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  1. Darkest Dungeon

    It plays like a video version of Torchbearer. Jerry (Tycho) on Penny Arcade mentioned that Luke Crane, the author of Burning Wheel, had run a Torchbearer adventure for him that was part of an unannounced collaboration between the Torchbearer team and the Darkest Dungeon people.
  2. The Enemy Within is coming to 3ed, it's official!

    It says there are to be three adventures and an epilogue in the box.
  3. Learn to Play Online & Intro to MapTools

    Just saw this and I'm sending you a message. Hope I can get in on this...
  4. It moved from "on the ship" to "trucking to the stores" recently...
  5. Finding gaming groups may also be helpful. You can search for tags and look for people near you.
  6. It's now listed as on the boat. How long does that usually take?
  7. Nice to hear it. Thanks for the update.
  8. Interestingly, the Creatures Guide and Vault have ads out at saying they are available. Maybe that ad buy was a 'bit' premature or poorly scheduled. I think they'll show up right after the Christmas shipping rush.
  9. also has the GM guide/vault and Player guide/vault in stock.
  10. monkeylite said: Saint&Sinner said: I've got 5 kids. That's a whole party! You better believe it. I'm doing my part to grow the hobby. B-)
  11. Busy at work and I've got 5 kids. Haven't done more than flip through in on the flight back. I'll do what I can but I'm at the wife's beck and call for a bit since I was at Gencon (payback and all that) B-)
  12. I picked up this and Edge of Night at the booth. Both look very nice.
  13. Sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get up there. Are you running a set of events at Gencon or Dragoncon?
  14. Very nice. Blood for the Blood God indeed. B-)