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  1. Support "Action: Corrupt this card to put an Attachment support card into play from your hand and attach it to target [Chaos] unit you control, if able." What does the "if able" mean? Can you put an attachment on an Orc if you have no Chaos units? thanks
  2. If a Warpstone Excavation (Your units enter this zone corrupted) and a Beastman Shaman (Action: When a Chaos unit you control is corrupted draw a card) is in play: do you get to draw a card from the Beastman Shaman when a Chaos unit enter play in the zone that has a Warpstone Excavation? thanks
  3. I'm part of a board gaming group that meets twice a month at a church. There would be ample room to game.
  4. I'm looking for players in the Elkhart County area (and the surrounding areas) for competitive/casual play. Let us know who is playing! thanks
  5. bruce_wayne said: in the last faqs tells, voice of comand, return the tactic from you discard pile. So you can use the ability of VoC on itself?
  6. Runenstahl said: Hmm.... I'm still not entirely convinced. Would be nice to hear an official statement about this. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  7. Dam said: Wait, what? Was Scout at some point tied to the unit with Scout dealing damage (and surviving)? The rule book says "After combat damage is applied..." so I thought combat damage had to be dealt for the scout ability to occur, but I guess not! thanks for the info all!
  8. Thanks for the info Dam! Looks like they changed the wording in the rule book about scout.
  9. Does the scout ability trigger if a Master Rune of Valaya has been played? When you search from Blessings of Tzeentch, can you choose just 1 unit to be played or do you have to choose all units you find and choose 1 randomly? thanks
  10. Thanks for the info ChaosChild and Clamatius, it's a shame I have to buy a color printer/scanner to get the cards.
  11. Or does FFG want us to buy 3 of each Corruption Cycle BPs and Deluxe Expansions? I sent an email to them about this with no response. thanks for any info
  12. Thanks for the info! Never would have guessed that you can't respond to forced effects.
  13. If I just put a Loremaster of Hoeth into play, can I play a Blessing of Valaya in response to redirect the indirect damage I assign on the Loremaster? (Loremaster of Hoeth Forced: After this unit enters play, each player takes 2 indirect damage. (Players assign their own indirect damage.)) (Blessing of Valaya ACTION: The next 2 damage dealt to one target unit are redirected to another target unit.) Also, is "Forced" an action? Is anything after a colon an action? thanks!
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