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  1. Hehe nice crystal ball you got there.... Anyway we will see, but I still expect 4 warlords 2 of each faction and then all same faction cards with maybe 3 neutrals and 2 of each other faction.
  2. Isn't that what I just said in the post above?
  3. yeah, people always forget neutral! I kinda assumed 3 warlords but I think Tek may be right. If it came with 4 warlords 2 for each then they would have the same count as the other factions. Not sure why I didn't think of that before. This would open up a ton of slots for cards.
  4. Totally agreed. The thing is that this quest is now trivial. What people are really saying when they find some of the older quests hard is that they are just not using top tier decks. Sure any game can have a bad draw, but we are talking about the "possibility" to beat something. Amon Din, should be like 80% plus if your using the "correct" decks. The thing is that this game is not a competitive one and there are a number of factor4s that lead to deck design witch is NOT based on power. Theme or tribes or the illusive "one deck to rule them all". Any quest can have a deck designed for that quest to trounce it with no problems, or very little. NM-EfGD is no exception, even with out the common house rule of a chosen captured rather than random. Is that quest still hard, sure it is.. but not unbeatable, and not with a super low near impossible win ratio like before and that win ratio is just going up and up and up and this game has insane powercreep in the player pool relative to the expansions. Amon Din is a perfect example. Look at the old threads people saying it is the hardest quest ever, now only a short time latter we have some respected community members saying they have won NM mode on their first try. Most people that have problems are either new players, bad players or for reasons of their own are not playing with a top tier deck or a deck designed just for that quest. This is why difficulty is so hard to judge. People play this game in so many different ways.
  5. hmm was sure he had a nightmare version up . Still regardless of your inability to understand the game to the point of beating this quest you should also take into account that this quest is well known as a anomaly. Picking one quest out of 30+ is not only unrepresentative but also petulant. I'll give you a hint • The way to beat this quest on nightmare solo was opened up with the mono faction heroes.
  6. Don't need to. Glaurung has a solo video on YouTube that people who don't know how to play can watch and the card pool is well more powerful now.
  7. It is pretty hard to loose with ents, but it is far less powerful than many other decks. This game is such a push over now it is getting ridiculous!
  8. They are big boys, they asked in the show for comments and suggestions and I gave them. I just get sick of all the podcasts being just card evaluations. I mean we all can read the cards. There is so much more a show like this could be doing, but no one (all not just these guys) have no imagination. I find it a real waste. I mean if you made the show longer then you could do both. Anyway, I said my piece he took it like a man, what is the problem?
  9. Yeah it will be one or the other, but I do not think it will be the star wars model where you get both factions but need to buy to copies. It will either be a single box with 3 of every card and both factions, or 1 box for each. Personally I'd like to see one box for both.
  10. Booored, One game per round is taken directly from FFG's Organized Play rules for this game, which can be found oh ic.. I misunderstood. I thought you were doing a single elimination thing of a single game.
  11. 1 game competition? That is no good. The entire reason competitions play multiple games is to mitigate luck. You get a bad draw and you are out with no chance to try again.. that is just bad. Seriously it should be best of 3 or somthing for each round. Otherwise it is not a competition, it is just a organized practice game pool.
  12. I'd be surprised if they did that. People dislike being forced to buy 2 copies of the same thing. Not that it makes any real difference, it is mainly a psychological thing. Players just like a single box that has everything in it. Simple as that. You can argue that the faction box in star wars is bad for the game as eventually years from now a new player needs to track down 2 copies of it instead of one, when it may be out of print and hard to find. This is the best argument for why FFG should not ever do this again. They are not always in print like Core Sets. Still there is a worrying precedence in the Core set. I was very surprised to see us forced to buy 3 copies of the core set. ANR was designed so only the very keen needed 3 and Star Wars only needed 2. Conquest "requires" 3 as most cards are singles. So based on that... maybe we might need to buy 3 sets of the expansion!! hehe I would also be very surprised if they split Nids and Necs into two expansions. People are pisses and people are waiting. They would be mad to not introduce the new factions as fast as possible. Having these factions come in late has completely turned off many players already. If the box comes out and some waiting player doesn't get their faction and now has to wait even longer, that will be it for them and this game. As I said at the start of the thread most people I know personally didn't buy the set when they found out Nids especially and necs where not in it. Nowadays most players I know, can not even remember this game exists as it has fallen so far off the radar. Those that do remember are waiting for the faction box. If they have to wait even longer.. then I doubt any will pick it up/
  13. U doubt it. Solo decks will be a thing in this game, but splashing support or events especially will always be a thing. There will always be a card in a faction worth putting in over something in your base faction. It is the nature of the card games.
  14. I do not normally listen to pod casts, but I listened to this latest episode as I'm training for a marathon and have been doing tons of jogging. Normally I listen to audiobooks.. but thought I would give this a go. Anyway, you asked for comments so here I go! Really liked the deck tech at the end. No surprise that plague chaos is kicking ass all over the shop. More deck tech, less card evaluation more personal game reports. That stuff is fun. I do not know which host is who.. but to the guy that said minimum deck counts isn't a hard rule. You're so ******* wrong it is just insanity. Seriously. Keep to the minimum deck counts. What the other guy said is 100% correct. It is a pure math thing there is NO argument that is valid for having more then the minimum. There is the argument that though the increased draw in this game with commands and 2 a turn and all that stuff that you burn though a deck fast enough to mitigate increased deck size.. but that argument is trash. One of the biggest % draw increases is in your opening hand. Trying to get those early cards needed and even with increased draw you are decreasing the chance to draw key cards at any given point. Be ruthless in your deck building.. cut and cull till you are at the min-deck limit. Make a scratch pad of all the cards you wanted to put in and then deck tech it (play a bunch of games swapping around your scratch pad into and out of the deck) to see what works. This game is random enough with its ubr 1 slot supports with out deck tech'n to make it more random, I mean it is bad enough the game is tanked on a lucky trun 1 den! hehe. But seriously, there is no grey area here, stick to minimums. Also to the other guy... (you do not get off easy) you talked about that spoiled DE event. Just like to point out you fell into the "trap" of considering it a pure damage card. It is in reality a discard. No one is going to take 3 or possibly 6 damage in the face if they can discard. We chatted about it recently and people mentioned the choke deck, and they can be in a position with out cards to discard.. but the point of the choke deck IS to force discard, so chances are you are going to be running this... for the discard. I mean you could wait it out for the dmg turn and hope you choke them that hard, or cast this and actually choke them like every time. So yes the card damage is strong, the "real" effect is discard.. not damage. All in all I enjoyed your cast guys.. keep it up. Though stop apologising everythime you rate a card or a deck or w/e. Yeah we get it, these are your own opinions and 1st glances etc etc. Just cause you are saying you would change a card in a deck doesn't mean you are saying you are a god of cards and the deck builder is a fool. blah blah blah
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