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  1. And what is busted in Snap here? He died in the first round lol. Its Poe that is crazy not snap - and snap is really subpar to Maz or Rey, plus being mono red blocks our some really awesome cards that Poe can throw like Falcon, Detonators, Bowcaster and Hand- Crafted Crossbow, Mind Probe and all that stuff.
  2. Word of advice: My home AV software recently blocked Swdestinydb due to malware AND my company internal security also blocked it recently - two independent sources. So i think they are/were compromised.
  3. Well they are nice models and interesting ships in the Universe - but gamewise? Kylos shuttle had his 5 minutes as some crazy gunboat/support and then faded away. And Rebel Tie is very niche. Citation? Just look at points value of need and old ships related to the power they posses. B-wing vs this new wookie ship. ORS vs JM5k. Defender vs Ewing. Awing vs Fang. Shall i continue? I don't blame them it needs to fuel sales but it is irritating. I am. But we already had this topic too many times. My posts are public , feel free to read them if you are curious. 3 codexes and some stupid cards vs free rules and units? Thats 180 for me. Air around AoS wasn't even tentative and it slowly crawls it way to the top. Wh40k - was in such a disasterous state that only most stubborn fans do not await changes. And i play it for over 4 of those so i have some perspective. IMO Xwing bloomed around waves 6-8. Then it lost something. Hard for me to say what but it did.
  4. Try it. I was decimated playing my poe/maz vs epalp using double illusion: falcon to the face>oh ill just discard 4....
  5. If its 75pts like Stevey wrote its just Han
  6. In fact you are right - that incident somehow was nail to a coffin in reducing my Xwing collection and not buying new ships until something really catches my eye. (don't start about "how it touched you personally" - it did not, it just left some bitter taste on a cake that already was not so sweet as it used to)
  7. And our money that runs the show We can't. But cheated guy was 1 win short of advancing - thats the fact. After we do the match it looks like a PR disaster. Of course not 100% - but its was pretty crucial turn. Did you watch the game?
  8. Actually i feel the OP. I also got a feeling Xwing has become more of a chore for them (cause it brings sick money) than it was. -Last wave has not brought any significant ships - all are niche at least, and for now it doesn't look like 11 will be some breaktrough (yea i know tlt for imps but thats just another variation of ThugLife). -Power creep is real. And it is real, want example? Like a year ago (pre vets) selling any of my ships was a very big no go for me cause i could find use for 90% of them in competetive or semi-competetive lists. A week ago i sold like 70% of my collection and went "nah i still got most playable lists with me - i dont care" and thats maybe....10 ships? 6 of them being big scums lol . Again the strong integration of miniatures and rules is dragging the game down after such a long time. -The somehow bitter taste after worlds is still there. I mean why spend money to travel around the country, and do my best when official policy is to not even give me win if im cheated (NO, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS! I just wanted to state my feeling not to start another topic about that incident) -Plus they got very, very strong competition growing. In Poland vast majority of players (myself included) migrated from GW systems. And GW is doing really really good job at claiming territory back with theirs new releases. If feel like some part of X-wing success was failure of GW back in the days. The game just does not feel what it was anymore.
  9. If FFG kills streaming over THEIR OWN FAILURE to handle this properly...heh...GW too though they can do anything some time ago and people will still give their money nevertheless - and it almost costed them the company.
  10. And yet podcaster clearly states that his opponent learned from him (the podcaster) after the game... You smell that...? Smell like pile of BS to me.
  11. I had similar conclusions some time ago. Why Warhammers were SO successfull for over 30 years? Cause the miniatures were somehow independent from the rules. WFB/40k : Rules and balance getting messy and going south? Cool lets scrap it and release new Armybook/Codex or new edition where we can balance stuff out and give some love to weaker units. Xwing : Rules and balance getting messy and going south? Lets patch it up with new things that will require additional patches next while neglecting old stuff... its kinda broken circle that leads to sick power creeps. Even CCGs does it. MtG got its Standard formats that rotates cards entirely over a year or something. And in the formats where you can play everythin (Modern, not to mention Legacy) combos that win in turn 1 or gets insane power creep are very common. It is simply next to impossible to develop new content and keep everything alive.
  12. Not the case here: he bumped his JMs one into another and then realized his HWK gonna bump too so he will be with no attani tokes - thats where the dial acrobatics begin - right after he bumped his second JM.
  13. If not stream - it was done flawlessly, in normal gameplay you would never notice it, well its not poker, after all he was doing something illegal.
  14. He did play scum right?