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  1. When you access a card from HQ due to a successful run (or any other reason), does the corp player get to see what card you accessed (assuming it wasn't an agenda and either was not trashable or you chose not to trash it)?
  2. Is it possible for a corp to run an out of faction agenda? There is no influence cost so I'm thinking "no" but that makes the core set very restrictive in terms of both agenda choice and deck size.
  3. /sadface In LOTR LCG they only printed 1 of the characters so I was hoping it would be the same here.
  4. Title mostly sums it up. The splash page says the first expansion is 60 cards, 3 copies of 20 cards. One of those cards is a runner Identity and one is a corp Identity - are we going to get 3 copies of each? Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no reason/need to have more than one of an Identity right?
  5. I figure both Joust and Melee, the core game seems very geared toward the multiplayer aspects - do people mostly play one over the other or is it an even split? Do you know if the Clash at Arms expansions are still available or do older sets go oop? Would you suggest I handle anything differently in trying to kickstart a community at my store?
  6. Hi all, I have played on and off for several years going back to the old ccg days and I am looking try to grow a community for the game at my store but i have some questions to help me figure the best way to go about this. If any of you can help me out with answers I would appreciate it greatly. I am looking at starting an "escalation league" where each player takes a deck from the starter box and builds on it from there, at an identical pace. 1) Are the 4 decks in the core game approximately balanced or is one head and shoulders above (or below) the rest? 2) If a player wanted to play Greyjoy or Martell and bought the appropriate expansion are their decks going to be on par with the 4 from core or are they going to be better? (I assume they will be better) 3) Looking at what chapter packs to "escalate" into, the obvious idea is to get the most recent block and start at chapter 1 and move forward - will this make functional and fun decks? are there cards in earlier blocks that are more important and key to the game? Are those blocks still available? 4) Does my idea of everyone buying the same chapter pack each month make sense to keep the playing field even? 5) Is there a way to get more of the cards in the base game without buying multiple sets of it? Such as additional street of steel/whispers 6) What in the way of support does FF offer for Stores/TO's to encourage players? Obviously WotC sends out promo cards, Cryptozoic does the same as well as playmats and redeemable crafting supplies and badges - does FF have any kind of promo or item support that I can lure people into playing with?
  7. so wait, if you get put in the OW by an encounter in the arkham encoutner phase you then also get an encounter in the OW encounter phase? didnt realise that.
  8. How do you decide which of the 2 people have to roll opposed, say Albert and Boris run up to Christof and start hitting him - do they both roll vs diff 1 and Christof rolls based upon whatever the stat of the guy he is targeting? or does he roll vs diff 1? or do Albert and Christof roll on each other as opposed and Boris gets the diff 1 hits? Do you still allow Albert and Boris to take the "assist" manoeuvre to give each other a white die?
  9. If so what do you use as the opposed stat/skill? WS(Str) vs WS(Str)? or vs Agi? BS(Agi) vs Co-ord(Agi)? or athletics? Caster stat vs Disc(Will)? Or do you do the attack roll opposed by the target's Defence? Orcs and Wargor have str 5/6 which means players are going to be rocking 3 challenge dice. Are people missing a lot? I don't want to turn this into 4e dnd (or even worse v1/v2 wfrp) with 50% (or greater) miss rates on all attacks and combat being a whiff-fest
  10. By the RAW, no. But you could house rule it, or even if your career card was something else/similar you could still play as though you were your original career.
  11. Yes, but you cant put 2pts in a single skill
  12. Interesting - does that make sense vs an unarmoured target though? AGI+2-TOU? Im going to play around with it, maybe DR3 with pierce 4... I have a table setup for ranged weapons but I'm really not happy with it, I also added shortsword and handaxe to my melee table and am thinking about adding a 2 handed Pick kind of weapon. For my ranged table I upped the effectiveness of blackpowder weapons and re-worked the unreliable trait to work similarly to my breakable rules for melee weapons. I also am looking at armour and will probably remove the 1 soak that cloth gives since that seems kind of pointless.
