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  1. theclash24

    Do Techniques CHAIN/COMBO?

    So iajitsu and striking as air stack
  2. theclash24

    List of incidentals or full actions

    But I'm trying to figure out why it is good. Anyone can draw a sheathed weapon and strike. So why iajitsu needed it anyone can do it normally too?
  3. theclash24

    Do Techniques CHAIN/COMBO?

    So here with iajitsu you could draw as it requires an action and the other one states if you a check you can stack. Or are you saying because both have katana you cant?
  4. theclash24

    List of incidentals or full actions

    So it makes iajitsu pointless if you can just draw for free. As iajitsu is just draw and strike... Have a page number for incidentals
  5. So in SW FFG and games like D&D they have s list of incidental actions and actual full actions. I see an example of making an attacking says with a readied weapon. I would assume drawing a weapon would be an action other IAJITSU would be sort of lame waste of opportunity used. Iajitsu says you can draw and attack in one action and unlocks opportunity such as draw a other weapon or sheathe a readied weapon. If anyone could draw a weapon and attack pretty much half of iajitsu ia pointless to even have or have written up.
  6. theclash24

    Do Techniques CHAIN/COMBO?

    Looking at the kakita iajitsu it has activation of action. Draw my blade and make a strike. It opens up some opportunity options. Strike as air activation is NOT an action requirement. It says when I make a check melee with air you have the following: opens up opportunity options. Do these combo or chain? IE can I iajitsu ACTION (requirement) trigger technique and make the CHECK (requirement) which triggers the strike as air requirement to open all the options? It sounds like you can to me as the first is action which fulfills the first and than the check fulfills the second.
  7. theclash24


    Page 21
  8. theclash24


    Yeah just not seeing where it is
  9. Any one help here? Void points? I'm not seeing what they do in this edition anyone have a page number
  10. Yes, like there is free online one for ffg sw.
  11. Is there an online roller for other pbp?
  12. theclash24

    Pay by post beta

    Lots of players no GM
  13. theclash24

    Pay by post beta

    Yeah lol play by post my bad.
  14. Anyone want to gm a play by post preferably on G+ community for some new players in preparation for the kit and core?
  15. theclash24

    Conflict: how to give

    SO I agree here to the basic stuff— but if I set up a combat that is obvious bad guys coming and the Jedi runs at them slicing them up that is aggressive nature , so slapping them on the wrist for attack seems harsh and eventually a player will be passive constantly which can be boring