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  1. TK-4117

    The Wishlist

    Still on a high for a wehrmacht styled Imperial Army Trooper platoon and a Imperial Navy Trooper Detachment.
  2. Just remember, COMPNOR and most all the old EU canon Imperial factions and troops are featured in FFG's Star Wars RPG setting corebooks, which are approved Disney License Products. Also, many Bothans will have always died to bring us this information, so its hard to see them not being around.
  3. I was wondering if there were any known plans to bring in the thankless soldiers of 'The Empire' outside of the Storm Trooper corps? While factions in Star Wars Classic era are rather limited (Rebel Alliance, Empire, Criminals, Independants), each faction has a large number of enjoyable subfactions. The Imperial Army Troopers are a particular favorite of mine, but you also have COMPForce, Imperial Navy Trooper detachments, Imperial Security Bureau strike teams and more. What do you guys think, and is there any one group you want to see get a miniature range? Hutt Cartel/Blacksun Mercenaries, Rebel Extremists, pirates?
  4. I pose just a few questions. Are there any Imperial Laws mentioned in fluff or fiction that prohibit men from pursuing scientific understanding outside of the Adeptus Mechanicus? Are there examples supporting ether side? In turn, are there Imperial citizen, clans, families, and organizations that are legally allowed under Imperial law to practice the manufacturing and understanding of advanced technology that are not bound by the cult of the machine or forced to reveal their full knowledge to the Priests of Mars? Are technological Heretics truly Heretics in the eyes of the Imperium even if they are not under the corruption of chaos or wish ill of the rule of Terra, or do they fall under the Mechanicus's obligations of enforcement that are not fully supported by the Imperial Creed or the Lex Imperialis? The reason for these questions is for insight into a Rogue Trader's plight against the Mechanicus. His ship contains more then several pieces of rare technology that he is under no obligation to release to the Mechanicus due to his status without a direct order from the lords of Terra. Thus has been the target of a Machine Cult incited plot to destroy him and his entire family line to force the acquisition of his ship. Unable to trust the Cult even though the attempt was made by a faction within the cult rather then a whole, he seeks outside aid without turning to heresy.
  5. So, I’m going through this special ship component and seeing how it works. I end up with a raised eyebrow when it got to the point about ore being required for harvesting plasma for fuel... Is there a basic science thing I'm missing, or is this like enriching uranium...? Should ore even be required to process raw plasma from a sun for fuel to give the achievement bonus in selling the refined plasma?
  6. James Bond would be a very good image for the Seneschal. Spy, assassin, socialite. With a high education and wit does he trade, investigate, and manipulate the odds into his court. He is the man who has a friend, contact, associate in every port of call who knows how to get the dirt on anything he needs in exchange for a debt repaid or favor cashed. Maybe along with a few women as well. He is not above getting his own hands dirty to get to the bottom of a plot. He is a man of action, but also skill and thought. Not to mention an excellent sense of class.
  7. Lucrosium Malice said: True RP is hard to do, TK-4117 had some excellent examples in his post and I would personally love to do a few Deathwatch games with him. Well Lucrosium, If you live in Edmonton Alberta Canada your more the welcome to join in my group, we play alternate Saturdays and I'm always looking for players. North end of the city, I live on the base.
