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  1. Android is massively more popular than this game, pretty sure a art book would sell very well. Not sure I understand art books, don't you have the art on the cards? Also google the artists to find large untouched versions of your fav card art
  2. people have been talking about a vs game from before it was released. If you can work out some decent rules I think it would be very popular. In our game club we run a "Sauron Mode" ... basically if you look at the nightmare packs they replace cards in the core and deluxe but the individual cycle expansions do not replace those same cards. "Sauron Mode" for us means that the nightmare cards are put in permanently.
  3. make a new version for iPad and one for computer.. the abreviated buttons ******* ******.. you have completely ruined it fix it now.
  4. Use LackeyCCG. It has save and a ton more stuff, like auto save for crash recovery. OCTGN is terrible app.
  5. neat.. some nice stuff there and the self portraits are awesome as well. Is there a way to search that site for Gallery Names? I'm looking for a bunch of dragon art for a card game I am making (for fun). It would be awesome to find a gallery form the same artist so there is a match in theme among the cards. Of course I will ask permission and it is a 100% for free thing.
  6. It depends on what you're deck is designed for and what, if any your other hands are designed for. With solo for example those first few turns are critical and key cards need 3 to ensure early draw, preferably in opening hand. Though Gandalf and that fetch is a way around this problem.
  7. Like I said you're using 3 slots of your deck for LoV to gain that quest power as well as losing a hero ability as he has none and requiring LoV to be drawn. Those three slots can be put to much better use.
  8. badda boom tish! Seriously though, was on phone so didn't get time to do a proper reply but sGlorfindel requires so much support. It is a massive investment in your deck design to run him, usually a minimum of 3 deck slots (3x Light of Valinor) and often 5 (+2x Asfaloth) Then if your running that 5, you might be forcing a Lore leader and I have even seen people put in Master of the Forge to speed up the attachment fetches. So on a bad build you might be looking at 9 deck slots just to field him, and his hero has no native ability. Just stats. Now I am not saying he is a bad hero, he is very strong, but he heavily affects your deck build due to the amount of support he needs taking up your deck slots. I just feel that there are tons of better options now the pool has opened up a little.
  9. Well yeah it has power, but your probably running that spirt attachment so he doesn't tap to quest and the horse,lets say 5 to 6 slots in your deck and no functional hero ability. There are just better options and combos now. He is strong but not stronger, and frankly I'm bored of him and hardly miss him.
  10. glorfindel is very quickly getting outpaced in recent times. for me there is no room for him in the current outlands deck and he hardly ever gets in my decks at all. the low threat isn't worth the loss of a some of the MASSIVE utility that other heroes bring, as well as the cards slots you need to waste to utilize him efficiently, like that attachment. As for Asfaloth? Yeah, your right.. it is not really needed so to speak if you use him in the "old way". Back in the day it was as a way to remove locations completely from the staging area before you travel to them. Now with penalties for having progress tokens hanging about in the staging area and large quest count locations this method of clearing is no longer the best approach in many quests. Far better is to try and clear a traveled location every round. This keeps the staging area low and you find that it is a accumulative effect. This is why the Lorien Guide is making a comeback. Asfaloth can be used in this exact same manner. To add tokens to the traveled location regardless of if you quest successfully or not. The Guides and Asfaloth are among the only real options you have if you are under questing, as when that location is removed, you drop the entire staging area threat. So like all things it really depends on the quest and more importantly on your deck. For me though I hardly ever run either of these cards.
  11. if you playing as part of the campaign with boons and burdens and all that crap you need to use the campaign toons as well. If your just playing it as a stand along thing, then you can't. Though of course nothing is stopping you either way.
  12. Cool. I have often thought of doing this as well.. not this game as I do not think it is thematic at all and story is like not even in the ballpark for this game. Still I have written narratives that read like a book or w/e with conversations and everything based on Arkham Horror games and stuff, so I know that games can inspire people in this way. You should definitely do this. It is fun, the games become etched in your memory and I think a lot of people on this forum would get a kick out of it.
  13. yeah but it is massively restricted by requiring aragorn to be in play. leptokurt has the truth of it. Spirit wins hands down for starting power. Those initial turns at the start which are so important.
  14. Farmimer is and always has been the most powerful questing agent in the gamer period.
  15. I don't think so. You can only really abuse him if you have Steward on a Lore character. Silvan Tracker when Elrond is in play is much worse. Heal two from all the Silvans for free. Silvan Tracker is bonkers nowadays. Also Warden can be abused pretty hardcore just with gloin and citadel plate. You can buff him to like 15 or somthing. Take massive undefended attacks and then use the resources to heal nearly fully back up all at action speed. You can easily defend many mods at once with no blockers this way.
  16. If your a tolkien fan and looking for a good card game that is not this one.. there is Middle Earth CCG (MECCG). It plays solo, 1v1, TvT and A41. Also it has some of the strongest connections of theme to gameplay of any card game ever. If you're looking at this game and think it is thematic.. you ain't seen nothing yet. It is hard to describe how amazing MECCG is. The big problem is that is a CCG and a old one and a popular one. So it is difficult to get the cards at some kind of reasonable price. As for the other LCGs. Call of Cthulhu is by far the greatest LCG in print. That is a game of pure skill and cunning and brutal decision making. It has some of the best deck building ever in card games and THE BEST resource system ever. Only the skilled may apply. This game is for the hardcore. If you're looking for a good game outside of FFG then check out DOOMTOWN RELOADED. AEG's reprint of Deadlands. Extremely strong theme, apart from MECCG the strongest I know of and the game (like MECCG) is so unique it is hard to describe without demoing it. The game is almost like a board game as it has a strong area control angle to it. AEG reprinted it in a ECG (Endless Card Game) but it is the exact LCG format, so it is no longer a lame ass CCG. I can not recommend DTR enough.
  17. Making it restricted also is a good fix, as the decision point of what to put it on becomes sharper, also it limits its use. You can not untap 4 times to block val.5.. .but you can block twice to block val.5. This is a pretty good limiter on it. I think my fav is making it unique. Limit one per deck is not cool. I know we have Word of Command very easy to play now, but still. Drawing singletons is anti-deck design as you can not count on it. Unique dose the exact same thing (apart form multiplayer) and you can also play it as a singleton if you like without any loss of functionality. So Singleton and Unique is practically the same change.
  18. not really. You need coherence among the community for a community to form. The rules is what binds us all together and creates discussion points and deck sharing. While yes, without competition the FAQ isn't as important.. but errats and tweaks to the game design are still needed for the life of the game and the ability for the community to work together. While many of us use custom rules and eve ncustom cards, if you look around the "community" is all about office rule chat and deck design. So I am thinking it is still pretty important.
  19. Yeah, assuming you play to win. This game is so easy if you just build power decks. You have to self censor to make the game fun. Yes UC is the most powerful untap in the game. Though in our games we give it the unique and restricted traits. This fixes the card and allows for all the other untap cards to be functional again.
  20. this game owns it art wise, but MECCG is a much better game. Probably the most thematic game ever made.. it is seriously amazing. There really is nothing like it. Everyone that plays this game should give it a try.
  21. rotation makes no sense for this game.. Not only has it the smallest card pool growth of any of the lcgs so it would be like 2020 or something before it started to rotate, it is also not competitive. So who gives a ****? Any player can do anything they want already... you have one... Middle Earth CCG...one of the best card games ever designed. Play it and be amazed!
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