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  1. If you have a unit questing on Wolves of the North, do you attack first and then draw cards, or do you draw cards and then attack. It reads during your quest, so I'm not sure on the sequence. My gut tells me to attack and then draw cards.
  2. Drain Magic cancels a spell card. Your will is mine is an Epic Spell, not just a Spell. So does Drain Magic have the power to cancel Epic Spells?
  3. I would believe it shouldn't count since the unit turns into a Support Card Attachment. As a unit it has a power, I wouldn't believe that in the transition to a Support Card Attachment that the Power would still be there. However, until I get a ruling from FFG or a consensus on this blog, I have to allow my wife to count it as a power for her. She is a very competitive player.
  4. When you attach the card to a unit, does it's Power still count? So if I attach to a unit in my opponents kingdom, will he gain an extra resource for that turn? Sorry if this has been answered already, but just started playing Empire and my wife, playing Chaos asked that question. Right now we are playing that it does count it's power for the unit it is attached to.
  5. Is there a reason why, seems like it should be used to grab any resource, it doesn't specify which resource on the card Hate?
  6. Can you use Hate to grab any resource, including resources on units questing, or cards that come into play with resources on them?
  7. this doesn't seem confusing to me. If you are able to scout your oppenent, then he will discard a card from his hand, and you deal a damage to a target unit.
  8. says search your deck, so no, you can't search your opponents deck for an additional card
  9. I'm hoping that they do give an official answer when the next FAQ comes out. I've been playing that an attachment card can be played on any unit unless the card reads you can't based on the ruling from James that Dam listed and will continue to do so. But the original rulebook does call this into question. It would be nice if instead of waiting for a FAQ, they could issue official rulings on the website via their news stories.
  10. Uncle Sam, You can play attachments on your opponents units as long as there is no limitation on the attachement about having to be played on one of your units. For example, Choppa has to be played on a unit in your BZ, on the other hand a Warp Lightning Cannon can be played on any unit in play.
  11. IT, you are right. If it comes from your deck, you have control over the card, and I would agree that the symbol can be counted even if the card is in someone else's zone.Check out Pg 17 of the Rulebook "Control and Ownership" If a card effect steals control of a card, then I don't believe you would be able to count the symbol.
  12. On page 11 or original rulebook, it reads that you add "the number of loyalty icons under the printed cost minus the number of matching race symbols the player controls in play." You have to control the symbol in order for you to use it.
  13. I don't think there is any control over the card. It is not in play in one of your zones, and is therefore controlled by your opponent. I do believe if both players are playing destruction decks, then the card would count as a loyalty symbol for your opponent.
  14. I have a question about using Blessing of Valaya and how it may affect how damage must be assigned during combat. If you use Bessing of Valaya on a defending unit before damage is assigned, will the damage assigned by the attacker have to include an additional 2 Damage before damage can be assigned to the capital. The FAQ states that enough damage must be assigned to destroy defending units before any damage can be dealt to the capital, if the attacker knows before assigning damage that 2 damage will be redirected due to the BofV, then I believe you would have to assign 2 more and only then can you assign damage to the capital.
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