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  1. Abhoth said: To be honest id get another gaming group, its you fun time right? If he is this much of a ******* (no offence to you for trying to find a way to game with him) Id just find another group, I work in Australia and there gaming community is minisucle compared to almost everywhere else yet I can easily find a new group for Dark Heresy, can you tell us where you are from? the USA? if so you should be easily able to find a new group of people and establish a better group imho, I think its better then trying to play with people who are gits. You think gaming in Australia is minisucle ? Try gaming in less developed region of Croatia ... I have only 2 Explorers and a couple of NPC's XD
  2. I like the Glasgow Kiss very much XD If my Explorers might die on their next Endeavor , this might very well be the name of the next vessel
  3. St. Jimmy said: Personally I'd have a vault with five men, each with a heavy flamer, at the sealed door. If anyone other than me tries to enter, they pull the triggers. The vault needs a voice scan, hand print and a password. If any of them are entered incorrectly the ceiling opens up to the void, via a grinder.Oh, and an acid-proof troll in a lake. It would suck being you and having a cold XD
  4. Marsfool said: Needless to say however his character is "the most depressing, pessimestic cousin i have ever had the displeasure of being related to." You sound like Ivan Vorpatil talking about Miles Vorkosigan XD
  5. My Navigator is going to like this info
  6. ... are navigators allowed to have sex ? With navigator gene and all that ... I'm asking this because Navigator in my party wants to seduce the doctor that has been healing him for some time ...
  7. Graver said: Ignoring issues of strength and force behind the pouch, I'd add +2 to the damage dealt by hitting someone with a bionic arm, but not with a weapon held in the arm. After all, hitting someone with a steel fist has got to do a bit more then hitting them with a meat fist. I just took the stats for Brass Knuckles in DH (1d5-1, a 2 pt difference over no brass knuckles) and applied it to the arm (making it a +2 so it'll stack easily with the Unarmed fighting talents). If hitting someone with brass knuckles on a meat fist would have 2 pts more damage potential then hitting someone with just a meat fist, then hitting someone with steel knuckles on a steel fist (or claw, or what ever) should do at least as much. Heck, I'd even go as far as saying a Poor Quality arm could be considered an Improvised Weapon (1d10-2+SB, unbalanced [really, look at the things], primitive)... clubbing someone over the head with one of those has got to leave a mark. Yes , we are on the same train of thought ...
  8. Explorator in my group has asked me following thing - does he recive a bonus in unarmed combat when equipped with a bionic arm ... What do you thunk ?
  9. My dear Explorers have named their ship "Wanderlust" ^^
  10. Erretnorb said: Things my rogue trader group has bought/hired/aquired beyond weapons, armour and gear: -A band so that a PC can have theme music/mood music (he is trying to aquire personal force fields so they can accompany him into battle safetly) -A midget who follows a paticular PC around wearing a special hat that has a drink holder, ashtray and writing implements so he never has to worry about finding a table -A taxidermist so that their kills can be properly preserved -A poet so their deeds can be recorded in epic verse -A battle caddy (basically one of the PC's has a man who follows him around, carries his weapons, re-loads them for him and suggests which one would be best for the paticular target) -Snakes to rid their ship of rats -Mongoose (Mongooses? Mongoosi?) to rid their ship of snakes (at this point I stopped them as I could see it would probably go to wolves next followed by bears.....) -A void suit for a horse (so the rogue trader can ride into battle even in space) Etherea... Um , i mean , Emperor help me , i'll probably die laughing XD What i like best is a void suit for the horse XD
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHWeuQyFouo Even getting killed by a daemon would be kinda funny with this song playing
  12. Well , i like to play Jethro Tull or something of irish folk/folk/folk metal punk persuasion , however odd that might sound
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