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    Still on a high for a wehrmacht styled Imperial Army Trooper platoon and a Imperial Navy Trooper Detachment.
  2. Just remember, COMPNOR and most all the old EU canon Imperial factions and troops are featured in FFG's Star Wars RPG setting corebooks, which are approved Disney License Products. Also, many Bothans will have always died to bring us this information, so its hard to see them not being around.
  3. I was wondering if there were any known plans to bring in the thankless soldiers of 'The Empire' outside of the Storm Trooper corps? While factions in Star Wars Classic era are rather limited (Rebel Alliance, Empire, Criminals, Independants), each faction has a large number of enjoyable subfactions. The Imperial Army Troopers are a particular favorite of mine, but you also have COMPForce, Imperial Navy Trooper detachments, Imperial Security Bureau strike teams and more. What do you guys think, and is there any one group you want to see get a miniature range? Hutt Cartel/Blacksun Mercenaries, Rebel Extremists, pirates?
  4. I pose just a few questions. Are there any Imperial Laws mentioned in fluff or fiction that prohibit men from pursuing scientific understanding outside of the Adeptus Mechanicus? Are there examples supporting ether side? In turn, are there Imperial citizen, clans, families, and organizations that are legally allowed under Imperial law to practice the manufacturing and understanding of advanced technology that are not bound by the cult of the machine or forced to reveal their full knowledge to the Priests of Mars? Are technological Heretics truly Heretics in the eyes of the Imperium even if they are not under the corruption of chaos or wish ill of the rule of Terra, or do they fall under the Mechanicus's obligations of enforcement that are not fully supported by the Imperial Creed or the Lex Imperialis? The reason for these questions is for insight into a Rogue Trader's plight against the Mechanicus. His ship contains more then several pieces of rare technology that he is under no obligation to release to the Mechanicus due to his status without a direct order from the lords of Terra. Thus has been the target of a Machine Cult incited plot to destroy him and his entire family line to force the acquisition of his ship. Unable to trust the Cult even though the attempt was made by a faction within the cult rather then a whole, he seeks outside aid without turning to heresy.
  5. So, I’m going through this special ship component and seeing how it works. I end up with a raised eyebrow when it got to the point about ore being required for harvesting plasma for fuel... Is there a basic science thing I'm missing, or is this like enriching uranium...? Should ore even be required to process raw plasma from a sun for fuel to give the achievement bonus in selling the refined plasma?
  6. James Bond would be a very good image for the Seneschal. Spy, assassin, socialite. With a high education and wit does he trade, investigate, and manipulate the odds into his court. He is the man who has a friend, contact, associate in every port of call who knows how to get the dirt on anything he needs in exchange for a debt repaid or favor cashed. Maybe along with a few women as well. He is not above getting his own hands dirty to get to the bottom of a plot. He is a man of action, but also skill and thought. Not to mention an excellent sense of class.
  7. Lucrosium Malice said: True RP is hard to do, TK-4117 had some excellent examples in his post and I would personally love to do a few Deathwatch games with him. Well Lucrosium, If you live in Edmonton Alberta Canada your more the welcome to join in my group, we play alternate Saturdays and I'm always looking for players. North end of the city, I live on the base.
