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  1. Hi! Maybe it worth trying hero points from RoT as a source of points in magic skills? This will slow down the progress of gaining magic power and you can add some home-made options if you see them useful. For unwanted attention threats and dispairs are working fine. Smth like: 1 for a hobo who will tell drunken stories 2 threats for sane bystander noticing smth strange 3 for a blogger/fan of UFO, MiB and such stuff Despair? Look for the news on cable channel this evening - you're on a camera. This both can bring more fun and plot hooks.
  2. One rusty credstick from my side - please remember that demolition checks are based on mechanics. So varies of booby traps, covering the retreat (or fake retreat to leave good trapped position) or preparing the battlefield beforehand (trapping possible sniper locatons, etc) can be performed with devastating effect. Having some flying/crawling minion droids (or slising existing ones) to delivery prepared charges to desired positions also work fine.
  3. Thank you for this link! Seems that forum search works fine with the last year only - the latest answer I've got for similar request was from May 2015.
  4. Hi everyone! Our SW characters obtained a brand-new Lambda-Shuttle. Well, let us not disclose the particular way we've got this ship... Anyway, at some moment we managed to lay our hands on a crashed ship and decided to utinnilize the remains. And were a bit amused that we have 200 encumbrance capacity of this shuttle. Really, 200 spare batteries for blaster pistols. Or 200 iDataPads. Or a bit more pleasureable 10 crates of whiskey. For the whole freighter-shuttle. Our team can drink it dry during a long jump... YT2400 is having even less capacity. Maybe I've missed a point and there are additional rules for vehicle capacity (like Soak is Armor x 10)? This was the first homerule I've suggested - but it seems not completely fills the gap between a space freighter and a car trunk? WDYT? PS: sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue.
  5. I've met DH1 and Rogue Trader crossover as a player once. DH1 specialists were significantly stronger than RT characters because having more XP means access to the higher-level Talents and skill advances. When RT character dreams about +10 to the next skill, DH1 character had already forgot where he got +20 skill. Almost the same issue will be in DH2 VS RT. DH2 characters can max out their high-focus skills and get the top Talents for their roles. They will be more competent in their specialities, they will have most of skills that they want to have on the "known" level. They can become more efficient in combat because of much quicker access to the small set of top Talents they will need to. It seems that this will be mitigated somewhere at ranks 5-7, but on earlier stages RT chars can be discouraged. PS: sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
  6. Looks handy and well-grouped, thank you! But there is one idea I've got after creating next set of PC's: It can be useful to have 2 micro-checkboxes near Skill and Attribute name to track Aptitudes for this Attribute or Skill. It takes significant time to re-check list of existing aptitudes, relevant aptitudes for skill/attribute, and evaluate exp to be spent on upgrading the skill/attribute. Ok with Talents - you take them once; but for fixed list of items that you can improve several times it will be a great boon to record the amount of Aptitudes (names will be overkill). WDYT?
  7. Maybe it make sense to switch to single-shot tracking and re-use Rogue Trader acquisition section scale modifiers and amounts? Start from the lower values of the ranges (like a box of ammo) and rise the amount of acquired ammo with extra DoS.
  8. One of my characters used a shoulder-mounted weapon (last time it was a Hellpistol). It made a nice "bzzz" following the target, and the red-dot sight projected a small nice dot on the, say, confabulator's forehead. It was quite food for negotiations. The bonus is that you don't need to do a thing with your hands. Kind of "You don't worth spending any additional movements." The character even don't change a look on his face. The gun on a shoulder revived, pointed on the opponent and turned red-dot sight on.
  9. Hmm. No recoil for laser weapon was already mentioned. Why not to allow las-users combine it with accuracy? Allow them to use Aim with Burst/Autofire for lasers. Seems that it can be a significant boon for this type of weapon.
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