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  1. This is a hero choice, and you would need to pick heroes to start above 40 =< for it to work, though raising the threat isn't hard after the reset. Still this is a little different from having a card that you can put 3 copies on to just rest to 40 from lower or higher.
  2. Slenderman is modern but not really any lamer than adding a wolfman or a vampire or w/e. I have no problem with modern things like this being included. As long as it is a general thing, not like a film villain. Like I do not want to see Freddy or Candyman. I think some modern ideas I'd be happy with would be the "black eyed children" meme and yeah Slenderman is not a myth it is a meme, but I guess these things need to start somewhere. Also in Supernatural they have this idea of a thought monster brought into being by belief. They call it a Tupla. I think that would fit in easy.
  3. I'd be disappointed if there was a 40 reset of some sort. Seams to me that would remove the skill in piloting the deck as well as designing it.
  4. Seams that Frodo would be the fastest way to hit 40 though action, but you could just as easily hit 40 by simply not questing. Eat a ton of threat on turn 1 and just wipe out all the monsters. There could be a solo deck here that doesn't quest at all (practically). Threat reduction, token placers, blades etc etc. These high monster eDecks could lead to a entire new way to play. Doomed will also make a big play for solo, but in multiplayer there could be problems with how it effects the entire table. Still I think in multi-player Frodo looks like the fastest and most reliable way to have a single player hit 40 while having the other players quest and stay under. Whack a Battle + Mocking Song and you have some powerful wound absorption across the entire table, especially when you build with other absorb effects. Mocking isn't unique or limited in any way, you could have 3 on Frodo easy. Not been as excited for a set for a while, this new keyword is very exciting for the changes in deck building it is encouraging and unlike Secrecy it is much easier to hit the threshold. At first I thought it might lead to a drop in the need for as much threat reduction, but having 40 threat could make those reduction cards more important not less.
  5. how do you download the links if you do not want to use fascistbook
  6. Well the nightmare packs replace cards in a given encounter set, right? So when you play a deluxe expansion or a core set quest like you have replacement cards. Well we noticed a while back that when you play a cycle adventure, say "Return to Mirkwood" ONLY the "Return to Mirkwood" set has replacement nightmare cards even though the entire encounter set also contains cards from the core set. So we have a game mode we run that we called "Sauron Mode" in which you replace ALL the cards in a given encounter set, not just the cycle pack. To do this you first make the nightmare deck for the 3 base quests, and then use those nightmare mixed sets in addition to the changes you make on the cycle adventure. What you end up with is a much much harder nightmare deck.
  7. I really like this new keyword. So much of LoTR deck design and game play is about minimising threat. We have had secrecy for a while as well which has kept this idea of low threat in mind as well. I know I personally have always concentrated on low threat. This will open up a ton of new deck building choices as well as allow some new balances in multi-player. Yeah I think this is a excellent addition and I expect that designing decks for 40+ may lead to a lot of cards getting pulled out of mothballs.
  8. I might be wrong but I still think this will be a 1 attack only. But the big difference is that as this is a warlord, it isn't just about the command struggle and supporting or avoiding combat. It can in fact initiate combat. I think this is a big deal and makes it much more powerful than any other mobile card so far.
  9. Yeah, that is exactly what I just said. I'll see if I can make it clearer. The command struggle occurs in its own complete phase, before the combat phase. BUT, combat occurs at the planets with the warlord. So while mobile on a warlord dose not mean you can win two command struggles it dose mean that you can win a command struggle and then move to a adjacent planet and activate a combat struggle there during the combat phase. So in a way you are getting two uses out of the warlord that other warlords need to decide between. Command or initiate combat. This could easily be used for denial of command bonuses against your opponent. You could send your warlord to either deny (win) where a player has a command weenie, and then jump to another planet were there is one of his command units and kill it. This would be a massive swing. You gain a command reward, deny their command reward, as well as destroying another one of their command reward units. Or auto win at a location that has no opposing unit and then move to where he has a command gain unit and kill it. Is another way to play. Playing this way would allow you to put your warlord on a planet between command units as the way to play around this would be to try and not use adjacent planets if possible. Also, the mobile would mean that you could escape a fight if you ran into their warlord at that in between planet Even so I think the mobile ability isn't the kind of ability I like. I'm not saying it is not powerful, it is just telegraphed, so a smart player could play around it. Still I think dodging battle dmg on the warlord and denying command gains / killing command gain units looks to me to be this warlords thing.
