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  1. It's never too late to get into X-Wing. Stuff keeps coming up all the time but for casual play where you provide everything for your friends you could start with a couple of core sets and either add 2x TIE + 1x X-Wing expansion or just buy one of the each model you like for variety. In a non-competitive setting the balance between squads is up to you. For casual play you don't have to worry if you got all 3 Push The Limit cards or 2 Engine Upgrades that you may need - just write/print the squads on paper. No one would complain since you're providing the game anyway. All of this is still cheaper than a single copy of some board games - and I'm not even talking about miniature/card/collectible games here! The actual problems start when you get into collecting ships to run thematic squads or want to dabble into Epic games though...
  2. Do you know if the figures from the new line of toys by Hasbro - Star Wars Command would be of the same or at least a very similar scale to the figures of Imperial Assault? If so that is a very nice way for us to add some homebrew characters to the game! Just a thought.
  3. Hey guys, To introduce myself - I'm a co-founder of a small web development agency - we mostly do web design and app development and I myself am front-end developer / UI/UX designer. I can help out a bit with either my time or with someone else in the team (we have graphic designers too) when business is slow. So please let me know if you'd like our help. This of course is pro bono - I'm a huge fan of the game and I'd love to have some contribution to the community. So, let's get this started!!
  4. Unfortunately the second turret is from my second HWK ... which is now left only with it's 1 attack die primary weapon! Apart from that, both turrets were cut off the ships and their steps were also cut. Then I glued small cylindrical magnets to both the turret and to two spots on the ship ... aaand that's all So now I can have a HWK with one, two or no turrets at all. BTW The small 'wings' are repositioned so the top turret can now shoot backwards without hitting them
  5. Those Black Sun scum have equipped their HWK with dual turrets!
  6. After a slight delay - this is how my mods look like. Note that I haven't sprayed all my rods yet and the rare earth magents I use are green - getting a set of black ones soon! Also the ones here use two nuts - one on the ships base and another on the rod. The second can be replaced by glueing the magnet to the rod itself (which I'll do once I get the black magnets)
  7. Not sure if anyone mentioned this already (please excuse me if I missed it) but there's a very very easy way to avoid doing anything to the ship itself while achieving the exact same effect the OP describes. Instead of cutting the ships's stand thingie and glueing the metal washer there, you can simply get small nuts of the exact gauge as the stand and wlightly screw it on there - I found some pretty standard nuts that fit neatly with just a little rotation and they stay there securely without damaging the base itself, so if you decide go back to the stock stands, you got that as an option too. The downside is of course that those nuts and the magent ball are more visible but it's something you can live with. You can minimise this by spraying all the nuts, magents and the stand stems black. I'll post photos tomorrow - all my X-Wing stuff is at the office! Cheers
  8. Really? Some of you can't see the flavour for Vader? He's the best pilot in the Empire and a powerful force user - he can do twice the actions others can because he's very comfortable in his custom Advanced and has the force on his side. That'd be at least two actions in my book! The crew Vader ability is pretty self explanatory and possibly the most flavorful one in the game so far.
  9. While waiting for my Wave4 ships to arive I was wondering if any 3x builds of either new Imperial ship would be any good at all in a casual game (read: always Imps vs Rebels; no Z95 swarms)? Have you tried anything like that? Thing is, I have a hard time mixing up Imperial ships - a squad of three squints a duke and an eyeball simply does NOT belong in the Galactic Empire!! Am I right?
  10. So we all know that points on ships are almost always better spent than points on upgrades and even more so if you end up fielding Clusters against TIE's or Assaults against a 3 ship build. Same holds true for many other upgrades and that is especially irritating in one off causal games between friends where "tournament meta" is not a thing. In order to incentivise people to use more upgrades in casual games we can simply separate the list building into two phases: 1. Both players pick ships only and show each other what they picked; 2. Then both players secretly pick upgrades and then they show their complete lists. This also eliminates the "Oh, so you picked X? Then I'll swap my Y with Z!" argument, esentially leading to a more casual and friendly game. Thoughts?
  11. Same here - I buy for myself and for the people I play with on regular basis with one guy being an exception, having a fleet of his own.
  12. Meh. Not even enough to outfit a single Star Destroyer!! Also the facility in Imdaar Alpha had much more than 12 Phantoms... so I don't know what were you thinking getting so few of them! Joke aside, Zing, you're an inspiration to us all, as always!
  13. About $800 pre-wave4 and Rebel Aces (no pre-orders for me!). This includes about 32 small ships, two Firesprays and one of each other large and huge ship as well as two 3x3 thick 8mm raw HDF boards, spray paints for the bards and ship bases, two tool boxes for storage, some binders for cards, bunch of rare earth magnets for replacement stands... Not nearly enough!
  14. It's my favourite game since I started playing it about a year ago!! Not a single disapointment for a whole year!! Thanks FFG!!
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