  13. UncleArkie said: I do agree with you to some extend, the wardancer starts with 4 agi for free making 5 agi a 5 point investment, then get the action card that allows him to swap his melee attacks to agi and we are in a land where the beginning War Dancer will with a handweapon specialization make mince out if almost every opponent he meets, scary, very, very scary. compared to a human or dwarf in a str based class (like soldier) who start with 3 or 4 str and can buy up to 5 str for 9 or 5 points (remember the human gets 5 extra points to spend so that 9 is more like "4" and then have them get troll feller strike or dual strike or the 2 handed weapon card (thunderous blow) and that human soldier is just as good as the wardancer - on all of his attacks rather just the ones that use agi. to be fair I dont have the toolkit yet (its wrapped under the tree, an awesome gift from my son) but so far the careers are all very well balanced, and that is the problem - imo a wardancer should not be equal to a watchman. I guess thats just pretty fundamental to me and we may have to agree to disagree if in your vision of the WW they are equal. Good thing is the game is very easily house ruled, I am currently putting a document of all the house rules I will use (kinda like my version of the errata) for my players.
  14. UncleArkie said: Actually I am not, who is to say that a worthy warrior should not be honoured by learning the way of the sword, of course learning these things would have to have them go and train with the appropriate faction of elves or dwarves, problem solved, rules are in compliance. Sure you as a soldier can learn it, if you can find someone to teach you. Might actually be fun having a SM in the group trying to teach the pitfighter how to part the waters, while the big brute keeps using force, lots of good roleplaying there. I'll be ignoring that part of the erratta I think - I will make traits restrictive - of course as you say there may be some rp situation where the restriction is removed due to good roleplaying and great story but as a general rule those techniques will be unique fighting styles. The careers will also for the most part be left out of creation and will require rp/story to get into. If you want to run a ZOMG HERO game with a troll slayer, swordmaster, wardancer, ironbreaker and kick ass from day one I could see using them but imo those are (with the possible exception of troll slayer) "elite" careers that should have a certain amount of "woah" associated with them when people meet one.
  15. UncleArkie said: Actually the swordmaster actions are sword master only, you need his speial class ability to use them, to use the sword master cards you need to have the Way of the Sword, for the wardancer you need to have Ritual Dance and for the ironbreaker you need to have the Ancestor. The only way to acquire these actions is if you have the careers and they do create a significant difference in character design and ability trust me a Sword Master won't be bested by a goblin unless he is really unlucky, read the cards its right there on them ^^. Also I did a little looking about its not on the card, but on the pamphlet that came with the box. Under new action cards it states: The Way of the Sword represents the masterful combat abilities of the Sword Masters of Hoeth. The Wardancers of Athel Loren practice various Ritual Dance. The elite dwarf Ironbreakers us abilities inspired by their Ancestores. Now the wording is crap, I will grant you that, but I at least read them as meaning that you need the career to take them, also for example the Sword Master of Hoeth has under his career type description: Sword Master, its all a little er uncomplicated, I think we read too much into things, the game sorta assumes a basic level of "common sense" that we as gamers seem to over look, we are too used to rules being described in minute detail and everything spelled out in the rulebooks, but I may just be making an ass out of me and umption. I understand what you are saying, but the FAQ says you are wrong: Errata/Clarifications/FAQ Page 4 (NE W) Are Traits Restrictions? In and of themselves, no. An individual trait only becomes a restriction if another rule interacts with the trait and defines a restriction. A trait is merely a design element that other design elements may interact with. The Slayer trait does not mean that only Slayers may access or use cards with that trait. However, there is a greater possibility of an interaction between traits associated with careers, action cards, or special abilities. For example, the Troll Slayer career ability interacts with the Slayer trait on that career path, while the Wardancer’s (AT) special career ability works best with the Ritual Dance trait found on cards, as the Ritual Dance cards look for other cards with the Ritual Dance trait. However, by themselves, neither the Slayer nor Ritual Dance trait connotes any usage restriction. The traits Slayer, Way of the Sword, Ritual Dance and Ancestor are traits and do not represent restrictions on learning or using the actions they are on.