  10. Mobile occurs before combat phase. The active player resolves all his mobile effects before the other player. This occurs even before reactions can trigger to the start of the phase, so that includes actions. It dose mean you can collect with the command phase using warlord auto win vs non-warlords then jump to a new planet to kill off their units there by activating combat at the new location. I would think this warlord could be used as a type of denial control where you can pick off your opponents weenie command gathering units with ease.
  11. what store in Melbourne and do they have a website?
  12. maybe. Just sucks going to take so long to get it. We haven't even got the first pack in australia yet and our dollar tanked recently to like 0.79us. So ordering from overseas has gotten bonkers expensive.
  13. I think a mobile warlord is pretty strong. I would expect it to be a 1 attack. A permanent "Blackmane’s Hunt".. seams legit. I like the idea of moving your army to a different planet than the warlord and stranding it there, but I think unless you plan very well, this could be problematic. A strong mobile themed deck would really be powerful I suspect.
  14. Yeah it is in fact 9,as the neutrals are split. But yeah not sure where the 10th came from.
  15. quote for truth. One of the great problems with the LCG model is that as the game ran into full maturity (CoC or W:I or aGoT) there was a huge pool of cards spread across like a decade or so of releasing. Now the big draw of the LCG is the fact you do not get random packs. This is all well and good. Still the upshot of this was that competitive play meant new players had a huge cost outlay to get into the game. The larger the pool the more expensive the entry point for compeditive play. This was exasperated with the faction system that the LCG uses. We get like 20 cards or w/e in a single pack nowadays, 3 of each (this was not the original case btw). Many of these games have large faction counts. Netrunner has 10, CoC has 9. This game currently has 8. So in a single 20 card pack you only get a few 2 or maybe 3 for each faction in the game. Conquest has the warleader squad which further reduces the off faction cards What this meant is that when you built a deck the "ideal" of the LCG was you could build a deck form the entire pool and then just go buy the packs you needed to make that deck. The problem was that to make any given deck you needed to buy a MASSIVE amount of cycle packs as those cards you were looking for were stern all across the entire release schedule. A single competitive deck might cost upward of 500 bucks easy (yeah still way cheaper than a ccg but still, 500+) as you simply had to buy a pack to basically get 1 card. Also there was a real problem with set absorption among new players. In CoC for example the pool was so large that new players would simply not have the stamina to read a single faction in a single sitting, let alone memorize it to find synergies among them. Now games like Conquest limit the absorption of the game by having set faction grouping. If you want to play SM you only need to focus on 3 factions. So they have built in a second tier to deal with this problem. The problem of new players having a massive pool to look though and not being able to adsorb the card effects in a way to produce quality decks. CoC was perceptually bad for this as it has some of the widest deck building in and LCG. Then on top of that you had retailers. They (and FFG) would need to either print or supply massive product lines dating way back for years and years. Taking shelf space, production resources it goes on and on. All this stuff needed to be available at all times or the LCG fan base cracked a collective barny. There is seriously so much good about the cycle system, it basically fixes every single one of these major problems with the format.
  16. yeah, the idea of rotation made a lot of the LCG community loose its **** but some of us have been arguing for cycling for years and years. The pool is going to be around a steady 1500ish cards, the current MTG cycle is about 1300 to give it some perspective. Also remember that Core and all the Deluxe expansions do not cycle out. It is only the smaller packs that cycle. The cool thing is that Conquest is the first LCG that is basically around form when this idea was invented. While Star Wars and Netrunner are well smaller than the cycle point, there was a number of packs released before this was added to the LCG model. Conquest has the luxury of being inside this design scope. This should mean that conquest more than all the others will fit this model the best. We "should" see key cards in deluxe expansions that could fit this model much better over time. So when you see a card in core or the deluxe expansions you should be thinking about the design space it opens, as cards will build on it, but they will disappear, but the cards design space will not. Also, IF the games are still very popular after a given "rotation" I am certain that a legacy style format will turn up for the players, either unofficial or maybe even official.