  8. Before I go into my “In-Fiction” rant I will put a simple out. The Ultramarine taking an action with the intent to kill his fellow battle-brother, even one who lets his hate guide his every motion without reason, could just be chalked up to the fact that there is the 'crazy aura' going on in the glade, tagged along with the tainted Vespid mineral crystals. (Swamp gas catching the light of Venus) Its an easy out, no one loose their character, though some heavy insanity points are laid out on the ultramarine who will be quarantined and 'treated' for this tainted mind of xeno's sorcery. (Which in the real world is you telling him why it was wrong for him to attack a fellow battle brother with a missile, and the proper use of fellowship and orders... I assume the Ultramarine was the squad leader.) Now, the long winded answer. The Black Templar was in the right to do as he did, as would any member of his chapter, unless given 'specific orders' to stay his hand. Though, after all thise he may pray for the addled and alien tainted mind of his brothers who's wills were not as pure as he to hold temporary madness in defending the plague spawn of the foul xeno's. If he had been off the leash in making his choice to burn the alien larva, and the other space marines wished to stay his hand, all they simply needed was to intervene with words and simple physical imposition. (Example: “Hold.” The space wolf stepped forward to press down his brothers readied arm to stay its killing flame. “What honour is there brother in killing mere whelps, surely you hold yourself higher they such glory-less slaughter.” The Ultramarine came behind in support of his brother wolf. “Aye, Astarties do not stain their hands with such blood. That barbarous work is left for the broken shells of mortal men and the cold guns of the navy.”) This might not have convinced the Black Templar to stay his hand, but it would open a nice moment for roleplay, and if needed, an opposed command/intimidation roll to see who backs down. It should have never come to blows and that's what all the players need to remember. Though what's done is done and its up to the players what happens next. If the game ended there and the next game is the conclusion, it would be up to the squad leader, or if he was involved, the next in the chain of command who is impartial, to solve this issue. Unless their watch captain already knows what happened they can solve this internally, blaming the madness or whatever else that can be made up to justify not simply reporting this back up the chain of command where the heavy hammer can fall. Resolving his within the kill-team should have them loose all their cohesion, save the MOS on the mediators fellowship roll. Insanity and ingame rivalry should also be present, and also become a roleplaying plot for a shameful secret the team carries with them. If its to late for that, or one of the Kill-team acts on his own to tell of what has transpired there will be a full investigation into the ultramarine, the space wolf, the Black Templar, and the kill team as a whole to see where the weakness lays and all will be punished, though not equally. The squad leader would be punished with some kind of penance for allowing such a break down of discipline to transpire, brothers that stood by while this happen would also serve penance for their lack of initiative to intervene in disaster. The whole point is if this gets past the Kill-team heads will roll. Anything that comes from up on high will come down with great force and weight and will be done swift and without mercy or fanfare. The Deathwatch will keep the inquisition out of the loop and handle the matter itself to avoid shame and scandal, but if the holy ordos is apart of the loop it will be drawn out and the tools of confession will be sharpened and all in the Kill-team will pay for the incident, no matter how innocent they appear. “Innocence proves nothing” and they all failed. Then comes the meat of the issue, the main three offenders. Apply three penalties if the incident goes public. Permanent loss of Cohesion while working together unless they can find forgiveness with each other. A loss in Renown due to their actions that transpired to such a sad end. As well as wheather the character is now filled with hate or guilt and what he is going to do about such emotion. Don't worry about the severity the penalization on the kill-team affects their performance in mission, like its been said, this is a big deal for space marines and they should never want to do it again. Their a puppy that's been trained to go outside and has crapped all over the carpet... get the pepper out and rub their nose in it.
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    BaronIveagh said: Of course, that might make it a tad tough on the necrons, as... well, the tyranid swarms seem to be as large as some entire sectors, easilly.... and the whole thing is alive... They've got nothing but time baby. Time, and a only one deck of cards... ...and Gauss weapons. One of the greatest aspects of the nids *which I was constantly reminded by their players* was the fact that any casualties they suffer mean nothing.The broken, burnt, and liquified biomass can always be recovered after all resistance has been crushed, meaning they 'never' take causality if the swarm isn't ultimately defeated. Gauss weapons on the other hand like to unravel atoms and give you a less colourful 'Mars Attacks' style of disintegration that pulls the distablised matter back through the Gauss beam. That and due to the indigestible qualities of living metal, instant teleporation recovery, none warp based faster then light travel, and the Necron past time of winter homemaking on dead worlds makes them probably the Ideal defenders against the Tyranid... you know, if they weren't trying to strip the galaxy of all life for themselves.
  10. Fulminarex , I can only hope Quick does not translate into 'rushed'. Most of my issues with Rogue trader just seem to be things that probubly happend because someone just didn't look at it long enough after writing it to go ".....Oh crap *Backspace, typeatee type-type* There we are!" Although I'm probably one of the biggest Dream Pod 9 fans left in Edmonton, and they are notoriously bad for glaring editing errors and lack of examples for game rules with some of their products. Core Command, I'm looking at 'you'. *Points the finger of accusation*
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    Well, if the BL and other Fluff sources choose the "coasting through darkness" method of space travel it would make the Tyranid threat far more manageable then it would be with FTL. As it would take over hundreds of years for them to move even the shortest of distances between systems under the speed of light, greater recovery time would be allowed between engagements for their targets. If it wasn't for the warp shadow they created it would almost be crippling. Necrons on the other hand would slowly and methodicly murder non-FTL hive fleets. Inertia-less drive hit and runs would go a long way for a race that doesn't need to resupply, rest, or refit so long as they have power and none warp-based galaxy spanning teleportation technology.