  8. Before I go into my “In-Fiction” rant I will put a simple out. The Ultramarine taking an action with the intent to kill his fellow battle-brother, even one who lets his hate guide his every motion without reason, could just be chalked up to the fact that there is the 'crazy aura' going on in the glade, tagged along with the tainted Vespid mineral crystals. (Swamp gas catching the light of Venus) Its an easy out, no one loose their character, though some heavy insanity points are laid out on the ultramarine who will be quarantined and 'treated' for this tainted mind of xeno's sorcery. (Which in the real world is you telling him why it was wrong for him to attack a fellow battle brother with a missile, and the proper use of fellowship and orders... I assume the Ultramarine was the squad leader.) Now, the long winded answer. The Black Templar was in the right to do as he did, as would any member of his chapter, unless given 'specific orders' to stay his hand. Though, after all thise he may pray for the addled and alien tainted mind of his brothers who's wills were not as pure as he to hold temporary madness in defending the plague spawn of the foul xeno's. If he had been off the leash in making his choice to burn the alien larva, and the other space marines wished to stay his hand, all they simply needed was to intervene with words and simple physical imposition. (Example: “Hold.” The space wolf stepped forward to press down his brothers readied arm to stay its killing flame. “What honour is there brother in killing mere whelps, surely you hold yourself higher they such glory-less slaughter.” The Ultramarine came behind in support of his brother wolf. “Aye, Astarties do not stain their hands with such blood. That barbarous work is left for the broken shells of mortal men and the cold guns of the navy.”) This might not have convinced the Black Templar to stay his hand, but it would open a nice moment for roleplay, and if needed, an opposed command/intimidation roll to see who backs down. It should have never come to blows and that's what all the players need to remember. Though what's done is done and its up to the players what happens next. If the game ended there and the next game is the conclusion, it would be up to the squad leader, or if he was involved, the next in the chain of command who is impartial, to solve this issue. Unless their watch captain already knows what happened they can solve this internally, blaming the madness or whatever else that can be made up to justify not simply reporting this back up the chain of command where the heavy hammer can fall. Resolving his within the kill-team should have them loose all their cohesion, save the MOS on the mediators fellowship roll. Insanity and ingame rivalry should also be present, and also become a roleplaying plot for a shameful secret the team carries with them. If its to late for that, or one of the Kill-team acts on his own to tell of what has transpired there will be a full investigation into the ultramarine, the space wolf, the Black Templar, and the kill team as a whole to see where the weakness lays and all will be punished, though not equally. The squad leader would be punished with some kind of penance for allowing such a break down of discipline to transpire, brothers that stood by while this happen would also serve penance for their lack of initiative to intervene in disaster. The whole point is if this gets past the Kill-team heads will roll. Anything that comes from up on high will come down with great force and weight and will be done swift and without mercy or fanfare. The Deathwatch will keep the inquisition out of the loop and handle the matter itself to avoid shame and scandal, but if the holy ordos is apart of the loop it will be drawn out and the tools of confession will be sharpened and all in the Kill-team will pay for the incident, no matter how innocent they appear. “Innocence proves nothing” and they all failed. Then comes the meat of the issue, the main three offenders. Apply three penalties if the incident goes public. Permanent loss of Cohesion while working together unless they can find forgiveness with each other. A loss in Renown due to their actions that transpired to such a sad end. As well as wheather the character is now filled with hate or guilt and what he is going to do about such emotion. Don't worry about the severity the penalization on the kill-team affects their performance in mission, like its been said, this is a big deal for space marines and they should never want to do it again. Their a puppy that's been trained to go outside and has crapped all over the carpet... get the pepper out and rub their nose in it.
  9. TK-4117


    BaronIveagh said: Of course, that might make it a tad tough on the necrons, as... well, the tyranid swarms seem to be as large as some entire sectors, easilly.... and the whole thing is alive... They've got nothing but time baby. Time, and a only one deck of cards... ...and Gauss weapons. One of the greatest aspects of the nids *which I was constantly reminded by their players* was the fact that any casualties they suffer mean nothing.The broken, burnt, and liquified biomass can always be recovered after all resistance has been crushed, meaning they 'never' take causality if the swarm isn't ultimately defeated. Gauss weapons on the other hand like to unravel atoms and give you a less colourful 'Mars Attacks' style of disintegration that pulls the distablised matter back through the Gauss beam. That and due to the indigestible qualities of living metal, instant teleporation recovery, none warp based faster then light travel, and the Necron past time of winter homemaking on dead worlds makes them probably the Ideal defenders against the Tyranid... you know, if they weren't trying to strip the galaxy of all life for themselves.
