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  1. The problem is that with out any action from FFG on this people are forgetting this game exists.
  2. confused about this re-release. Will it be sold normally or as print on demand. Like will it be in stores, same as any new pack?
  3. I meant as a extra level of difficulty above nightmare. Not adding a vs system.
  4. As I said it is confusing to noobs but you'll get the hang of it.
  5. I tend to agree, but that isn't to say there is a very clear and direct logic to how LCGs do things. While it may not be as clear as a stack, it IS clear to experienced players. Noobs do get it wrong, but only for a while unless they are morons.
  6. Minute has this point total nailed. How can someone even argue against it, unless they are just being stubborn.
  7. I see where you are coming from here, but I would assume it will be both factions. We see duel factions in deluxe for every other LCG on sale, so I can not really see why this would be different. Necron's being able to faction with "anyone" baring the restrictions seams that it would need the least in faction cards to be viable. I'm still not sure if you can only team up with 1 faction on the wheel or if you can pick from all at once. Either way, Necrons are awesome, and I just see no reason to play this game until they are out. As for Nids, well I think it will be a while before they really come into their own. Even more than the rest of the game Nid decks will, at first at least be designed by the developers. Until there has been a bunch of nid cards released it will be a simple fact of picking everything released. Only a small amount of cards will be over the limit. So deck choices will be small. My guess is that they will design 2 deck archetypes for nids at first that can both be built from the starter set for necrons and nids. Still I really want to see some info on this form FFG as the longer these faction are not around the longer they are noyt having a lot of players try the game. Almost everyone I know was interested in this game, and then not a single person took it up because of the lack of nids and necrons. As far as I am concerned, when they are added is when the game is "launched".
  8. So myself and a bunch of mates are waiting for the games full release as it should have been from day one, but not heard anything. Any of you lot got any goss on the next big box?
  9. OCTGN is a terrible platform. We need a LackeyCCG plugin badly
  10. edit... totalyh ****** up that post.. forgot about one of the new faq rulings
  11. Will of the West has needed this for a long long time. Probably still not strong enough. I think it should be one per deck even.
  12. No, but you can't complain if you buy a small fries but want a large.
  13. exactly, it is abstracted bullet points of story you flesh out yourself.
  14. This is how I see it as well. Like while you can thematically explain **** like northern tracker exploring the traveled locations ahead of you through the mechanisms of the game it is a little harder to explain say Westroad Traveler instantly teleporting an entire party to any location. These things and the eagle thing are thematic inconsistencies with the game itself, though the mechanisms. Still there is another type of theme that games can be about and that is in the "story" it creates. This game is much more in that vien, I liken it to a series of bullet points. So the game is abstract and then forms a series of events that you can use as a skeleton to make a story, though itself dose NOT make a story. Much imagination is needed. A big often cited problem with this idea is the time period, we have unique and heroes from all over the time period of middle earth how can all be in the same group or how arbitrary the traveled location is and how it dosn't in anyway represent the parties location in a thematic sense, only a abstract one.
  15. Not really. Unlike true thematic games there are massive disconnects between the mechanisms and what they represent. A great and often cited example is having giant eagles flying around inside a mountain. I think the point to take though is that it matters so little. The game is good not in spite of its thematic inconsistencies but because of them.
  16. I imagine nothing. The game is completely abstract, while people can force meaning on things the game itself has no innate theme. The quests tell a story and stuff but in a jumbled bullet point kind of way. It takes strong imagination to compile everything into a story. Anyone who says otherwise is probably unaware of how much they are imposing on the game. Just a few questions and you find they are completely ignoring things or adding stuff. This game is abstract.
  17. There is plenty of chips in the sets. The core set is designed for people to buy more than one copy. That is way when you buy one you have what seams to be to few tokens. FFG expects you to buy at least two.
  18. I use dice and have 3 cores. If you pay postage I'm happy to send you a pile.
  19. Yeah but only people that play this game would even know about it and this game is but a fraction of the popularity. @other most artists have decent sized copies if you look.
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