  16. Freiduin said: Kaptain O said: dvang said: 3) If the Initiate does count as having no favour, and gets the 1 equilibrium recharge at the end of their turn, does the invocation happen, or does it wait until the Initiates next turn to draw that 1 favour? No, favor transfers at the beginning of the player's turn. Thus, the initiate will remain at 1 favor until the beginning of his next turn when the favor transfers to the invocation and the blessing finishes casting. Do you have a page ref for this, someone else prev posted a page ref for it saying that favour is immediately transferred to the waiting miracle. p 32 Tome of Blessings: "If the character does not have enough favour to immediately activate the blessing, all of the character's favour is drawn out and placed on the blessing card to indicate how much favour has already been accumulated. Ont the character's NEXT turn, during his Beginning of Turn phase, a previously invoked blessing that still requires additional favour will automatically draw any new favour generated until it has satisfied the blessing's requirement, or until there is no more favour to draw. If the requirement has been fullfilled, the blessing's effect goes of DURING that character's turn..." This is quite important, since it has the effect of priestly magic oftentimes being 1 round slower than wizardly magic. If the priest uses channel to generate enough favour for a spell on the round after he cast the spell (round 2)... the spell wont draw that favour into itself and be triggered until the round after that (round 3). As for the first two questions... the priest doesnt have any favour anymore if he was drained to zero by the blessing (it is the blessing that has the favour now) so the priest begins to regenerate favour at the end of that turn (also indirectly confirmed from the rules on p 32.) Also p32 Tome of Blessings: In the example callout "Invoking a Blessing" "If the Initiate of Sigmar had only 3 favour available, all 3 favour would be placed on the Divine Perseverance card to show it was in the process of being invoked. As soon as a 4th favour was available, it would be claimed by Divine Perseverance and the blessing would resolve.'" That seems to be contrary to your quote - unless you read your quote as "this happens during the beginning of turn phase but not ONLY during the beginning of turn phase". I don't know how it should work, I don't know what should take precedence.
  17. Subject is pretty clear, do you let your players know, either by explicitly stating it or by describing them in a certain manner, that a certain 3 (or 4) npc's in the encounter are "henchmen" and subject to all the limitations thereof? I hated the 1 hit point henchmen monsters in d&d4e because I always felt bad when a player used a big attack on the 1 hp guy and wasted it - but at the same time I hated the idea of telling them it since it seems so metagamed. At least henchmen compared to regular dudes in wfrp are less black/white so it's not so much of a mechanical problem.
  18. mac40k said: Also remember that a character with a default stance of Reckless would roll 1 ® Do you have a reference to that, I'm pretty sure that while you use the red/green side of the card based upon your default stance you don't roll any stance die.
  19. dvang said: 3) If the Initiate does count as having no favour, and gets the 1 equilibrium recharge at the end of their turn, does the invocation happen, or does it wait until the Initiates next turn to draw that 1 favour? No, favor transfers at the beginning of the player's turn. Thus, the initiate will remain at 1 favor until the beginning of his next turn when the favor transfers to the invocation and the blessing finishes casting. Do you have a page ref for this, someone else prev posted a page ref for it saying that favour is immediately transferred to the waiting miracle.
  20. If you look at the list of 5 keywords that it has (that every career has, the ones you match up to see how compatible the careers are and so how many advances it costs to switch between careers) it has the trait "Intermediate" rather than "Basic". I know it is listed as a Advanced Career but i think that means "non-basic" as in you cant start as it, but since it's trais is intermediate I hypothesise they will have more advanced careers that actually have the trait "Advanced"
  21. Wow, way to resort to ad hominem. Where did I say that I wanted to be kickass or ub0r or whatever? I am saying that if someone comes across an NPC swordmaster or Wardancer in game, I want them to think *wow* this guy is awesome, he is the pinnacle of his skill - I do not want to mess with him. Also if after playing an extended campaign a player is accepted to be a wardancer I want them to feel proud, to feel that they achieved something. If a swordmaster is only as good as any starting thug, soldier, mercenary then that removes alot of the mystique the class has - they become "just another career" rather than something special and I think that it is sad. There are no swordmaster only action cards (per RAW) anyone can learn the styles of the swordmaster or the wardancer which again to me takes something from the "specialness" of these amazing warriors. In my game I will reduce access to the special classes until later, and likely restrict the special actions to members (current or past) of the appropriate career.
  22. Try it out for a session - see if it becomes a problem, that's what I'm going to do.
  23. Agreed - they could have probably avoided some of the questions by cutting them out of the "example specialisations".
  24. I feellike you may have missed my point. I was saying that sure, giving the PC's a "bonus" talent slot each time they complete a career (as a house rule) would increase the power level of the players but its not like they are going to get up to an obscene amount of talents, if you complete a career every 3 months you get 1 bonus talent slot ever 3 months. Maybe you cap them on a maximum of 2 slots of each type to prevent a melee monster having 4 tactic talents after completing his 2nd career. As far as long term plans as I said I'd really need to know what FFG has in store for us in the way of "Advanced" classes - right not to be honest I dont think any of the careers have the keyword "advanced", there are basic and intermediate - hopefully there are advanced careers that have special rules, abilities, bonus talent slots, unique actions etc. that really give a character something to strive toward. You have to assume that at some point in the next 6 months they will come out with an expansion with advanced careers, if not people are going to hit the dead end you describe and that could be bad for the game.
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