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  1. There is...just play Noble first then trigger MAITF from Noble....simple. Nope. I did the same "cheat" on one day :/ Then i re-read the queque rules and i was like "ooopss "
  2. I only come to forum at work most of my 1,5k posts are written at work
  3. I took e7Sister/Vader to last nationals in Poland. It was somehow brutal (i requires good rolls, and Thrawkar makes it cry) but im more than happy to take it to some locals - when you DO roll its dishes out crazy damage. But she waits for her new boyfriend Boba-Fett. Thats is going to be one godly duo.
  4. Unless your opponent has 2 damage dice and you are on last HP. Use your imagination before you write.
  5. Uff even that cancer did won your too at least your Top16 is watchable....on Polish natio last weekend top16 were 9 fns, top 8 were 6 and top 4 were just FNs...
  6. Why? Where is that stated? Just cause we saw only 2 that are indeed fillers makes you say that..? I would be really nice twist to have some that costs as much as a full fledged character but gives equally much. I would love to see ten-ish plot for the lone wolfs or 5+ "entrenched" style that reduces the damage you receive by 1 or 2 for the first round or two of the game to stop some aggro.
  7. The game did launch in December.
  8. The is difference is in wording : overring and K2 modifies cost to play, while Destiny speaks about cost of the card. If Lucas ruled otherwise, then good riddance to him and im glad hes gone cause he then either has no idea how his own game works or commands most sloppy design team ever and could not meet some wording standards...
  9. Cause we are f.... tired. My code in work use to wait for approval too. Sometimes 3 months if i don't ping a guy responsible. Sometimes 3 hours if i spam him on Skype and email. FFG got emails too? Angry players = less sold boosters = less FFG revenue = less Disney revenue .
  10. Yea especially when i played with one of TOP16 players today on side event and when we were sitting to play i asked "geez that fn deck you played?" and he said "**** no! im sick of playing that BS".... Yea so much love for FN in Poland. He is crazy effective so guys play him but even fellas that do hate him.
  11. Why there is even discussion about this? The card is as clear as it can only be with ties: "and each player with the lowest combined value removes theirs." Overconfidence got nothing to do with Battle of Wills, since overconfidence handles ties in its own way that also is clearly stated on a card. You rolled 2 resources on palp and that stormtrooper managed to roll 2 ranged? Shame, you remove all palps dice. No one gets to choose, the card does not care. Nothing to discuss here.
  12. Yea Polish ones too. Honestly i would be really happy if i would not have to bother with FN and could focus on countering new stuff but well...i have some tricks to ruin his day in my sleeve
  13. That is kinda overkill that Disney need to approve simple rules update....
  14. I saw both sabine and IG with FH recently - Sabine was just playing thermal det, have 1/3 chance to roll that special, and bam - another Poe... And IG was even more brutal, just one 3 hit, then some focus or other stuff to trigger that special and bam armour, another, shield - without vibro he was next to immortal.
  15. Keyword for you : Sabine. She can pull some crazy sheanigans with FH.