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  1. These spoiler topic are kinda funny when some of us already saw whole set
  2. They were not hacked. They had it in public folder... just like that accesible for anyone who took his time to browse some cloud stuff out of boredom.
  3. In that regard yes, i meant it does not interact with OL ability , that i found is a common misconception.
  4. It does not work on Omega Leader. Unless you meant Omega Ace.
  5. Don't forget Vassal has interface that looks like bunch of windows thrown together by teenager coder....And that - the interface was the main reason why i swiched to TTS. It is just most terrible UI i ever saw and i worked in many projects that used tools with cramped interface. 3D in fact makes it more immersive, if you want top view just move that camera to it - perfectly possible. Rolling dice - ok it is a bit too real in TTS.
  6. Well the point here was not to rant about "ooo you killed the jumpmasters" or "uuuu too op need more nerfs" - i wanted to point out that they did a lot of collateral damage on the way to bringing them back in line where there is really simple fix that did nothing bad to the rest of the game. Sure there were some of my personal opinions, but i wanted to use them just to reinforce my points.
  7. Nah it wont :/ Zuckuss on HWK now is basically one use. For 1 point thou it can be that one crucial use when you really need to finish a ship. Hard to replace him - maybe Dengar , maybe and just big maybe 4lom, maybe hotshot. Dunno.
  8. Exacly the same - for just 3 points more then normal TLT Ywing its performance was off the charts - that range 2 sweetspot was awesome.
  9. I fact i did , more than once My point here was that all torpedo issues were related to EPT slot on Scout. No need to kill ANYTHING else if we cut this one....
  10. So it struck me yesterday: JM5k has been nerfed over and over and over again.. and this ship is still off the bat with its performance. I agree that bumping its cost is bad idea, due to someone finding himself with 100+ squad suddenly on a tournament but there is another simple way. Sooo lets see what has been nerfed due to JM5k: 1. Agromech. Totally unnessesary. Torpedo Y-wings could see some love out of this one. But really - not that impactful on anything else then JM5k. 2. Deadeye. I myself am disappointed by this one. I loved playing Deadeye+Concussion+GC+Recon Mercenary in Firespray. Killed many fun builds. 3. Manaroo nerf. Again why nerf that? Cause with attani she was op. Herself she made really nice builds possible. Maybe Dengaroo was a little canerous but hey you could fly around that especially now with the zuckus change that list could evolve into something interesting. See a pattern alredy? All those nerfs were related with EPT slot on cheap pilots. Also PS4 pilto with both ability and EPT? That is pretty uncommon. Now lets add it up: - all issues were related to EPT -they are to cheap to the statline and upgrade slots -pilots that were issue all have EPT So now why on earth they simply did not remove EPT from both Scout and Manaroo? They already admitted JM5k has design flaws (3 nerfs is pretty good admission) so none would be bothered by 1 change. Would attani-uboats be alive in this scenario? I guess yes. You still can take K4, plus old manaroo still looks like 2 torpedos fired, so its not that im whining after yesterdays SoS. Im just sad they killed so much stuff on the way while the problem they adressed somehow eluded them. So basically instead of removing problematic slot from 2 pilots they killed multiple other interesting builds. Mission failed FFG, mission failed.
  11. Well of course its good as an attack per se. You just pay 4 points for it..that is expesive considering Ion (im trying very hard not to mention TLT but its next to impossible ) is one point more and dorsal is one less (and dorsal > synced on R1). It falls into a trap called "my competition is awesome and im just...ok"
  12. Cause i find it extremely counterproductive with itself. You have to have TL to fire it right? Then you want to have target in your arc to get semi-TL? Synergy -100 here. Ok cool you will say "then you have a free action for the next round if you dont spend a TL" - then your target may be dead, in range 3, whatever. Not to mention your TURRETed ship is literally writing on its hull "hey im gonna shot THAT guy!" are loosing so much "turrety" stuff with this one and for 4 points. Im not gonna even compare it to TLT but even simple dorsal sounds better here, not to mention 1 points more for Ion. c'mon... For me it can even have Y-wing only on it.
  13. I looks like it was designed purely for BtL4 Ywings with R4 Agromechs...Take focus , hope for some eyes on dice, use them for target lock, the fire the turret. Other then that? 4points, lock requirement? It sucks.
  14. Much more useless.
  15. The lack of reliable mods is what would bother me here, just a focus to both defend and attack twice does not sound too promising - power of 2xDs+Scimitar is the trick that you have heavy mods on all your shots (Score+ability on Vess, TL(+Focus if need) on Ryad, TL(+Focus if need) on Scimitar) while hopefully keeping focus for defence. It worked for me like charm last regio and another guy with the same list did 5-0 with 1000(!!!!!) Mov - so its not just "it looks good". But we are straying from the topic i guess