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  1. bragi

    Split Board

    Anyone else have a problem with their board splitting apart at the seam? The middle section of my 2nd board has ripped at the seam, and it was only the 2nd time it was used. Was there a bum printing of boards out there?
  2. Another idea I had (but never tried) was 2d6 with an extra die for rolling doubles.
  3. Another idea we've been trying out lately, instead of 6's being critical, swap out d6's for d10's. This does away with the special number, but still offers a little hope when blind-sided by a heavy. BTW: we have usually play with about 2 or 3 of these rules to speed it up; never all of them. I wrote these up because the amount of time it takes to play vs. the amount of luck involved in the game is the biggest objection I've heard to playing. I usually play with kids aged 10-14, so I have to wrap it up in about 3 hrs or I'll lose them.
  4. They're obviously done supporting this game. Showing the expansion as "coming soon" for 3 years is irresponsible.
  5. charlieturtle said: I'm not holding my breath, but it is possible. You should check out BoardGameGeek and ebay. There are some reasonably priced expansions for sale. I haven't seen any resonbly priced for a long time. The "collector" price going around right now is simply ridiculous. I think I'm going to chuck my copy of the base game since the expansion is virtually impossible to get, and I don't thing the base game's that great. Everyone says C&G fixes it, but what's the point if you can't get for under $100 or even $50? If thery're done printing and supporting a game, I wish they'd just come out and say it. Like the Micro Mutants expansion they've been promising for 4 years now.
  6. Is this an exact re-publish of the original game? If I buy the FFG expansion, is it all the same material I would get in the combined original expansions?
  7. Alternate House Rules to Speed Up Your Game of Talisman Points: 1. 5 or 3 trophies for stat increases. 2. Trade in trophies for stats at any time except combat, even if it’s not your turn (something to do while awaiting your turn. 3. You can turn in 3 items for a craft or strength. 4. You can trade a relic (Highland expansion) for a craft or strength. 5. You can trade Quest Reward cards for craft or strength (Sacred Pool expansion). Equipment: 1. You can trade items with other players when on the same space. 2. You can trade items with other players, even when not on the same space.* 3. You can trade followers.* *We never use these rules. Movement: 1. Use Fate tokens to adjust movement rolls (one token per additional movement). 2. Option to move one space instead of rolling for movement (even a toad can move one space). 3. Don’t roll for movement, all characters have a movement score set at 2, 3 or there starting Strength or Craft. 4. Roll 2 dice for movement, choose which one to use. 5. You may move UP TO your movement roll (i.e. roll a 4, you can move 1, 2, 3 or 4 spaces). Combat: 1. Assign another player your nemesis. Your nemesis always rolls your monster rolls. 2. Bring in another set of dice as monster dice, and roll your monster and hero dice at the same time. 3. All 6’s are critical hits. If both the hero and monster roll 6’s, it is a push. 4. All 1’s are critical fails, and automatically lose the battle. If both the hero and monster roll 1’s, it is a push. Obtaining a Talisman: 1. Start everyone with 1, 2 or 3 Warlock Quest cards. When the last one is completed, the player receives a Talisman. 2. If you confront the Eagle King or Lord of Darkness in the Eyrie or Treasure Room, in the Highland or Dungeon expansions, win or lose, you steal a Talisman. Entering the Middle Region: 1. Earning a Talisman automatically teleports you to the sentinel space. 2. Earning a Talisman automatically teleports you to the Warlock’s Cave. 3. Win or lose, you always pass the sentinel on your next turn. Characters and Teams: 1. Every player receives 3 or 5 hero cards. This is their team. They choose which hero they put in first, and the rest are reserves. When a hero dies, they are replaced by the next reserve hero of their choice. The hero retains the Strength, Craft and Life bonuses of their predecessor. Equipment and followers are left on the space the original hero died (first player to get there can take them). Spells from the previous hero are discarded. In a 2 or 3 player game, distribute the heroes by alignment. 2. Team play: with 2, 4 or 6 players, divide the characters into good and evil. Players with the same alignments are on teams. They can trade equipment, gold and followers when they are in the same area. You can only fight other players who are on opposing teams. Only one Talisman is needed for the entire team. Either discard the alignment change cards, or allow players to switch teams if their alignment is changed. With 3 or 6 players, make a neutral team. Ending Conditions: 1. Game ends when the Crown of command is reached. Period. 2. Insert any or all of the alternate endings from expansions.
  8. Thanks for the good ideas. The kids really catch on to more than I would have given them credit for. In fact, a lot of times they're the one that remind me of the details. It's not that it's too much for them to grasp, I think it just feels like work after a while. So I'm trying to come up with Descent-lite because my 13 y.o. keeps get out voted on game night, and this way the younger will like it more. I feel cutting out the spawn and order tokens balance each other. I have to leave skills in, because they really like them, so I'll keep monster abilities in for balance. I'm trying to think of a way to threat tokens but still allow the OL to play a handful of cards each day that seems to slow us down a lot, chit-overload, I think. Maybe draw an OL card for every chest that's opened and every glyph that's activated. Limiting fatigue was a good idea, maybe only use them for special abilities. I'm going to implement same of these, and when we get a good program together for others with young'uns.
  9. My oldest daughter (13) loves Descent, but her younger siblings (9 & 10), despite starting the game enthusiastically, poop out after an hour. They have no problem with our "quest" games HeroQuest, DungeonQuest or DragonQuest. But the minutiae of Descent seems to wear them down, so I'd like to simplify things by finding out if there are any details that can be taken out without derailing the game altogether. Sometimes we take out facets of game play to make it simpler and faster for them; i.e. we don't use hero order tokens very often, and we'll take out all but 2 or 3 spawn cards; we don't even pay much attention to conquest tokens, because they don't really care about winning or losing. So I'm wondering if anyone has ever made any house rules or house omissions to make the game easier and faster for younger players.
  10. I just got Famous Aces, and I want to get a few minis, but not all. What 4 should I buy first?
  11. Got replacements from FFG in about a week. Thanks Thaadd!
  12. Anyone else have broken playing pieces when they bought their game? Mine were all busted, and I got my game new. They seemed more fragile than most of my other FFG game tokens. Or was this just nad luck. My LOTR also had a few broken pieces.
  13. Just got mine at the end of the year sale. I played it last night with my kids and had a good time. I think this game's underrated. I like Formula D too, and think this is different enough to warrant both on my game table. Highs: modular board, so you control game length and difficulty; very quick movement; 3 levels of rules. Lows: little bit of a set up time; great looking, but fragile motorcycles need to be tweeked before you can play expert. This is my 9-year old son's new favorite.
  14. Still not out. I had seen that the projected release date was November 2010. What gives?
  15. I know this is old, but in case anyone is looking into this game; my son and I have been playing MM:E since he was 5. I've also taken this to play with my Boy Scout Troop of 12 year-olds. We've always had a great time playing. It's actually the FFG game that gets played the most at our home. I really recommend it. Younger than 5 (or really drunk), the game may be a little frustrating, as it does take a little manual dexterity to play. Rattlesnake is a better pick for 3 and 4. Now if the dang expansion will just come out already.
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