  12. Brother Praetus said: As to inspiring "haters," your own post above is more inclined to do that then mine was. "So it begins."
  13. And in the Whispers on the storm campaign book that comes with the GM screen for Rogue trader they say plasma fuel is heavy and extracted from simliar elements found when harvesting promethium gas, such as harvested from the Svard Prime Gas Giant. Point being, the means on how something operates for the Imperium is never consistent. Some planets might use cordite and gunpowder for their slug weapons, others might fill their brass casings to the brim with a propellent gel, but in the end its the same and often glossed over. So in the future, to help a point move forward that you agree with in essence, don't inspire haters with a means to discredit with the most annoying aspect of the internet... the nit-pick.
  14. You know, at some point it would be nice for someone acknowledge my original question of 'why' a Land Speeder had an easier availability then a Scout Bike. N0-1, I know you tried but I just don't see how the bike is harder to acquire then an A-grav skimmer, especially when they are solely used by the same organization. The rest of what I talk about are personal feelings, and reflecting my own worries as a player to what is important to me as a Agent of the Imperium and for my endeavours in the Expanse. Besides, I'd rather show up to the local Nobility party in a custom made 86 cylinder, 18 wheeled ground car modelled after a 1930's Mercedes-Benz SS with a body made from solid platinum-iridium alloy and clear diamond headlights and windshields... and white wall tires, can't forget those.
  15. Fulminarex, translating what is said 'in fiction' as the true word of god does not counter the point of simply looking to the setting and knowing the history of mankind and the universe. The Tau are a young race. Highly motivated and cohesive they have yet to have such a mighty fall from grace that humanity descended from after the end of the Golden age of technology, and again after the Heresy. Mankind has reached far greater heights in many fields of science that the Tau will never be able achieve with their selected path of guided advancement, By the time they even manage to push past some of humanities most crowning achievements of the past they too will face the great horror that is the universe beyond their control and fall victim to it the same as the aliens they now condemned for their ignorance and mysticism. The Tau simply have not forgotten the science they have achieved and understand the mechanisms behind the construction of their tools of civilization, allowing it to be constructed and applied freely across their empire. Their Pulse weapons are a form of plasma weapon highly refined and tuned to the tolerances and current limitations of their diverging avenues of technology and their own understanding of physics which differs from humanities chosen path for such size and application. Mankind achieved a similar weapon system of equal size that gives a greater and far more powerful yield through a different application of energy compounded with heavy gas. The drawbacks that Imperial plasma weapons suffer are from are the compounded error of misunderstanding of it function over thousands of generations due to the fact the science is no longer understood in the same manner as it once was. The descendents of the original design are the product of downgrade after downgrade, stopgap after stopgap. This was in order to continue on its manufacture and keep it in the hands of Imperial warriors when the original could no longer be provied. Everything the Tau have now, humanity has as well and had reached to achieve in greater heights. The technology of the Tau only appearance more advanced simply because they are not building copies of copies and hiding flaws behind the mask of faith and ceremony or discarding in favour of more easily produced 'lesser' technology to equip is armies of billions. They work within their limitations while probing at the edges of their confines, and share knowledge within their 'manageable real of a mere hundred worlds.'