  17. hmmm.. lame. Still in that case it would be more of a massive "demon" type card like the Chaos ones. Though a "Demon Prince" could totally be a warlord, so I dunno. Guess we will find out eventually. Yeah but recursion is such a powerful effect in card games. I would be a little nervous if I was a designer and giving a single faction such a bonkers powerful effect as a tribe trait. I mean, sure it fits the "undead never dies" thing pretty well, but I would like to see recursion in some way on all factions eventually as I have always felt that like card advantage though increasing your draw it is really a "basic" effect. Also, we have seen recursion on Tau though the 1st Tau warlord's attachment recursion power. Regen could be a safer mechanize to give a faction without drastically altering how you play when you pick up necrons. They would just be harder to kill due to a heal effect, maybe necrons might be rare as well, as they could reply on the faction pairing for army units. Obviously I am just imagining here. A few mates and I made a 40K game about 10 years ago or so. We got around the regen thing by having necrons when killed tap, or deactivated was the keyword we used. They would remain tapped and regen 1 health a turn until 1/2 health rounded down. Then they would uptap and march on. Like in the table top game there was cards that could accelerate the "revival". We did this so necrons could "die" and "regen" but never in fact interact with the actual discard pile. There was a lot of other cool stuff, like the physic field link of the necrons was powered by support cards (to use conquest terms), each monoloth allowed 1 point of dmg to heal on any activated necron. So there was also some ways for them to regen when damaged before they died. Anyway w/e... my old game has nothing to do with anything, but my point is that with a little imagination there is many ways they could go with this "undead" thing. What about Nids? I do not really know much about them apart from them being a bio-swarm and all that general stuff. Maybe the Hive Warlord could be a actual hive ship? I also saw a post here ages ago that suggested that a Tyrinid warlord could be a entire planet. I thought that was cool.
  18. quote for truth I would say that it is a marketing aspect of the LCG. CoC, Warhammer Invasion and Lord of the Rings all introduced new factions as well after a few cycles. The only one that hasn't is Netrunner. Isn't C'tan like a God or something? That would be like actually having a Tzeentch or Khorne themselves in a chaos deck, wouldn't it? This or maybe more likely a regeneration theme? I would be willing to bet that there will NOT be any specific cross nid/nec factions cards. Nids will be totally separate from Necs. The wheel seams to show that nids can not ally with necrons in anyway, or with anything for that matter. I would also bet that in the deluxe that they introduce the new factions they will also add maybe 2 or 3 new cards for each of the older factions as well.
  19. Well, at risk of going a little more off topic, I'll just add that MTG has a extremely rich lore. We are talking massively thick easily the equal of 40K. Entire wiki's full of interconnecting plots and each expansion adds to this in a very direct way. Just google the latest set and you will find the story that is attached to this, a story usually thicker than many games. There are entire forums that do nothing but talk about the story and theme of the new sets. Though, like ANY game, it is a backdrop to the game itself and MTG like 40K the table top game can attract players who know nothing of the theme, just that it is MTG or 40K. The big difference is that they are established games. Trazyn the Infinite maybe? He is all about artefacts and ancient technology. This could translate into the game as attachments and support cards. So you "assimilate" the other faction or faction for army units and then augment them with these old artefacts. Though I am still not sold on this "assimilate" aspect of necron lore. To be frank it smacks of a newer codex than I have read. They were all about the cleansing of life when I knew them.
  20. Theme isn't more important than gameplay,but it is theme that attracts or repels new players. I have my doubts you would have bought 3 cores if this game was set in a carebear setting. Theme dose matter which is why companies like FFG spend fortunes on named IPs. You can argue this, but you would be wrong.
  21. I think you are in the minority. Theme is extremely important when attracting new players.
  22. This is neither here nor there. Player perception is 1/2 the battle. Hello Kitty CCG could be the best card game ever invented but I will not be playing it as it doesn't appeal to me. Not having Nids and Necrons instantly turned off many players completely and viciously undermined consumer confidence in the product for others. We are inundated with a lot of great card games. Doomtown was released at the same time this was for example, and there is a number of other LCGs that all will get "best LCG" label depending on who you talk to. The point is that a game needs a hook beyond the actual gameplay. The game may be "the best ever" but that isn't stopping the general perception of "Well, I'll try it when Nids and Necrons are added" that is common to most 40K xpats and other general players. As they have so much else to play anyway. The problem is that FFG is taking their sweet time in making any kind of announcements. They do not need to release it but people are completely forgetting this game even exists. Those people waiting for it are like "Oh that game, yeah forgot all about that". They are no longer waiting for the NN deluxe, they are not waiting at all. They should post some kind of spoiler that I can point to so players coming into my store are reminded of this game and where it is going.
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