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  1. The Gas

    Mystery Star Wars game

    What I think it probably is: X-Wing core set, Episode 8 edition What I want it to be: that rumored Star Wars reskin of the Warhammer Quest card game
  2. The Gas

    Imperial Assault Rules for Marvel

    Regardless of how well the IA system would or wouldn't work, this statement is definitely false.
  3. The Gas

    Companion Expansion(s)

    I want 4-LOM to come as a companion to Zuckuss, BUT as a figure and an exception to the rules that spring from companions being tokens instead of figures. Basically they'd just be one group made of two different figures with their own stats and abilities instead of two copies of the same figure. (This is also how I feel R2 and 3PO should have been done.)
  4. The Gas

    What next after Endor?

    I don't want to shock you too much, but it's quite common for a game of "X-Wing" to have not a single X-Wing on the table.
  5. The Gas

    Jabba's Realm

    Maybe they'll be like the ISBs, with an optional mission that slots into the mini-campaign. The relevant text block on their map sheet could say you get to add it to "[Title Redacted], the upcoming mini-campaign to be released after Jabba's Realm".
  6. The Gas

    Wave 8

    So, no indication that Captain Terro/Dewback Rider includes two rider sculpts to differentiate the unique from the generic, like General Weiss? :-\
  7. Well now they HAVE TO make an expansion, even if it's nothing more than a Thrawn standee and action card in an LCG-monthly-pack-size clamshell.
  8. The Gas

    New AGoT boardgame!

    Certainly looks like a better match for the material than the existing Thrones board game (as good a game as that is in its own right, it just plain doesn't "feel like" ASOIF). I just hope the character powers aren't all recycled from CE aliens, and there are at least some changes to the rule system (from the preview article it looks like a verbatim reskin, as far as I can tell).
  9. The Gas

    Expansions coming out too fast?

    And if FFG will not listen, then to hell with them!
  10. The Gas

    Opinions on Bespin?

    Oh come now, you saw Return of the Jedi, right? Clearly the items are delivered to the droid's owner by means of its standard-issue lightsaber launching tube. EDIT: hell, in the case of a grenade, I can easily picture it as never being in the owner's hands at all - the action to use it represents radioing the droid and saying "that grenade you found? I need it armed and launched at these troopers."
  11. The Gas

    What will the Next Expansion Be?

    I think the people predicting Jabba's palace based on the OT-based trajectory we've seen so far are right. I think the people predicting something set before ANH due to the "three dead guys" wave are... also right. Think about it - an expansion built around Jabba's palace would have to happen some time BEFORE RotJ, since after means Jabba's dead, the Rancor's dead, all his goons are dead or scattered to the winds. So since it has to be before RotJ, why not several years before?
  12. The Gas

    2016 Regional Championships Results

    I made that exact argument, they looked it up, and this is what FFG wants. They showed me this article about how this isn't collusion. It's insanity. EDIT: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/4/15/intentional-draws/ There it is in black and white, agreeing to draw isn't collusion. The TO was like, I feel for you, this seems totally absurd to me too, but it's what FFG decided, my hands are tied.
  13. The Gas

    2016 Regional Championships Results

    Covenant's regional in Tulsa today was a fiasco too. But in a way that FFG is apparently fine with. End of round 3. 8 players have each won 2 games, for a tournament score of 6 points. The winners will advance to the top 8, the losers may or may not depending on strength of schedule - the winners of the other matches in round 4 will still have a shot. Except they won't, because THE ENTIRE TOP 8 AS OF THE BEGINNING OF ROUND 4 AGREE TO DRAW. They each get 1 point, and whatever happens at the other tables is moot. "Collusion among players to manipulate scoring is expressly forbidden." Somehow, apparently, this doesn't apply in this case. Because in FFG land, words don't have meanings.
  14. There are lots more lightsabers in the universe than Jedi at this point. Also doesn't make a lot of sense that Diala doesn't have one, Jedi can make them, hell even Ezra made his own gunsword. As for anyone else wielding it... Well I guess it might be good on Loku, and considering he's easily the worst character that isn't a bad thing. Anyone else isn't going to want it. Whaaaaaaaaat. Lay off the death sticks dude, Loku is the heroes' MVP. Sure he doesn't hit that hard on his own, but he makes the entire team hit harder. The gun in his hands isn't his weapon, his teammates are his weapon (especially ones like Biv, Fenn and Gaarkhan, who can reliably position themselves to hit his target with multiple attacks per activation). A mark from Loku (which only costs a strain) makes the IP's big scary beatsticks go down at least one attack sooner (two or three for the really big guns with tons of HP like Vader and AT-STs), and as we all know, action economy is everything in this game. You wanna talk worst character, it's Jyn by a mile. (At least out of the core set. I haven't played enough with/against Verena or the engineer chick from Twin Shadows to know if they're even worse.) Nifty ability she's got; too bad it can be completely neutralized by any halfway competent IP. "Oh, you lined up an overwatch shot against Fett? Cool story bro, I'll just move this trooper in between them from out of her line of sight before he goes."
  15. Huh, you're right. Pretty underwhelming (and the name doesn't make much sense for the effect), but I guess that's why it only costs 1.