  16. Um... "copy-cat enforcers" don't get rhinos. They're generally the personal playthings of Sororitas, Astartes and the Arbites - the latter of which often have a single representative on earthlike worlds. After playing Necromunda for 6 years as Enforcers, I would be inclined to disagree. Bolters, cyber-mastifs, shotguns with executioner rounds, carapace armour, and when the vehicle supplemental came, rhino transports and patrol bikes where all common fair to a Necromunda enforcer squad, free of charge from the noble houses up above. Anything could be appropriated without cost to those well trained bullies of the Imperial Governors law, and I enjoyed putting down many hiver scum that thought they were anything but slime under armoured boot treads. And the Arbites presents varies from the type of world. Hive worlds often have multiple Arbites Fortres Precincts plus a few facilities out in the wastelands of the planet. On civilized planets only a fortress in the capital. On a large Imperial facility not dominated by the Imperial Navy or guard or an Agri-world a few dozen could be left in place. No matter the world they are assigned to, they are the first line of defence against unrest against the Imperium and will always have appropriate numbers to achieve that task if insurrection or rebellion becomes a threat. They will assist local authorities, or fight them if the governor is the instigator, warning the Imperium and holding the line until their death or the arrival of reinforcements. Good books to read on them doing their work would be 'Nightbringer', 'Execution hour' and the Matthew Farrer's 'Shira Calpurnia' Arbites Series. Feel free to throw a rant, but that's exactly what it is - a Space Marine vehicle. Which sounds about right for the bike a wealthy Rogue Trader would buy instead of a "scum built piece of trash". Take a look at the cover of the book and tell me that's not something a Rogue Trader would use. I wonder were all that wealth goes when the thing tips and no one in the party aside from the Explorator's Servitor has the strength to right it. Cover art is cover art, and its always a selling point, but that doesn't change the fact that what a Scout bike is Built for a 7 foot tall (when unarmoured) monster with bones heavier the steel re bar and muscle thicker then twined cable. The thing probably ways the same of your average Car. My point is that there are many things to make a Rogue trader look 'wealthy & connected'. Why not a modified Valkyrie? Its rare enough, reserved for Imperial Guard airborne forces and Inquisitorial Strike units, and you could easily get a good artist to do some kind of Apocalypse Now picture of a Rogue trader looking out the door of his personal aircraft staring down at a turbulent and hostile world with a very thousand yard intensity. Also, a player would be more inclined to use such an item and it has far more utility then trying to work on something that you were never intended to use in its design. The reason the woman in the cover is probably holding that flamer is because she would look to much like a 12 year old trying to ride daddy's Harley if she was holding both the handle bars. Rarity is far more than ease of construction; the availability of an item is dependant upon one thing and one thing only - how available it is to obtain. Many factors contribute towards that, but no one factor defines it utterly. Yes, but how easily and plentiful its manufacture also is a factor on the availability of obtaining it. A lasgun might not be constructed everywhere, but the only reason you can find it everywhere is because tens of billions are produced every Terran cycle and shipped to the millions of worlds across the Imperium to arm Imperial guard units and Planetary defence forces. Consider the Shuriken Catapult. It is, within the context of the Craftworlds, the single most common personal ranged weapon used by the Eldar. Its availability is listed as Very Rare, not because there aren't many Shuriken Catapults, or because they're difficult to make, but because they're an alien weapon seldom seen away from their creator species. Considered. The Shuriken Catapult I'm suprised its not more rare, even though they are small arms that are massed 'grown & shaped' to equip each an ever Eldar probably from the moment of birth. For an human to acquire them they would ether have to be taken from their dead warriors, found in a vault of arms left on a abandoned former colony or Maiden world, or given to you by the Eldar directly (a very rare and equally dangerous situation). As for why you'd obtain a Scout Bike either of Astartes design or patterned after it instead of a cheap Footfall junker... prestige, the same reason so many Rogue Traders do something. The actual reason the Scout Bike is in there is because there's one on the cover of the book; it was deemed inappropriate to not include something so prominently displayed. And I understand all about the cover art debacle, and the prestige such a perchase would bring. But that hasn't changed or answered as to why it is 'Harder' to acquire then a equally exclusive, far more difficult to manufacture, and all out more powerful and useful vehicle like the Land Speeder... which is also used excursively by the Space marines. A-Grav civilian vehicles can be found on some worlds (If the Cain Novels are to be believed) and the technology can be wide spread into common use of selet worlds. None would mach the technical aspects of a Land Speeder, but would be far easier to aquire... but then we are buying copy cats and then the same can be said for all the 'special use by Imperial militant orders only' vehicles if we take it away from the 'genuine' article.
  17. N0-1_H3r3 said: Regarding the rarity of the Rhino... well, they're not exactly common anymore. The most recent background for them says that, while they were commonplace in the past, losses of knowledge over many centuries and millennia have meant that the ability to produce them is an increasingly scarce ability, so those that are produced are made for the service of the Adepta Sororitas, the Adeptus Arbites and the Adeptus Astartes first and foremost. The number of worlds able to produce the Rhino is in decline. And the Number that produce A-grav Vehicles are not? The sheer amount of Arbites and copy-cat enforcers on ever major Imperial world and the few that are not still puts it on a production level where getting your hands on a few dozen through the personal law enforcement of a Hive world noble house isn't out of the question for a Rogue trader... but how does that put it on the level of a Land Speeder's scarcity? More importantly how is a Scout Bike have a higher rarity then ether when its comprised of simple technology and way less materials, with probably a fraction of the production time. Its a Land Speeder for Emperors sake, it has tech inside it that puts it far higher in the holy chain for the AdMech and its been made as easy to grab as a tracked armoured box with a gas engine. I just feel that the Vehicles need some time to be looked over, thought about, then adjusted. Oh, and please don't say the Scout Bike is more rare because its a space marine only vehicle. I'm just going to throw in a rant about why the hell its there in the first place and not some more characterful FootFallen scum built piece of trash to zip around air ducts, or a contraption built for an imperial governor's law enforcement.
