). So only a month before release. So they didn't panic. It wasn't reactive at all.
  8. Affinity looks promising and not promising at the same time. Promising - cause it opens new decks. Unpromising - cause it ties specific cards together. Big CCG (compared to LCG that do it quite often) tend to not do it. Old Star Wars card game from Decipher, if i recall correctly, was abusing that specific-cards-combos (to the point where sometimes they were unusable without one another) and it was somehow a disaster. DuelMasters and Yu-gi-oh tends to do it sometimes, and MtG has <10 such a comboes in its 30 years history.
  9. If you mean change in deck - no. If you mean change the choosen one from 2 opposing decks - sure you can, in first round its roll off to check who chooses BF, if it is Bo3 in subsequent rounds looser chooses one.
  10. Dat feeling when you got some cards like Holdout Blaster for 2,5$ back in a days and now they are almost 20 bucks....
  11. If you wanna play just like that in home, yes 2 starters are perfectly fine. We ran a prerelease event in december with only starters available and it was fun. It can be short lasting but then you can decide if you want to expand your card base.
  12. Come on 5 legendaries only, in adddition B1 is one of the cheapest, Uwings also are not super expensive, and IMO Ghost gonna have price tag similar to Uwing, and you say they are pushing legendaries with it...?
  13. Well....QGJ/Rey is good BECAUSE of SoR if you really wanna finish that deck you need more SoR cards than Awa cards.
  14. In case of characters you need to ask yourself: Do i want this char for his dice or his ability? If the answer is ability (Unkar, FN, Rey [well but she is so cheap anyway...), new uncoming Hera are prime examples) you are perfectly fine with just one copy. If you want this char for its dice (both Vaders, Poe, Han and so on) you need elite version. With upgrades there is somehow different question: Do i need this upgrade as an essential part of my deck, or just good to have? Can i replace it with something with only minimal lose of efficiency? Examples of essential legendaries are most legendaries in PoeMaz as they are only source of damage in that deck and any you don't have many replacements for 6+ dmg of thermal, or 4 dmg falcon. Replaceable ones are Batons in FN deck. They are pinnacle of efficiency in this deck but you can replace them without loosing THAT much. Single upgrade tends to come and go based on luck. 2 copies of that usually are drawn i 1-2 draw using 30 card deck.
  15. If it is one source that deals fixed amount yes you can. But here you need to distribute it by yourself and even the phase "as you wish" is restricted by the rules (no overkill in this case). What is so hard here?