  10. Fulminarex , I can only hope Quick does not translate into 'rushed'. Most of my issues with Rogue trader just seem to be things that probubly happend because someone just didn't look at it long enough after writing it to go ".....Oh crap *Backspace, typeatee type-type* There we are!" Although I'm probably one of the biggest Dream Pod 9 fans left in Edmonton, and they are notoriously bad for glaring editing errors and lack of examples for game rules with some of their products. Core Command, I'm looking at 'you'. *Points the finger of accusation*
  11. TK-4117


    Well, if the BL and other Fluff sources choose the "coasting through darkness" method of space travel it would make the Tyranid threat far more manageable then it would be with FTL. As it would take over hundreds of years for them to move even the shortest of distances between systems under the speed of light, greater recovery time would be allowed between engagements for their targets. If it wasn't for the warp shadow they created it would almost be crippling. Necrons on the other hand would slowly and methodicly murder non-FTL hive fleets. Inertia-less drive hit and runs would go a long way for a race that doesn't need to resupply, rest, or refit so long as they have power and none warp-based galaxy spanning teleportation technology.
  12. Brother Praetus said: As to inspiring "haters," your own post above is more inclined to do that then mine was. "So it begins."
  13. And in the Whispers on the storm campaign book that comes with the GM screen for Rogue trader they say plasma fuel is heavy and extracted from simliar elements found when harvesting promethium gas, such as harvested from the Svard Prime Gas Giant. Point being, the means on how something operates for the Imperium is never consistent. Some planets might use cordite and gunpowder for their slug weapons, others might fill their brass casings to the brim with a propellent gel, but in the end its the same and often glossed over. So in the future, to help a point move forward that you agree with in essence, don't inspire haters with a means to discredit with the most annoying aspect of the internet... the nit-pick.
  14. You know, at some point it would be nice for someone acknowledge my original question of 'why' a Land Speeder had an easier availability then a Scout Bike. N0-1, I know you tried but I just don't see how the bike is harder to acquire then an A-grav skimmer, especially when they are solely used by the same organization. The rest of what I talk about are personal feelings, and reflecting my own worries as a player to what is important to me as a Agent of the Imperium and for my endeavours in the Expanse. Besides, I'd rather show up to the local Nobility party in a custom made 86 cylinder, 18 wheeled ground car modelled after a 1930's Mercedes-Benz SS with a body made from solid platinum-iridium alloy and clear diamond headlights and windshields... and white wall tires, can't forget those.
  15. Fulminarex, translating what is said 'in fiction' as the true word of god does not counter the point of simply looking to the setting and knowing the history of mankind and the universe. The Tau are a young race. Highly motivated and cohesive they have yet to have such a mighty fall from grace that humanity descended from after the end of the Golden age of technology, and again after the Heresy. Mankind has reached far greater heights in many fields of science that the Tau will never be able achieve with their selected path of guided advancement, By the time they even manage to push past some of humanities most crowning achievements of the past they too will face the great horror that is the universe beyond their control and fall victim to it the same as the aliens they now condemned for their ignorance and mysticism. The Tau simply have not forgotten the science they have achieved and understand the mechanisms behind the construction of their tools of civilization, allowing it to be constructed and applied freely across their empire. Their Pulse weapons are a form of plasma weapon highly refined and tuned to the tolerances and current limitations of their diverging avenues of technology and their own understanding of physics which differs from humanities chosen path for such size and application. Mankind achieved a similar weapon system of equal size that gives a greater and far more powerful yield through a different application of energy compounded with heavy gas. The drawbacks that Imperial plasma weapons suffer are from are the compounded error of misunderstanding of it function over thousands of generations due to the fact the science is no longer understood in the same manner as it once was. The descendents of the original design are the product of downgrade after downgrade, stopgap after stopgap. This was in order to continue on its manufacture and keep it in the hands of Imperial warriors when the original could no longer be provied. Everything the Tau have now, humanity has as well and had reached to achieve in greater heights. The technology of the Tau only appearance more advanced simply because they are not building copies of copies and hiding flaws behind the mask of faith and ceremony or discarding in favour of more easily produced 'lesser' technology to equip is armies of billions. They work within their limitations while probing at the edges of their confines, and share knowledge within their 'manageable real of a mere hundred worlds.'
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