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  1. We are almost done with our Atlantis EotW series. Check out the latest on episode 4, 'cause people die and stuff.
  2. We are almost done with our Atlantis EotW series. Check out the latest on episode 4, 'cause people die and stuff.
  3. We are almost done with our Atlantis EotW series. Check out the latest on episode 4, 'cause people die and stuff.
  4. And this is just the beginning. Wait 'till you see what happens down the road.
  5. If you need a fix for EotW gaming, I'm doing a series. Enjoy it, give us feedback!
  6. If you need a fix for EotW gaming, I'm doing a series. Enjoy it, give us feedback!
  7. If you need a fix for EotW gaming, I'm doing a RPG play YouTube series. Enjoy it, give us feedback!
  8. My two cents, the game is designed where there's a similar level of training between characters, i.e. all of them are worker drones or all of them are special ops. Or to be even more accurate, that most survivors are going to get a lot more on the job training when it comes to swords and guns. With your group, I like the idea of only getting a full dice bonus of a weapon only if you have a basic competency with it. Brown belt with a claymore, you get two dice with swords. Black belt? Full sword dice plus positive trait bonus. Joe Schmoe who just picked up a junk "katana" from a pawn shop, you only get one dice.
  9. Add brass knuckles or boxing gloves to up the damage? In longer fist fights that beyond one punch in the throat, one body on the floor, exhaustion and pain endurance (your unprotected knuckles start to swell from the damage. Thinking it over, this is one mostly RAW way to do it. The MA fighter has sparred and maybe even competed in fights, so he's going to get resistance because he's probably going to walk into the fight with a plan or the confidence he need to take on the untrained dude. The untrained brawler is still running on anger, adrenaline and no real plan. The MA guy gets resistance and basically wears the other fellow down. When two MA fighters of the same level meet, resistance is "off" again because their still learning and nervous about what the other person can do. It's not an air tight solution, but it does cover one corner case.
  10. Tunnels and Trolls melee has both sides roll, who ever rolls most, does damage to the other side. In PbtA, a middling roll has both sides do damage to each other. I can't remember, but there was an idie RPG that had one roll, where if you failed, the bad guy did damage, succeded, you gave damage.
  11. I wonder if players will realize that it will be in the best interest of their group to up vote their friends stats. Or that it will also be safer to give themselves a "4/4" and get voted down to a 3/4. This is assuming that most groups don't just call BS on a 5/5.
  12. Take a deck of regular playing cards and make sure everyone gets an even number of black/red suits. (You probably know where this is going.) Pick ONE Category, a player, and then announce the stat, people vote with face down cards. Black negative, Red positive, or whatever. Shuffle the cards like dominos and then flip them over for the vote. The next vote is for the same category, but a DIFFERENT player. When every player in that category has been done, go to another category, but keep keep using the cards until card pairs run out. Then flip the cards used in the vote face down, everyone puts their remaining cards, face down, in the pile, shuffle and redistribute. If you keep it moving with purpose, you can knock out two votes a minute and everyone should be pretty confused about who voted on what. If you wanted to do all the votes one player and then move on, I'd suggest then just having that player turn around so you barely have to bother with shuffling.
  13. I plan to reskin both Skitter and Tides. Even if I use the alien ants AS giant ants, you got to describe them more like Starship Trooper bugs/Tremors movie or embrace the 1950s cheese. For Atlantians, I'll go with describing their tech as biotech. Things are symbiotic and you don't know they are wearing environment suits until you kill them and the suit sloughs off. that will make them seem more alien and players less liable to take their stuff.
  14. Just having fun with the way people will try to justify the scores they give their alter egos in this game: The average person doesn't go to the gym, neither do I, so I at least get an average physical stat, right? Weapons skills?: Man, I've forgotten more stuff that I've read about blades than the guy on the street even knows. Tactics: See above and substitute "WWII" for blades That katana under my bed? Confession: I pull it out at least once a week and work out. We're all geeks here. We all know that means we have high IQ. No doubt. Let's all put that down right now before we do anything else. I was in the boy scouts years ago My endurance?: Let's start drinking and see who's still standing. Repair skill: I can patch up a PC in no time flat, how hard can a car be? I can live off this gut for a while, that's got to count for something. My uncle was in the military. You have no idea what he's taught me.
  15. What if siege engines were removed from the game? I've played a few game now with two groups, one that seems to ignore siege engines and the other that snatches them up early. The group that gets the siege engines has B. win around Turn 5. And what are the suggest houses for a 4 player game, along with starting positions?
  16. We ususally don't play with the Green team, but somebody suggested that when a Marine is "defending" it's on both sides. He may only spend Support Tokens on those attacks he makes/defends from in front, but he's still defending. That makes Block like much better and turns the Green team from disappointing to a serviceable team. Not sexy, but it has it's uses, especially in combonation with Gray.
  17. double post, nothing to see, move along ...
  18. I'm thinking of getting a RB expansion soon. I had Midnight, but was disappointed that the rules had changed enough that you couldn't mix the basic set of heroes into a Midnight game -- or visa versa. Is there an expansion where you can easily mix basic heroes within the expansion? As well as use the expansion heroes for a basic game?
  19. After getting the Midnight expansion, I discovered that the two sets of heroes really weren't that compatible for playing a mixed game (you couldn't put all of the heroes into one big pile for everyone to chose from, regardless of whether you were playing the expansion or not.) Do the other two expansions allow you to effortlessly mix two sets of heroes together in one fashion or another (expansion play only or core game play only?) For me, the coolest would be to allow for a large library of heroes from the core game and two expansions that could be used in a variation of the game.
  20. Instead of waiting for FFG to make a Runebound RPG, I'm happy to just find a spot where all the world info is located and then use that for me game isntead. Does anyone know if someone has compiled all that info somewhere?
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