  18. Possible Into the Maw Errors: 1) Page 120. The Pulse rifle is listed as a Half action reload, while the Carbine is a Full Action. 2) Vehicle section. I believe the Rarities for Vehicles need to be looked over once more, as their are some things that just don't make sense story or game balance wise. The Land Speeder is listed as Rare Availability and its description keeps mentioning its 'rarity' because of the diminishing production anti-grav technology... yet is just as easy to acquire as the Rhino APC, something that has multiple Forge world and Hive worlds almost dedicated to its construction... that and its easier to acquire then a Motorcycle which is listed as Very Rare. Core book Error question: Should the Ork Choppa have the tearing quality as listed in Dark Heresy: Creatures Anathema? Personal: I have a gripe in the form of a question. Why were Space Marine vehicles chosen to debut over more interesting 'human' vessels? Why not Imperial Guard ships instead of Drop pods or something more Calixian or Kronus fluff based. Why not leave the Scout Bike, Rhino APC, and other Marine vehicles to Deathwatch and focus more on 'human analog' technology. I'm sure a lot of players would have loved to have stats for the Valkyrie and the ork Fighter-bomber mentioned in examples then a Land Speeder or Drop pod. Both would be more useful and used game devices then the trying to make Rogue Traders act like Space Marines dropping in the middle of Emperor knows what without the genetic superiority that made such tactics feasible.
  19. My Favourite Nemesis for my PCs is the environments. I put a lot of effort into making each world have its own 'natural' miseries that make life very difficult for the PC's trying to profit from there bounty. Fungal Deathworlds where breathing the air unfiltered is a sure way to end up having your insides filled up with a Entomopathogenic growth that leaves you part of the landscape. Newly shaping worlds with massive tectonic activity with dozens of quick forming super volcanoes that shoot jet streams of liquid 'magma' almost into high orbit when they erupt. Arid wastelands that hides its bounty within sand blasted mountains with storms and magnetic anomalies that would bring any vessel down, forcing explorers to trek the dangerous deserts to find their prize, all while hounded by blood hunting predators within the dunes and disappear into the sands. Nothing makes the PC's more fearful then the surrounding terrain. Even their ship suffers from this effect, especially during warp travel. Ghosts and the inanimate start coming to life and surprisingly large numbers of suicides and murders start taking place amongst the crew, including the officers. While I like playing the horror ambiance, I've also like getting down to the ruthlessness of trying to profit in the expanse. The groups Rogue Trader had taken a liking to Lady Sun Lee, and she entertained his fancies. Funny thing though, she took everything he ever told her and sold it to his enemies for tidy profit, or used it for her own plans, carefully masking her machinations over a period of a few years. She also took the genetic material from their 'one night' of dalliances and impregnated one of her servants, a lesser cousins of her dynasty, with it. She then plotted the RT's death once the illegitimate son was of the age to inherit his Warrant of Trade by direct blood relation (It was his first 'noble born' child).
