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  1. Don't be afraid to have a total party wipe. They have fate points for a reason. If you have to, remind them that cover exists and that running is always a possibility.
  2. After some discussion with people that know Flares. We've come to the conclusion that it'd be somewhere around; Dmg: 1d10+5 Pen: 3 Special: Blinding, Inaccurate Range: 10m If it's a phosphor flare it's burning at 760C (1400F) that's going to mess someone's day up and they're designed to go up 150m(ish) considering it's a 12guage pistol. That's a fair amount of force. If you want to see white phosphor wounds, feel free to wiki it, I'm not going to link it here. However, I've just realised we're talking about an actual missile and not a hand held flare. So, it burns longer, is designed to go up to 900+m and then, well, explode. Dmg: 1d10+5 Pen: 5 (Indicative of the fact that you are now engulfed in 760C of death) Special: Blinding, Inaccurate, Blast(1) Range: 30m It has been suggested that pen be lowered by 1 on both stat lines, up to you should you use them. I haven't personally used any of them, but they seem good for an emergency weapon. Not accurate, not terribly hard hitting, but enough to give someone a bad day. ~T
  3. I've always played it as unnatural stats stacking. If you get a x2 and a x2, it becomes x3, if you get another x2 it's x4. Might be considered broken, but I've always played my games as high adventure, broken as all get out sort of things. It's also good fun to use on players.
  4. Agreed with the turret rating. I like them. I've allowed my Explorers to completely retrofit a cruiser to a heavy transport in the past.
  5. My party has enjoyed it thus far. It works both ways, so they can game it just as much as I can. My Void Master has an effective dodge of 128 (88 Agi, +10 Dodge, Flip Belt), I'm sure he'll manage
  6. I ruled that it was based on opposed degrees of success, for Melee anyway. Say Mr Fighty has a WS of 60 and is hitting Mr Sorepants who has a WS of 45. Mr F rolls a 15 to hit, and Mr S rolls a 15 to parry. Mr F has 4 DoS vs Mr S' 3 Dos. Mr F still hits.
  7. Also, are we forgetting that the Warp is a parallel dimension with the Materium? What's in the warp is a mirror of what's in real space, which is why you go to the 'safe' jump points. Well beyond the gravity of any planet. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Immaterium#.UurHJbT3QxE
  8. I've ruled that a barracks can hold 10% of the crew capacity. Haven't had an issue with it so far.
  9. So, I think guys, if we get down to the crux of it. Yeah, the availabilities are all messed up. Most of the really rare stuff I won't let my players try to acquire with a dice roll. They have to quest for it, or trade an actual item they already possess of great value.
  10. I personally have no problem with any character wanting a Harem. In fact, in my first game the RT got BQ crew improvements in the form of a shipboard brothel. It was once the brig. Punishment aboard that vessel became serving a term in the brothel as the free option. I guess it depends on how much detail they want to play. If they just want a bunch of floozies and sycophants to hang about, I don't think there's any real reason to go into much detail about them.
  11. Yes, otherwise there'd be very little that they'd be able to get.
  12. Into the Storm. The first supplement and possibly the best for Rogue Trader.
  13. I've always been a fan of a good, balanced blade. Daemonic, if at all possible ;p
  14. I've always let people use semi or full auto. They don't get any bonuses at all when in Melee though.
  15. Well, I've never had to come up with anything for it, but now that you ask. I'd have them roll scatter and then have their degrees of failure be the amount of metres deviated.
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