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  1. I have already tried reentering my card details on ten occasions. It still does not work. So I'm saying to hell with it and going and spending the cash on a rake of new boardgames in my local store. I will probably get a good discount with spending around £300 for Xmas there. These minis will hopefully get stocked somewhere local at somepoint or appear of BGG or ebay. So I will hopefully obtain them later but as for this card authentication crap. I'm not impressed.
  2. Julia thanks for the assist. I'm really annoyed that my order for War of the Ring went through last year no bother and this year no joy at all. What is the name of this store? I'm looking for the full 48 figure and all the Cadwallon stuff. Its frustrating that I'm willing to pay out $280 for this stuff only to be told that I cant. I have seen on BGG that others from the UK have gotten their order processed no bother. I have tried my brothers VISA debit and mothers as its for me for Christmas. I'm going to try a credit card in case that is the problem but the details match the same as last time. I dont know what is going on as I made a rather expensive call to their store and still the same issue. They really need an EU or UK distributor for this kinda stuff. Thanks for the help Gareth
  3. Anyone tell me how to get the card authentication process to work? I have tried many times yet it fails miserably. I rang the store and tried an order over the phone only to be told the billing address doesnt match that on record with the bank. I have lived at this address all my life and the same address was used last year to pre-order War of the Ring (exactly matches what is on the bill). Now I'm left with nowhere to obtain this item for Xmas. Can anyone tell me exactly (with as much detail as possible) how they entered their details. Did you put in a county? Did you put a space in your postcode? Was there any other boxes you used to assist the process? I'm tearing my hair out with frustration at this problem as I have never had this kind of problem before. Its rubbish that there is nowhere in the EU or UK that can distribute these items. I hate the fact I want to make a $280 order only to be told I cant and before you ask the money is there on the card for the purchase. Please help as this is just crud
  4. I dare say FFG wont be much longer than Nexus shipping date with a bit of luck! Maybe around 5th-10th. Happy Gaming!
  5. For those who don't know yet shipping starts 3rd May according to boardgamegeek.com!
  6. The only thing I though about these minis was that they werent all really suited to the expansion. As many have said how often fo you see a Leprechaun running through the icy wastes? I live in Ireland and I dare say they would be hard pressed in the weather we have here at the moment. Wouldn't minis more akin to those in Descent's ice expansion have been a better choice? As regards the scale. At least the quality is still of a high standard.
  7. Anyone got any insight into what this item is going to be? I read on boardgamegeek.com that it may be a small mini of the ring. Whats your thoughts on this?
  8. Anyone know as to when the second wave is expected now theres been a delay?
  9. Was wondering what the rest of you think of how the minis are painted. They are not bad in my opinion for the sheer scale of all that had to be done.
  10. Yeah new games are always good but it dont do any harm to reminsce from time to time. The good oul days of all card games the only thing not card was the dice.
  11. Anyone think that Tom Jollys Wizwars would be a good game to see a FFG update?
  12. Anyone got any news on future expansions for this game? Are there going to be any? I just purchased this game recently and really like it. Reminds me a bit of days gone by when we used to play Space Hulk by Games Workshop. Does that make me feel old or wot?
  13. Is there any chance of this game being made into a software title like Magic the Gathering was for XBOX live or possibly on PC? Most games stores where I live see this game as having too small a following to stock it and therefore it has been much overlooked. So any chance FFG will go digital in the near future for us folks living in the sticks? I've lost so many pacakage to the postal service lately it really is getting to be a joke!
  14. Is this movie ever going to be screened on a TV channel or is it just a specialist release for boardgame/videogame stores?
  15. Since the partnership of FFG with Square/Enix with its Kingdom Hearts TCG. Is there any hope of a possible game based on the Final Fantasy universe ever seeing the light of day? What do you think FFG?
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