  20. I prefer fixing a problem instead of accommodating to it. Actions are representations to complex interactions that your character can make within a frame of 6 seconds. Letting go a mass of 3 round burst with an SMG would be seen as a fully automatic attack in mechanics, a semi-auto attack a quick succession of single semi-automatic shots. A single melee attack could be seen as just one swing, or many. What I'm getting at with the reloading issue that I'm having is that it is an action which is very straight forward. Their is little room for interpretation to ejecting a magazine, replacing it, then charging your weapon again to keep on firing. Because of this lack of room for creativity, I am putting down what I see as 'realistic' for the game system. Combat rifles are primary weapons that you might never have to switch out, allowing you to carry out a full combat without needing to switch to a secondary, so a single full action while in cover, or a half action with a veteran user works quite well for roleplay. Heavy weapons like machine guns and missile launchers are attention heavy and complex as they are devastating. But after they are used, they should leave the player at a disadvantage that would force a player to choose between reloading (a process that might leave him exposed for a few combat rounds) or abandoning his weapon in favour of a secondary weapon. Hence, my belief that autogun's (Which I am told know I was right about as it is a typo) should be a Full action reload, and the two heavy stubbers should be 2 & 3 full round actions respectively without assistance. It is my same belief with missile launchers, which don't allow for the same ease of reloading as a pistol or battle rifle (2 full for replacing a missile, 3 full for a clip of misses)
  21. Errant said: Obligatory 'firearms in the 41st Millenium are not necessarily anything like modern firearms to operate and reload' post. I have to say that is the laziest 'out' anyone has ever taken when it comes to an opportunity to research (taking a civilian crash course at any local National Guard garrison in the US) and is also (pardon) complete bull. Auto weapons run off the same principles as all automatic weapons since their inception, whether or not the individual wielding it has the ability to actually list off the full process of what the weapon does underneath the body like I was trained to is completely different.Looking at the picture of the stock autogun on 120 of the rule book I can see it has all the features of a Fully-automatic combat rifle. I see its magazine fed, which means it is operated with an external ammunition source for faster reloading. That magazine will have a spring in it that forces the round inside the magazine to push to the top, though are held in place by a choke at the top of the magazine, usually a crimp in the metal or plastic, to prevent the rounds from simply shooting out on their own. When the magazine is 'seated' into the magazine housing, the magazine release leaver locks into place on a notch or hole somewhere on the magazine itself to hold it in place. I see their is a cocking handle on the side of the weapon, which to me speaks of a gas piston instead of rotating bolt (looking up yourselves, not putting in the para's for description) which can be ether or seeing I have not seen the inside of the weapon. So, once a magazine is 'loaded' I would believe that cocking handle is pulled back, moving the the weapons bolt assembly and other attacked parts back, which push the striking hammer into the locked position. Then, when released, the bolt moves forward and collects a round from the magazine, pushing it up into chamber and locking it into place with a little catch that grips the groove at the base of the round. I don't see a forward assist, which is a button that drives a spike grip down into the chamber to push agisnt groves on the side of the bolt to make sure its fully forward, which again makes me believe it is a gas-piston. The weapon is now armed, and I see two buttons just above the trigger assembly, one of which is probably a double safety and the other a fire selector (I say double safety because usually 'safe' is a position on the fire selector). I can always understand the argument of 'not anything like' when it comes to weapons like plasma guns, flame throwers (which have no analogue in our age), and exotic alien and high tech weapons. But dirt simple projectile weapons will always have remarkably similar functions. I personaly doubt a stub revolver works anyway diffrent from the one I do sport shooting with, unless you would like to run down the math that the writer possibly conceived to come up with the numbers they did. P.S. The pray for reload for a lasgun and autogun are the same in the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting primer, and if you read any of the guard books are often mulled over under your breath or in your head when you are in the middle of combat fighting for your life (Waiting your ten seconds to reload your basic firearm while an ork is charging you down),
  22. I just want to know how the developers came up with the Reloading times for Ballistic weapons. I don't want to sound condescending or tiffy, but some things just don't seem right to me. Before people get into the whole 'You don't know what its like to reload under fire' or 'you don't know how its done', I will let you know I am speaking as a Infantry soldier of the Canadian Armed forces, who has served for 3 years within the RegForce. I know sometimes things get glossed over, and maybe the writers just did their best to guess at the workings of weapons and put an appropriate stat or statistic in to represent what they believed. But some of what is listed is so incredibly (pardon) ass-backwards that it wakes me up from sleep at nights. The fact that its listed that the Ursid Heavy Stubber (In my mind a medium machine gun) can be reloaded in one full round, while an Autogun (Combat rifle) takes two full rounds, seems drastically wrong when I pull out my personal experience with both those class of weapon systems. It also calls into question whether or not the writer actually consulted proper resources (Yes, I know most are just a port over from Dark Heresy). I believe the next subject to the errata should be revamping the entire armoury for both Dark Heresy, and Rogue trader, as well as any other setting for this game system. Not for damage or any other factor beyond conflicting rules and for reload times. Examples of things that make no sense and how to go about fixing them. 1.Basic Weapons (Bolt, Las, Auto) A Boltgun is a single full action to reload, yet works the same way as an Autogun save for ammunition. The bolter and stormbolter are greatly heavier then an auto rifle, over double the unloaded weight as well with their ammunition. Yet for some reason it is 5 seconds faster to reload them as listed in the rules. Same goes for the Lasgun, which will have the same drills minus the need to smack a forward assist (which most people forget anyways when reloading). To fix, make the bolt gun 2 full rounds unless the user is a certain strength. Keep, the Lasgun as is and make the Autogun have the same reload time. Reason I think this: Here is a example of the combat rifle drills I have been taught from basic training, omitting any special quirks that I've picked up from battle school, or once I arrived at my regiment. Weapon fire, Weapon stops Put weapon on safe/Check the chamber Bolt fully to the rear (empty magazine) Press magazine release, remove magazine, check magazine Place magazine in magazine holder, remove fresh magazine, check magazine Seat magazine in magazine housing, Hit the bolt catch, bolt goes forward, hit forward assist, Weapon off safe, continue firing. People who have never used a magazine fed firearm will sometimes take up to 15 seconds on their first try, but after a week of repetition during training 5-6 seconds becomes standard. I know men who can do it in half that, but I can see how that would be represented by the 'Rapid-Reload' Talent. The process is speed up even further by not recovering the empty magazine and just letting it drop to preform an emergency reload. 2. Heavy stubbers Both Patterns of Heavy stubber would operate the exact same way, as both are belt fed. The drills would be the same, meaning the load times would be the same. While having a box mounted to one would cut the need to have a second man handling your munitions, linking and unlinking the belt for the gunner, it certainly would take longer then 5 seconds to remove the empty box, retrieve a fresh ammunition box from where ever you stored it, load the belt, pull the cocking leaver, and get back to shooting. The advantage of a mounted box is that the gunner is not running around with a trailing belt of ammo (Which could break off, catch something, get in the way) but would still take at least 2 full rounds to reload, at least. Drill for LMG and MMG for reloading Weapon fires, weapon stops Cock the weapon, put it on safe, take out of the shoulder (Always fired when braced or prone) open feed tray cover, sweep feed tray, Close feed cover Put in shoulder, Aim down range, fire weapon Out of shoulder, remove box (If box is present), retrieve fresh box or belt. Seat box (If box is present), open feed tray cover. Inspect the belt, lay belt in feed tray, close feed tray cover, Put into shoulder, Pull cocking handle, off safe, fire. The process is speed up or slowed down depending on if you have a number 2 with your gun to handle the ammo and the actual reloading of the belt. What I would suggest though would be to change the description of the Ursid to take a 'magazine', like the old style Bren guns, to facilitate a similar reload time to autogun and the drasticlly smaller ammunition capacity. Or, simply push it to two-rounds to reload a box, increase the Orthlack reload time to four-rounds to represent the difficulty opening a fresh ammo can and dealing with a larger more difficult belt. A rule should also be added for assisted reloading, halving the reload time if the heavy weapon has a number 2 on hand. I'll get into more about this later, if anyone else had been having similar feelings or thoughts. Besides... don't get me started on the missile launchers.
  23. It is to my understanding that the Imperium of Mankind does not object to slavery, that the forced servitude of humans in service to the Imperium is in fact divine and right. But it is only acceptable when done by agents of the Imperium. Planetary Governors are allowed to do terrible horrors to their own people and often the people of other worlds, but selling humans off to aliens, mutants, or heretics for any reason is deemed a crime in addition to consorting with the forbidden. Pirates, slavers, and agents outside of the structure of the Imperial bureaucracy are also criminals, though they can skirt a fine line if working for an Imperial governor or powerfull noble house within a sector. Every human life is deemed the property of the Emperor and in his stead the Terran high lords, and so on and so forth, ending with individual planetary governors. So whether they let their people live under the false pretence of individual rights, or simply and truthfully as slaves is their planets leadership, or as to the requirements of the Imperium. So, slavery in the expanse is illegal simply for the fact that the Red Schola is not an imperial organization and simply manages to exists because of its connections and its location. The slaves it produces are 'stolen' property, and only though who are outside the Imperium's reach or immune to its laws unenforced by the inquisition are able to really benefit from unsanctioned slavery. Anywho, Its nice getting into conversation about this, but I was really hoping if anyone had come up with a formula for aquiring slaves of diffrent skill levels and uses, and any insight to flavour rules for using them.
  24. "Into the Storm" sounds like it might be most helpful, if it was available for purchase in my area. I will look up on that resource when it comes but as for right now I would still like to hear if anyone has come up with their own system or their suggestions on the matter.
  25. Had a little trouble while editing. Sorry for the clutter, hopefully the repeat gets taken down soon.
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