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  1. I am very keen for this game and I love co-op games that can be played in solitair mode.. but I also think it really sucks you can not play as the empire and hunt down the rebels. This is a MUST make xpac at some point. Though keep an eye on boardgamegeek.. I would bet a custom rule set for this will spring up pretty quick it baffels me why they would not do this from the start
  2. Ok, well for now I got ... 1 Core + 1x Secrets of Arkham Expansion and I also got the entire Yuggoth Contract, so 1 pack each and 6 in total... I supose we will just go from there.
  3. Svenn said: Hunt for Gollum, Conflict at the Carrock, and Journey to Rhosgobel are out already. Hills of Emyn Muil is coming very soon. The others should come 1 a month after that. great thank youi for replying.. and thanks again for in fact making sense... so many replies on this forum are mini essays that in fact do not even answer the question
  4. but those new packs that are now 60 instead of 40 have diffrent names... how can io tell witch packs they are ment ot be replacing?
  5. So, What is the deal with the LOTR packs? What exacly has been released already? It confuses me the way they list products that are not in fact out yet.
  6. So every single product on the product page is unique? Like if i buy summon of the deep or w/e there isn't a new product that is a re-issue of that AGAIN. So aside form the problem with getting 3 of each card by buying multipul packs, each product on sale has unique cards inside them.. so if i could afford it (and I can't ... if I got one of every product on the list, I would have no real dupllicates and have a large pool for us to have some fun, and then the option to buy multipuls if we start to get deep into deck editing. Is that correct? What is confusing me the most is that it "looks" like some products with diffrent names are in fact teh SAME product but done as a re-release with some extra cards to make them 60 card packs ... so if i got that AND the otiginal packs I would have more cards that can be played in a deck...
  7. I have looked into lackyccg b4 but I couldn't ever find anyone on teh server with teh plugin installed AND even worse I have no idea how to play in that GUI. You should make a youtube video of you playing some games, just something simple like that.. or if you are really into it.. make a tutorial vid of HOW to play the game .. I mean getting teh plugin and the card images is easy as pie.. I just can not work out what the hell to do then to in fact PLAY it.
  8. ok What about the "Forgotten Lore" packs.. are they unique or are they re-prints of other packs in teh new 60 card thing... like if I get all of them.. do I in fact HAVE a bunch of the older packs already, or if i buy them am I getting duplicates?
  9. We are all really enjoying CoC but we only have 1 copy of CORE to play with and it is borrowed, and we have to give this back.. Still we are convinced it is worth dipping into our game group money pool to buy a decent amount of this product. So I went to the site to buy as many packs as the site had on sale but I am mega confused.... Some packs have tons of cards, some only have a few, each "story" I guess has a set of packs inside it, and there is core + 2 major expansions. Now you can only have 3 of any individual card in your deck (apart from some specialty cards like sled dogs I think is one that you can have 8 copies) Anyway... what should we buy here. Is 1 copy of everything what we want.. or are you meant to buy 3 copies of everything? Like how many unique cards are in these packs? Do these packs have 3 of each type? Then there are the "Forgotten Lore" packs? What exactly are these? These are re-prints.. so I am meant ot buy them instead of other packs in teh product list? It is so confusing.
  10. Is there a feature on the site to subscribe to a living card game and get teh new packs mailed out as they are produced?
  11. TheProfessor said: Don't they have the "re-print" color and say not available yet? I think they are saying through color and words that they plan to re-print these but they are not yet available. umm.. what? "The Summons of the Deep" for example is orange.. and the "Murmurs of Evil" is orange.. one is a "reprint/re-release" one is not ever released yet.. so I am not sure i know what you mean by colours... The site used to say "out of stock" when something was waiting for a re-print.. now it says "not available yet" just like the packs that are scheduled for a coming soon release for the first time.
  12. Confused about Asylum packs... I am a bit confused about the packs... basically if I remember right when the game launched there was "CORE" then there was "Summons of the Deep", "Dreamlands" and the "Madness and Horror pack"... Then I got a email saying FFG was changing to format of the packs so they were better by containing more card sets... so 60 cards instead of 40 and 3 of each card... so you can make full decks if you wish now.. (unless the card allows more than three like that wolf card you can have 8 of) Anyway, now on the site they have "not available yet" instead of "out of stock" for these original packs... dose this mean theses "titles" will be released in the new format? As in will they be released as a 60 card pack now... or are they going to stay the same way it is now and this "not available yet" is just a "out of stock, try latter" message? Or are they discontinued?
  13. Just grabbed this game and interested in checking out. Anyway.. as i have no real idea what the cards are like in game, and haven't even got the rules down yet... it is hard to get a deck setup. Can anyone suggest to me a fairly decent deck setup using just a single core box of cards... I need 2 decks to duel with. It doesn't need to be great and amazing decks but just something that is sorta balanced. That way I can duel a bit and learn how the game works and how the cards work and stuff So if you have a list of 2 deck i can make out of a single core set I would be appreciative.
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