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  1. yeah, that is why it is better than UC.. cause US is over powered and should be banned. 1 cost to play 1 cost to ready each time is a nice reworking of UC to make it good. With all the extra stuff on this "replacment".. alla power creep card a few extra start points should be mandatory.
  2. Because it is not enough imo. Not only have you power creeped the original mark, as in this card is now a 100% direct replacement. You have also ignored the precedence already shown in the set of it being at least a 1 cost. So it should at the very least have that cost.. but as the effect is so bonkers powerful.. I still think 3. But hey.. w/e you prefer is fine. I like less powerful customs myself.
  3. UC is completely broken. The card should be banned or at least made unique. It is a card you should aim to be way LESS powerful as.. not hold up as an example to replicate its power.
  4. +1 Will and Untap so you get a quest bonus and then able to attack and defend is super powerful. +1 will.. changing say a 2 to a 3 or a 4 to a 5 (6 with discard).. that isn't small potatoes. Anyway each to their own.. as long as you have fun.
  5. Um. You need to pay 1 each time you trigger the effect, so a cost of 2 or 3 would simply kill it. Not really the base line for this effect is already printed... This new custom card is WAY WAY WAY more powerful.. a increase in cost form 1 to 3 seams legit.
  6. Narr I loved it. I felt it was one of the best. It is fairly weak when playing solo. You need 2 plays to really see it shine. I just loved the mechanism that added time to the game. I thought that was so awesome and wish time was in the base rules somewhere. Seams kinda auto include for a quest type game. I have been talking about time in this game for years.. so a quest that has it.. shoots up for me.
  7. definitely getting this.. these small expansions seam to be my favorite quests in the game. Absolutely LOVED Stone of Ench .. I think it was one of the best quests ever made.
  8. nice, this is nearly the exact same card as we use in our custom pool we even have the exact same name.. wow that is really strange!... ours has a slight different text though.. Traveling bard gains +1 will for each song in play Action: Discard traveling bard to choose a song from any discard pile or attached to any hero and move it to a hero of your choice
  9. This is one of the better customs I have seen, great art choice as well btw. Though I think the effect is still a little two strong. Surge greatly affects encounter deck power and being able to modify this drastically alters the game, which is probably why such a card does not exist already for keywords. Slight wording change would clean up the language... Response: After a card is revealed from the encounter deck with surge, pay one of Aragorn's resources and discard a card to cancel the surge effect. (limit once per round) I would probably make this effect a tap effect like Elenore and remove the either the cost or the discard.
  10. I like this but as usaly with custom cards, to powerful. 0 cost is way two strong for a -1 threat and a untap each quest phase. I would say 2 cost at least. Probably 3 in fact.
  11. I like this one... leadership so it is easy to get the steward card on it. I would remove the -1.. so it is a strait cost and make it a elf target Stand and Fight ... the tap effect is fine as Stand and Fight is a bonkers powerful ability as is and it is a event specific ability so most of the time you will be using his other stats. This will make a nice decision point about what part of him you wish to use on your turn.
  12. I like the idea od this one.. but this ghost is overpowered. It is basically a indestructible attachment. Which is why the -Defence elves Mirkwood Runner attacks alone, to stop it being a sudo attachment. I would alter this one like this... 0 Health (Instead of 3) Play only if you control a Noble Hero Regretful Shade cannot defend or take damage Start Regretful shade with 3 resource tokens Action: Pay 1 resource token form Regretful shade to initiate an attack on an engaged enemy and reduce that enemies defence by 1 for the phase. Remove from play if there are no resource tokens on regretful shade. Now he is no longer a indestructable attachment, and also thematically fades away after a time. Other option might be cool is to change the action to this... Action: During an attack on an enemy remove a resource token form Regretful shade to add 1 wound and lower the defence by 1 of attacked enemy for the phase. (limit once per enemy per attack)
  13. The "limited" means you can not dump the cards.. at best you can get 3 down in 3 turns. The maths is why it doesn't work out... Exactly, at best you can get 3 out in 3 turns. Then if you follow the math it takes 3 turns to do anything. The games are so short they simply can not pay themselves out in any meaningful way.
  14. mine is a terrible card... get rid of it. Also, what plug-in are you using for the deck? Very nice. Is that a wordpress plugin?
  15. I am hilarious, indeed. Though I do not need to be defended, I couldn't care less about how I am perceived, I am completely shameless. No. Deck Construction is a fundamental part of the game design. Sure people can have fun fapping about in the surf, but seriously.. get a surf board and experience it all proper like. Make decks, find a few mates that makes decks, start bringing new decks to each meeting, find a meta among your friends, then break the meta with new thoughtful experimentation. There is SO much more to these games than just the "game". It is not about "winning" it is about the cards becoming a extension of your imagination, ingenuity and personality. (once the pool is large enough). A battle of minds between your friends, a chess like balance of push and shove as you experiment with a ever growing pool.
  16. The point is that when designing balance into the sets vs the current meta they need to take duel factions into account, as it is an option players have. So regardless or w/e about mono vs duel faction power, a portion of the small card pool will have focus for mixed factions.. for easy sake lest say 2 of every 3 cards in a faction is keyed in a way to synergism with the faction of either side of the wheel. Regardless of the exact split, there is a split that will weaken mono options in relation to duel faction and Tyrinid's will not have this problem. It will be a solely coherent faction designed to work alone from the start. This will also make the pool you can use for a individual decks larger if you duel faction. More cards, more options, more ability to make a better decks, so I would postulate that duel faction will be the norm in competitive play for the foreseeable future. Ironically it is now in the core set that mono could be the strongest (assuming you use 3 cores.. Chaos for example makes a decent mono deck already)
  17. Just to be clear, I think Darks have some very strong faction abilities. I just think the warlord is very weak, for now. There is a reason I thought (wrongly it turns out) that Dark / Elder would be a strong deck when the spoils first came down, Dark has some very strong concepts in the cards. We have already discussed how the pool expansion will be slowed down tons by the squad inclusion in the APs. So warlords are going to be the deciding factor on how the deck comes together. Once the card pool is large enough, say 2 years or so, there might be a case for Warlords being chosen for purely support abilities. Calto is an example of this already, and we can see it is undeniably strong. Still, making a pure IG deck, and only using Calto as the warlord is not really a good idea.. yet. Just as making a Dark deck with just a Chaos leader isn't either.. but it very well could be and a new Dark warlord could greatly change how the faction is perceived. People defiantly "want" them to be good. Basically the warlord's ability is the key, and the 4 slot squad cards and to a lesser extent the 2 slot one. You can basically ignore the 1 clot cards. They are just stupid and with out a tutor you can not count on them in your deck design as drawing 1 / 50 is so luck dependent you can not rely on it as part of your deck design. For now though and probably for the foreseeable future, Warlords MAKE the deck, and I think it is fair to say the "warlod" for Dark is ****.
  18. I haven't really looked at the situation of mono decks, but the game can of course be played this way. Yet your correct, the game is designed for cross faction pairing. So I would say that playing full mono would be unpredictable balance wise as mono is not really something that the designers will push for. At least at this stage of the game, faction pairing will be greatly encouraged with effects split. So while you could make a nice deck with A, the same deck would be better with a splash of B. Yet if you are all doing it, then I doubt there would be much of a problem. I am nearly certain a house rule of mono decks will still provide fun games foe you. As for the mono tyrinids.. well.. you could be right.. this will be balanced to the meta level of the decks.. mono and mixed faction alike. So it could be very possible that they will more powerful. For the same reasons, Necrons could be very weak. A lot of people I know who play 40K had the same reaction
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