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  1. Darth Vader died to a nobody in a Y-Wing because he didn't know how bombs worked.
  2. Frills?! HOW DARE YOU! Scum are not frilly! X( Those are important heat sinks. Or doom spikes. Or something. But they're definitely not frills!
  3. A MOBILE game?! HOW DARE YOU! The HWK was from the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight video game series, probably the BEST Star Wars video game series ever created! It's just...not in the new Disney canon any more mumblegrumbleKylestoletheplansgrumble The Z-95 appeared in that series as well
  4. Pricing? I don't know what the prices have been like in the rest of the world, but here second edition is about 40% more expensive than first. That's pretty offputting.
  5. spacebug

    -less Talents

    They used to be the -lessness talents
  6. Wow they actually got Temuera Morrison to voice act. It's so refreshing after being used to clones speaking Fake Australian.
  7. I do. Sometimes I still forget the crit though.
  8. spacebug

    "Luck" tokens...

    Aw, I was ninja'd, but here's the video anyhow!
  9. I vote the fourth one be Scum vs Even More Scum
  10. And the you may as well buy a Most Wanted and have a decent scum starting kit too!
  11. From other threads, the problem seems to usually be some stray glue in the wrong place. Some people have suggested putting them in the fridge to make the glue brittle, or putting them on a warm windowsill to make it softer, and then trying.
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